New California Gun Laws 2024

New California Gun Laws Go Into Effect in 2024

In the Golden State, the dawn of a new year not only brings fresh beginnings but also ushers in a wave of new legislation. January 1st, 2024, marked a significant day for California, as dozens of new laws were set to take effect, spanning various aspects of life from worker protections to public health. Among these legislative changes, a spotlight shines on the realm of firearm safety, with the enactment of several laws aimed at reshaping the landscape of gun ownership and regulation within the state.

Overview of New California Gun Laws

At the forefront of these changes stands California Senate Bill 2 (SB2), a piece of legislation that seeks to redefine the parameters surrounding gun permits in the state. With a multifaceted approach, SB2 endeavors to enhance safety measures through a series of mandates, including stringent storage requirements, enhanced training protocols, and delineation of sensitive public spaces where firearms may not be carried.

California Senate Bill 2 (SB2)

SB2 represents a concerted effort by California lawmakers to bolster firearm regulations while balancing the rights of gun owners with the imperative of public safety. Central to the bill are provisions that impose rigorous standards for obtaining and maintaining concealed carry permits (CCW). These standards encompass comprehensive background checks, in-depth interviews, and mandatory training sessions, aiming to ensure that permit holders are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible firearm ownership.

Additionally, SB2 delineates specific locations deemed as sensitive public spaces, wherein carrying firearms is prohibited. These areas include city parks, synagogues, and schools, among others, with the rationale of safeguarding vulnerable populations from potential harm.

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Interview with Russell Stewart

To gain further insights into the implications of SB2 and its reception within the community, we sat down with Russell Stewart, owner of Beverly Hills Guns and president of Force Protection Agency. Stewart, a vocal opponent of SB2, expressed concerns regarding its impact on law-abiding citizens and highlighted the perceived flaws in its implementation.

Stewart contends that while certain aspects of SB2, such as storage requirements, merit commendation, the blanket restriction on carrying firearms in designated areas poses undue burdens on responsible gun owners. He argues that individuals who have undergone rigorous vetting processes to obtain CCW permits should not be penalized for exercising their constitutional rights.

California Senate Bill 1384 (SB 1384)

In addition to SB2, another legislative measure that has stirred controversy is California Senate Bill 1384 (SB 1384). This bill mandates the installation of 24-hour video and audio surveillance systems in gun shops, recording all entries and exits, as well as transactions involving firearms.

The implications of SB 1384 extend beyond mere logistical challenges, as Stewart elucidates. The requirement for constant audio surveillance raises significant privacy concerns, infringing upon the rights of individuals to engage in confidential conversations within gun shops. Moreover, the exorbitant costs associated with implementing and maintaining surveillance systems pose a considerable financial burden on small business owners within the firearms industry.

Russell Stewart’s Response and Actions

In response to the encroachment of what he perceives as intrusive legislation, Stewart has taken proactive measures to challenge these laws. Not content with merely voicing opposition, Stewart recently announced his candidacy for Beverly Hills City Council, intending to advocate for the interests of gun owners and champion the preservation of privacy rights in the face of overreaching government mandates.

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As California forges ahead with its commitment to firearm safety, the implementation of new laws such as SB2 and SB 1384 underscores the ongoing debate surrounding the balance between individual liberties and public security. While proponents argue that these measures are necessary steps towards preventing gun violence, critics like Russell Stewart raise valid concerns regarding the erosion of civil liberties and the disproportionate burdens placed on law-abiding citizens.

In navigating this complex terrain, it is imperative for policymakers to heed the voices of stakeholders and strive for solutions that uphold both safety and fundamental rights.


  1. Can gun owners still obtain permits under SB2? Yes, SB2 does not prohibit the issuance of concealed carry permits but imposes stricter criteria for obtaining and maintaining them.
  2. How do these laws affect gun shop owners like Russell Stewart? The implementation of laws such as SB 1384 entails significant financial and logistical challenges for gun shop owners, along with concerns about privacy and intrusive surveillance.
  3. What are the main concerns regarding SB 1384? SB 1384 raises privacy concerns due to its mandate for 24-hour audio and video surveillance in gun shops, potentially infringing upon customers’ rights to privacy.
  4. How are these laws perceived by the public? Public perception of these laws varies, with some viewing them as necessary measures to enhance public safety, while others express reservations regarding their potential impact on individual rights.
  5. What actions can individuals take to address these concerns? Individuals can engage in advocacy efforts, such as supporting candidates who champion civil liberties and raising awareness about the implications of these laws within their communities.
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