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Oregon Open Carry: Laws, Requirements, Application & Online Training


Oregon, known for its scenic beauty and outdoor activities, allows the use of firearms within its territory. However, there are certain restrictions and regulations that gun owners must be aware of to stay within the boundaries of the law. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Oregon’s gun laws, covering both open carry and concealed carry regulations, prohibited areas, age requirements, background checks, and more.

Oregon Gun Laws Summary

Before delving into the specifics, let’s understand the general framework of Oregon’s gun laws.

  1. Concealed Firearm Licenses: Oregon issues concealed firearm licenses for the possession of firearms in the state. The local county’s sheriff’s office handles the application process, and it operates as a shall-issue state. If an applicant meets all requirements, they will be granted a license.
  2. Purchase Permits: Oregon does not issue purchase permits for buying firearms. However, a criminal background check is mandatory for all purchases. Private dealers not equipped to perform background checks must do so through a federally licensed dealer.
  3. Age Requirement: The minimum age requirement for obtaining a permit is twenty-one years old.

Is Open Carry Legal in Oregon?

Yes, open carry is legal in Oregon for individuals who are at least eighteen years old, have no felony record, and do not face state or federal prohibitions from possessing firearms. Oregon is a permissive open-carry state, meaning you can carry a firearm openly without the need for a state license.

The state also permits the use of high-end firearms like machine guns, provided they are federally registered and comply with federal regulations.

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Oregon Open Gun Laws Quick View

Law/PolicyLong GunsHandgunsComments
State permit for open carryNoNoYou do not need an Oregon concealed carry permit to open carry in the state.
Firearm registrations for open carryNoNoThe state law does not say anything about the registration of firearms after purchase.
Assault weapon for open carryNoNoOregon regulates and defines the type of assault weapon permitted in the state.
Magazine limitNoNoOregon regulates and defines the type of assault weapons permitted in the state.
License for the owner of a firearmNot requiredNot requiredThere are no requirements to own a license for a firearm in the state, except for the use of machine guns and similar weapons that must have federal registrations.
Red flag lawYesYesLaw enforcement officers and family members can file petitions against someone who possesses a firearm and is at risk of self-hurt or a danger to society.
Castle doctrine lawYesYesEveryone has a duty to self-defense and protection of properties in the state, just according to a normal castle doctrine policy.
Background check for private dealersYesYesEvery dealer in Oregon must complete a criminal record background check before the purchase of a firearm. Private dealers must complete the test through a federally or state-licensed dealer.
PreemptionYesYesOregon preempts gun laws in local municipalities with the state government having superseding authority on the use and possession of firearms in the state. But local areas can regulate the discharge of firearms, and restrict or prohibit areas for possession of weapons within their boundaries.
Concealed carry permitYesYesOregon issues concealed firearm permits to anyone within the age requirement who wishes to conceal carry in the state.
Concealed carry in personal vehicleYesYesYou must have a concealed carry license to conceal carry in a private car in Oregon.
Open carry in schoolsNoNoOregon prohibits the possession of firearms and open carry in schools, colleges, universities, and other technical institutions.

Where Is It Legal To Open Carry In Oregon?

You can open carry in various areas throughout Oregon, including:

  1. Restaurants and Bars: Open carry is permitted in restaurant areas of the state.
  2. Roadside Areas: Open carry is allowed in roadside areas.
  3. State Parks and Forests: Open carry is permitted in parks, forest areas, and wildlife management areas.
  4. Places of Worship: Oregon gun laws do not restrict the possession of firearms in places of worship. However, if there is a post prohibiting the possession of firearms, open carry is not allowed.
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Where Is It Illegal To Open Carry In Oregon?

Oregon prohibits open carry and possession of firearms in the following areas:

  1. Schools: Open carry and possession of firearms are not allowed in schools, colleges, and universities in the state. Additionally, colleges and universities may have internal regulations for firearm possession.
  2. Court Homes: Open carry and possession of firearms are not allowed in court facilities or any political divisions unless you have permission from a judge.
  3. Prisons: Open carry and possession of firearms are not allowed in prisons, jails, and correctional facilities.
  4. Private Buildings: Open carry and possession of firearms are not allowed in private properties or buildings with posts prohibiting weapon possession.
  5. Posted Forests and Parks: Open carry is not permitted in any national park or forest with firearms prohibition.
  6. Safety Areas of Airports: Open carry is not allowed in secured areas of airports in Oregon.
  7. Prohibited Places: Open carry is not allowed in any area of the state that is not permitted by federal laws.


Understanding Oregon’s gun laws is essential for responsible firearm ownership. The state allows open carry and concealed carry under specific conditions, and it is crucial to respect prohibited areas and follow all regulations. Gun owners must also be aware of age requirements, background checks, and other essential factors to ensure compliance with the law.

For more detailed information and resources on Oregon’s gun laws, visit the official Oregon Gun Laws website.


1- Do I Need A Permit To Open Carry In Oregon?

No, you do not need a firearm permit to open carry in Oregon.

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2- Do I Need A Permit To Conceal Carry In Oregon?

Yes, Oregon issues a concealed firearm license for concealed carry in the state.

3- What Is The Age Requirement For Open Carry In Oregon?

To open carry in Oregon, you must be at least eighteen years old.

4- What Is The Age For Concealed Carry In Oregon?

You must be at least twenty-one years old to open carry in Oregon.

5- At What Age Can I Apply For Oregon Concealed Firearm License?

The minimum age requirement to apply for an Oregon concealed carry license is twenty-one years old.

6- Does Oregon Have Red Flag Law In The State?

Yes, Oregon enforces a red flag law with an extreme risk protection order issued to someone at risk with the possession of a firearm.

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