California Gun Permit Laws

California Gun Permit Laws: A Comprehensive Guide

California gun permit laws regulate the use of firearms in the state. If you wish to apply for a gun permit in California, it is crucial to be familiar with these laws and the requirements you must fulfill. In this article, we will provide a detailed overview of California’s gun permit laws and the steps to obtain a permit.

California Gun Permit Summary

California operates as a May-issue state for firearm licenses, meaning local police or the office of the sheriff is in charge of the application process. To buy firearms in the state, you must have a purchase permit after completing a criminal record background check. It is essential to note that the state does not issue licenses to non-residents.

How to Get a Gun Permit in California

To be eligible for a California permit on gun regulations, you must be at least twenty-one years old without any prohibitions on firearm use. However, the state permit does not allow for open carry. It’s essential to understand that California’s open carry law is quite complicated, often referred to as a partial open carry state.

While the state prohibits the possession of firearms, a county with a population of over two hundred thousand people can issue a license for open carry within its boundaries.

California Gun Permit Laws

In California, a pistol permit does not authorize open carry. There are specific places marked as off-limits for the possession of firearms, whether open or concealed carry. While the state allows the possession of assault weapons, a permit from the Department of Justice is required. Additionally, the individual must have a good cause for possessing these firearms and comply with all federal regulations.

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California Pistol Permit Requirements

To apply for a California gun license, you must fulfill several requirements, including being at least twenty-one years old, morally upright, and having a valid reason for applying for the permit, including concealed carry. You must be a resident of California or an employee of an organization in the state.

Additionally, mandatory firearm training conducted by a state-certified instructor is necessary. You must not be a felon or convicted of any misdemeanor charge related to domestic violence, have any protection orders, be a drug addict, or have a mental illness. Furthermore, you must meet all federal requirements for firearm possession.

Different Types of Gun Permits in California

The state of California issues the following types of firearm permits:

  1. State permit to purchase long guns
  2. State permit to purchase handguns
  3. State permit to open carry (issued by some local counties)
  4. State permit to conceal carry handguns

Cost of a Pistol Permit in California

The cost of a California handgun permit varies from seventy to one hundred dollars, depending on the county of residence.

Gun Permit Application and Renewal Process

To apply for a California pistol permit, follow these steps:

  1. Complete Firearm Training: Enroll in a state-approved firearm course and, if required by your county, undergo psychological testing.
  2. Download and Complete the Application: Fill out the California gun permit form and submit it at your local sheriff’s office, completing the sixth and eighth sections in the presence of a notary officer.
  3. Submit the Application: Present your California gun permit application, proof of firearm training, residency, identification, and details of up to three firearms at your local sheriff’s office. Your fingerprints and photographs will be taken.
  4. Receive Application Notification: Await notification about the status of your application after the processing period.
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For permit renewal, you must complete a four-hour training class and possibly undergo further psychological testing. Renewal application requirements may vary from county to county, and you can apply up to ninety days before your permit expires.

Gun Permit Reciprocity in California

California does not recognize gun licenses from any other state, meaning you cannot use an out-of-state permit to carry firearms in California. However, some states recognize California pistol permits for concealed carry and possession of firearms.

These states include Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Puerto Rico. Some states have restricted reciprocity, and others have permitless carry policies.


Understanding California’s gun permit laws is essential for those wishing to possess firearms legally in the state. Compliance with the outlined requirements and application process ensures safe and responsible firearm ownership. Remember to abide by local regulations and respect any restrictions in place.


Q1. Do I Need a Permit to Conceal Carry Firearms in California?

Yes, California issues concealed weapon licenses for concealed firearm possession in the state.

Q2. What Is the Validity Period for a California Pistol Permit?

California pistol permits expire after two years, and you must apply for a renewal permit.

Q3. Can Non-Residents Apply for a California Pistol Permit?

No, the permit is only for residents, employees, military members stationed in the state, and their spouses.

Q4. How Can I Change the Name and Address on My California Handgun Permit?

For any changes, the sheriff must be notified ten days prior to the change. Obtain the concealed weapon license amendment form.

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Q5. What Can I Do If I lose my California Gun Permit or It Gets Stolen?

Report the loss or theft to the local county sheriff’s office and the police department.

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