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Missouri Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW): Gun Laws, Application, Requirements & Online Training

In the state of Missouri, carrying concealed weapons (CCW) is subject to specific policies and regulations. This article will provide an in-depth overview of Missouri’s shall-issue policy for CCW permits, permitless carry, reciprocity with other states, location restrictions, and the requirements for obtaining a CCW permit.

Missouri has a unique approach to concealed carry permits and gun laws. It allows residents to obtain CCW permits but also has a permitless carry policy for individuals above the age of nineteen. Non-resident permits are exclusively for members of the United States Armed Forces posted for active service in the state. However, there are specific restrictions for the possession and carrying of firearms that individuals must be aware of.

Missouri’s Shall-Issue Policy for CCW Permits

In Missouri, concealed carry permits are issued on a shall-issue basis, meaning that once an applicant meets all the necessary requirements, the local sheriff must issue the permit. To apply for a CCW permit, an individual must be at least nineteen years old, except for members of the military who can apply at the age of eighteen.

Permitless Carry in Missouri

Missouri also allows for permitless carry, meaning that individuals above the age of nineteen can possess a firearm without a CCW permit. However, it’s essential to note that certain locations in the state have restrictions on carrying firearms, and individuals found with a CCW in these areas will face charges for unlawful usage of firearms.

Age Requirements for CCW Permit Application

To apply for a Missouri concealed carry permit, an applicant must be at least nineteen years old, with the only exception being members of the military who can apply at the age of eighteen. Age requirements for permitless carry remain the same.

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Missouri CCW Reciprocity with Other States

Missouri has a reciprocal agreement with all other states, meaning that it accepts CCW permits issued by any other state. Moreover, individuals above the age of nineteen can conceal carry without a license within the state. However, when carrying in other states, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with their specific gun laws, as some states may have additional requirements, such as minimum age restrictions.

Understanding Missouri’s CCW Location Restrictions

Missouri prohibits carrying firearms in certain locations, known as off-limits areas. These areas include school facilities, children’s care buildings, law enforcement agency premises, polling units during elections, correctional facilities, courthouses, and many others. Violating these restrictions can result in arrest and charges.

Places Where You Can Conceal Carry in Missouri

Contrary to some misconceptions, Missouri’s gun laws do not restrict possession of CCW in certain places. These places include restaurants and bars (with some exceptions), private vehicles, road areas, state forests and parks, and wildlife management areas.

Conceal Carry for Law Enforcement Officers in Missouri

Under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Acts (LEOSA), active, out-of-service, and retired law enforcement officers can conceal carry in every jurisdiction of the country, including Missouri. However, in Missouri, law enforcement agencies must certify their officers for concealed carry, and retired officers need concealed carry certification issued by their respective agencies.

Buying and Selling Firearms in Missouri

Unlike in some states, Missouri does not require a purchase permit for buying firearms from private sellers. However, state and federal-licensed sellers are subject to background checks. There is also no gun registration process in the state.

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Missouri’s Castle Doctrine: Stand Your Ground Policy

Missouri has adopted the “castle doctrine” stand-your-ground policy, which allows individuals to use deadly force for self-defense not only within their homes but anywhere they have a legal right to be.

Missouri CCW Permit Requirements

Before applying for a CCW permit in Missouri, applicants must meet specific requirements, including being at least nineteen years old (or eighteen for military members), a legal citizen of the United States, and a resident of Missouri, and completing a firearm training course.

How to Apply for a CCW Permit in Missouri

The process of obtaining a CCW permit in Missouri involves completing a firearm training class, either online or with a certified instructor. Applicants can then download and complete an application, submit it to their local sheriff’s office along with the required fee and fingerprints, and wait for approval notification.

Missouri Firearm Training Requirement

Applicants must complete an eight-hour firearm training class, with one hour of online NRA training and seven hours with a state-certified instructor. Topics covered include firearm safety, Missouri concealed carry permit requirements, state gun laws, and the castle doctrine.


Understanding Missouri’s concealed carry laws is crucial for residents and visitors alike. The state offers both shall-issue CCW permits and permitless carry options, but it’s essential to be aware of the location restrictions and reciprocity agreements with other states. By following the guidelines and requirements, individuals can safely and responsibly exercise their right to carry firearms in Missouri.


1- How Long Is Missouri CCW Permit Valid?

A regular CCW permit is valid for five years, but there are options for ten, twenty years, or a lifetime permit.

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2- How Long Will It Take to Complete My Missouri CCW Permit Application?

The processing time for a CCW permit application is forty-five days.

3- How Much Is a Missouri Concealed Carry Permit Application?

The initial permit costs ninety-three dollars, and the renewal application costs fifty dollars.

4- Do I need a CCW to conceal carry in Missouri?

Yes, a valid Missouri concealed carry permit is required to carry a concealed firearm in public places.

5- What is the benefit of a CCW in Missouri?

A CCW allows concealed carry and interstate concealed carry reciprocity is not permitted with constitutional carry alone in Missouri.

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