Missouri Gun Permit

Missouri Gun Permit: Laws, Cost, Restrictions, & FAQs

Missouri is a state that allows permitless carry, but there are specific regulations when it comes to concealed carry with a pistol permit. In this article, we will explore the requirements for obtaining a pistol permit in Missouri, the different types of gun permits available, the application process, and frequently asked questions related to gun permits in the state.

Missouri Gun Permit Summary

Missouri is a shall-issue state, meaning that the sheriff’s office in each county is responsible for issuing pistol permits. To purchase firearms in the state, individuals must undergo a criminal record background check. The state issues permits only for concealed carry, not for open carry.

How to Get a Gun Permit in Missouri?

To obtain a gun permit in Missouri, you must be at least nineteen years old and a resident of the state. Only concealed carry permits are issued in Missouri, and the application process includes completing a firearm training course.

Missouri Gun Permit Laws

1. Open Carry in Missouri

Open carry is legal for individuals who are at least eighteen years old and have no firearm-related prohibitions. However, some municipalities, like Crestwood City, have specific regulations that allow open carry only for those with a gun license.

2. Prohibited Weapons

Missouri prohibits the possession, manufacturing, and transportation of machine guns and similar assault weapons, which is a felony offense. Additionally, the use of exploding bullets is illegal in the state.

Missouri Gun Law Permit Requirements

To apply for gun permits in Missouri, you must meet several state gun laws’ requirements, including:

  1. Age Requirement: You must be at least nineteen years old, except if you are a member of the military, in which case you must be at least eighteen.
  2. Citizenship and Residency: You must be a legal citizen of the United States and a resident of Missouri or a member of the military stationed in the state.
  3. Firearm Training Course: Completion of a state-approved firearm training course conducted by a certified instructor is mandatory.
  4. Criminal Convictions and Substance Abuse: You must not have convictions for crimes with jail terms exceeding one year or misdemeanor crimes with jail terms exceeding two years, including firearm or pistol permits. Additionally, no history of driving under the influence or illicit substance use within the past five years is allowed.
  5. Fugitive Status and Dishonorable Discharge: You must not be a fugitive or have an arrest warrant in your name, and you must not be discharged dishonorably from the United States Armed Forces.
  6. Mental Stability and Behavioral History: You must not have a record of behavior indicating you could be a threat to yourself or others. Mental instability or recent confinement to a medical institution is prohibited.
  7. Protection Orders: If you have a protection order from a judge restricting firearm possession, you are ineligible for a permit.
  8. Other Federal Requirements: You must meet all other federal requirements for obtaining permits.
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Different Types of Gun Permits in Missouri

In Missouri, the following types of firearm permits are available:

  1. State Permit to Purchase Long Guns: Missouri does not issue a state permit for purchasing long guns.
  2. State Permits to Purchase Handguns: Missouri does not issue a state permit for purchasing handguns.
  3. State Permit to Open Carry: Missouri is a permissive state, allowing open carry without a permit.
  4. State Permits to Conceal Carry Long Guns: Missouri does not issue a state permit for concealing long guns.
  5. State Permits to Conceal Carry Handguns: Missouri issued a pistol permit for concealed carry of handguns.

Cost of Getting a Gun License in Missouri

The cost for the initial permit application in Missouri is ninety-three dollars, while the renewal application fee is fifty dollars. Lifetime or extended permits have an application fee of five hundred dollars.

Gun Permits Application and Renewal Process

Firearm Training

To apply for a gun permit, you must complete a state-approved firearm training course conducted by a certified instructor.

Application Submission

You can either download a hard copy application or apply online, depending on your county or municipality’s regulations. Proof of residency within the county is required for application submission.

Renewal Process

You will receive a reminder about the permit’s expiration three to six months before it expires. You have up to one year after the permit expires to complete the renewal application. Failure to do so will require applying for a new permit.

Gun Permit Reciprocity with Missouri

Missouri is a permitless carry state, allowing both open and concealed carry without a permit. The state accepts pistol permits from any jurisdiction in the country, and Missouri residents can carry firearms in other states according to their respective laws. Some states recognize Missouri pistol permits, while others have restricted reciprocity.

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Understanding Missouri’s gun permit laws is crucial for responsible gun ownership and carrying. Whether you are a resident or planning to move to Missouri, knowing the legal requirements and regulations surrounding gun permits will help you navigate the process effectively.


1. Can I carry a concealed firearm in Missouri without a permit?

No, it is illegal to carry a concealed firearm in Missouri without a valid gun permit. Obtaining a permit is a legal requirement for concealed carry in the state.

2. Can I renew my gun permit before it expires?

Yes, you can renew your gun permit before it expires. It’s advisable to begin the renewal process well before the expiration date to ensure continuous legal possession of your firearm.

3. Can I use my Missouri gun permit in other states?

Missouri has reciprocity agreements with some other states, which means your gun permit may be recognized and valid in those states. However, it’s crucial to check the specific reciprocity laws of each state you plan to visit.

4. Are there any restrictions on where I can carry my concealed firearm with a permit?

Yes, even with a valid gun permit, there are places where carrying a concealed firearm is prohibited. These locations might include government buildings, schools, and certain private properties. Familiarize yourself with Missouri’s concealed carry laws to avoid legal complications.

5. Can I transfer my gun permit to another person?

No, gun permits are non-transferable. They are issued to specific individuals and cannot be transferred to someone else, even if they meet the eligibility criteria. Each person must apply for their own gun permit.

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