Louisiana Open Carry: Laws, Requirements, Application & Online Training

Louisiana is a state that allows the use of firearms and issues permits for concealed carry. However, there are specific regulations and restrictions that gun owners and carriers must adhere to. In this article, we will delve into Louisiana’s gun laws, covering everything from open carry to concealed carry, as well as important details about permits, age requirements, prohibited places, and more.

Louisiana Gun Law Summary

Louisiana is a “shall-issue” state, which means that the state issues concealed handgun permits to qualified individuals who meet all the gun law provisions. However, there are no issued permits to buy firearms in Louisiana. Nonetheless, possessing a concealed firearm permit can be beneficial as it exempts the holder from the NICS background check when purchasing a firearm. The permit is only available for residents and members of the United States Armed Forces permanently stationed in the state.

Non-residents can only possess firearms in Louisiana if they have a permit from a state that has reciprocity agreements with Louisiana. It’s essential to note that Louisiana does not have preemption gun laws, allowing local municipalities to regulate firearms within their territory.

Is Open Carry Legal in Louisiana?

Yes, open carry is legal in Louisiana, and you do not need a state permit to do so. As long as you are at least eighteen years old and do not have any state or federal prohibition against possessing firearms, you can legally open carry in the state.

Open Carry Law in Louisiana

Louisiana is an open-carry state, meaning that individuals can openly carry firearms without a state permit. However, there are certain location restrictions where you cannot possess or open-carry firearms. Presently, Louisiana does not have preemption laws, so local municipalities have the authority to regulate firearms possession in their areas.

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Starting in August 2020, the state will begin preemption of gun laws, which will limit local regulations on firearms possession.

Louisiana Open Gun Law Quickview

Law/PolicyLong GunsHandgunsComments
State permit for open carryNoNoLouisiana does not issue permits for open carry in the state.
Firearm registrations for open carryNoNoThere are no requirements to register firearms in the state after purchase.
Assault weapon for open carryNoNoLouisiana bans the possession of assault weapons like machine guns and semi-automatic firearms.
Magazine limitNoNoThe state gun statute does not limit the number of magazine rounds in the firearm.
License for the owner of a firearmNot requiredNot requiredFirearms owners do not have any obligation to own a license before using a gun.
Red flag lawNoNoLouisiana does not have red flag laws in the state.
Castle doctrine lawYesYesCastle doctrine law is adopted in Louisiana, and you can stand your ground in home residence, place of work, or in your private vehicle.
Background check for private dealersNoNoThere are no state requirements to complete a criminal record background check before buying firearms in the state. Also, the transfer of firearms between family members does not require a background check.
PreemptionSoonSoonLouisiana will begin preemption of firearms in local municipalities from the first of August twenty-twenty. As of now, the state is not a preemption state.
Concealed carry permitYesYesYou must have a concealed firearm permit before you conceal carry in Louisiana. With this permit, you do not have to undergo a criminal record check while buying a firearm in the state.
Concealed carry in personal vehicleYesYesCastle doctrine law is adopted in Louisiana, and you can stand your ground in your home residence, place of work, or in your private vehicle.
Open carry in SchoolsNoNoOpen carry and possession of firearms in schools, colleges, universities, and institutions are prohibited in the state.


It has relatively permissive gun laws, allowing open carry without a permit. However, concealed carry requires a permit, and individuals must meet certain criteria to obtain one. Gun owners and carriers need to familiarize themselves with the state’s regulations and location restrictions to ensure they comply with the law. Always prioritize safety and responsible gun ownership.

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1- Is It Compulsory To Apply For A Permit Before Open Carry In Louisiana?

No. You do not need a permit before you open carry in Louisiana.

2- Do I Need A Permit To Conceal Carry In Louisiana?

Yes. You must obtain a concealed handgun permit before you conceal carry in Louisiana.

3- What Is The Age Requirement For Open Carry In Louisiana?

You must be at least eighteen years old and not have any state prohibition to use firearms before you open carry in the state.

4- What Is The Age Requirement For Concealed Carry In Louisiana?

To apply for concealed carry in the state, you must be at least twenty-one years old.

5- What Is The Age Limit To Concealed Handgun Permit In Louisiana?

The age requirement to apply for concealed carry in Louisiana is twenty-one years old.

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