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Texas Open Carry: Laws, Requirements, Application & Online Training

Texas, famously known as the Lone Star State, has a unique approach to firearms regulations. While the possession of firearms is permitted in various forms within the state, the regulations surrounding their use and carrying are specific and strict. Open carry in Texas is one of the ways individuals can exercise their rights to bear arms, but it comes with certain responsibilities and limitations.

In this article, we will explore the Texas gun laws, with a focus on open carry. We will delve into the requirements, restrictions, permitted locations, and relevant legislation. Whether you are a Texan resident or a visitor, understanding these laws is crucial to ensure you exercise your rights responsibly and avoid any legal complications.

Texas Gun Laws Summary

Texas is renowned for its gun-friendly approach, and it is now a permit-less carry state. This means that individuals who are federally allowed to own a handgun can carry it openly without a specific permit as long as they are 21 years or older. However, it is still highly recommended to obtain the Texas License to Carry (LTC) as it provides additional legal protection and reciprocity in other states.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is responsible for issuing the LTC, and the state operates on a shall-issue policy, meaning that if an individual meets the requirements, they shall be granted a license.

There are no permits required for purchasing firearms; however, a criminal record background check is mandatory, except when buying from a private dealer or possessing a valid LTC.

Open Carry Laws In Texas

Texas is one of the states that allow open carry of firearms. As long as you are at least twenty-one years old and legally own a firearm, you have the right to carry it openly in public. However, there are exceptions and limitations to keep in mind.

The state prohibits the open carry of armor-piercing ammunition and certain firearms, such as machine guns and semiautomatic weapons, except for members of the military or law enforcement officers.

Texas Open Gun Laws Quick View

Here is a quick overview of some key points in Texas gun laws related to open carry:

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Law/PolicyLong GunsHandgunsComments
State permit for open carryNoNoTexas allows for constitutional (permit-less) carry for individuals who meet the requirements.
Firearm registrations for open carryNoNoThere are no requirements to register firearms for open carry in Texas.
Assault weapon for open carryYesYesTexas prohibits the use and manufacturing of assault weapons in the state.
Magazine limitNoNoThe state gun laws do not say anything on the magazine limit for firearms in the state.
License for the owner of a firearmNot requiredNot requiredTexas does not have an exclusive license issued to firearm owners in the state.
Red flag lawNoNoThere is no red flag law in the state, and the statutes do not mention anything about an extreme risk protection order.
Castle doctrine lawYesYesTexas is a castle doctrine state, and you can stand your ground in your home of residence, your business, and a private car.
Background check for private dealersNoNoTexas gun laws do not subject private firearm dealers to a criminal record background check in the state.
PreemptionYesYesTexas is a preemption gun law state with the government reserving all rights to regulate firearms.
Concealed carry permitNoYesYou can conceal carry with a Texas concealed carry permit.
Concealed carry in personal vehicleNoYesYou can conceal carry in your vehicle as long as you are with your license to carry.
Open carry in SchoolsNoNoIn Texas, schools are one of the location restrictions for open carry or possession of firearms in general.

Where Is It Legal To Open Carry In Texas?

While Texas is an open-carry state, there are specific areas where you can lawfully open-carry your firearm:

  1. Restaurants and bars: You can possess your firearm in the restaurant areas, except where there is a sign prohibiting such.
  2. Personal vehicle: You can open carry in your private car.
  3. Roadside areas: You can open carry in roadside areas of Texas.
  4. State forests and parks: You can open carry and use your firearm in parks, forests, and wildlife management areas of the state.
  5. Places of worship: You can possess firearms in places of worship unless there is a sign prohibiting such.
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Where Is It Illegal To Open Carry In Texas?

On the other hand, Texas prohibits the open carry of firearms in the following locations:

  1. Schools: You cannot open carry in elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, university campuses, or any other educational facility.
  2. Amusement parks: You cannot open carry or possess firearms in permanent amusement parks.
  3. Meeting of government officials: You cannot open carry in any government official meeting in the state.
  4. Bars: You cannot open carry or possess firearms in bars or any establishment where the sales of alcohol generate more than half of the income.
  5. Hospitals: You cannot open carry or possess firearms in state hospitals or any healthcare facility.
  6. Correctional homes: You cannot open carry firearms in prisons, jails, and correctional homes in the state.
  7. Under the influence of alcohol: You cannot open carry or possess firearms while under the influence of alcohol in the state.
  8. Courthouses: You must maintain a distance of one thousand feet from a courthouse with a firearm on the day of a sentence.
  9. Government offices: You cannot open carry in any premises of government offices or facilities.
  10. Polling units: You cannot open carry or possess a firearm in a polling unit on the day of an election in Texas.
  11. Safety zones of airports: You cannot open carry in any safety zone of airport areas in the state.
  12. Living facility: You cannot open carry in any living facility in the state where there is a prohibition.
  13. Place of work: You cannot open carry or bring your firearm to a place of work if your employer does not approve of it.
  14. Prohibited places: You cannot possess your firearm in parts of the state prohibited by federal laws.

Relevant Open Carry Law And Legislature In Texas

Understanding specific laws related to open carry in Texas is crucial to staying compliant with the regulations and avoiding legal issues. Some relevant laws include:

Ammunition Restrictions

Texas prohibits the use and manufacturing of armor-piercing ammunition within the state.

No Weapon Signs

Texas enforces the “No weapon” sign, which signifies areas where firearms are prohibited. It is unlawful for anyone, permit holder or not, to possess a firearm or open carry in places with these signs or after receiving a verbal warning from the authority in charge.

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A No Weapon sign may include:

  • A card or similar signage with a warning inscribed on it.
  • A post with such information on a property.
  • The communication language could be English or Spanish.
  • The message must be in block letters of at least one inch tall.
  • Displayed in a position visible to the general public and people entering the property.

Preemption Law

Texas has preemption gun laws, which means that the state government has the authority to regulate the use of firearms within its jurisdiction.

Certainly! Here is the modified sentence with the phrase “Weapons laws” integrated:

However, local areas have some control over Weapons laws, such as regulating shooting in specific areas and restricting who can carry firearms in certain places like state parks, government meetings, political rallies, and professional sporting activities.

Additionally, possessing a firearm in a county court without permission is considered a criminal offense. Texas’s attorney general suggests that counties should also restrict concealed carry, even for permit holders, in parks and public transportation.

Brandishing Of Firearms

It is a crime to unlawfully brandish firearms in Texas. Improper conduct involving dangerously displaying a firearm can lead to legal consequences.

Possession Of Firearms Under The Influence Of Alcohol

It is a criminal offense to carry firearms while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substances.

Open Carry While Hunting

Texas permits open carry while hunting within the state, allowing hunters to exercise their Second Amendment rights during legal hunting activities.

Tips for Responsible Open Carry

While open carry is legal in Texas, responsible gun ownership is crucial to ensure safety and adhere to the law. Here are some essential tips for those considering open carry:

  • Educate yourself about Texas gun laws and regulations to avoid unintentional violations.
  • Always practice firearm safety and keep the weapon secured when not in use.
  • If approached by law enforcement, remain calm, follow their instructions, and inform them of your possession if required.
  • Avoid confrontations and be aware of your surroundings to prevent misunderstandings.


Texas is a state that upholds the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and open carry is an integral part of that right. However, it is essential to comprehend and respect the laws and regulations surrounding firearms to ensure the safety of oneself and others. Responsible gun ownership, understanding permitted locations, and being aware of restrictions will contribute to a safer and more informed society.


Q1: Is open carry legal in Texas?

Yes, Texas is an open-carry state, and individuals who are at least twenty-one years old and legally own a firearm can openly carry it in public.

Q2: Are there any areas where open carry is prohibited in Texas?

Yes, open carry of firearms is prohibited in places such as schools, amusement parks, government offices, hospitals, polling units, and areas with No weapon signs, among others.

Q3: Can I open a car in a restaurant or bar in Texas?

Yes, you can open carry in restaurants and bars, except where there are signs specifically prohibiting firearms.

Q4: Can I open carry in my personal vehicle in Texas?

Yes, you can open carry in your private car while traveling in Texas.

Q5: Do I need a permit to open carry in Texas?

As of the current Texas gun laws, individuals who are legally allowed to own a handgun and are at least 21 years old do not need a specific permit for open carry. However, it is still recommended to obtain a Texas License to Carry (LTC) for added legal protection and reciprocity in other states.

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