Arizona Hunting

Arizona Hunting

Arizona is emerging as a top-tier destination for hunting enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of exclusive hunting opportunities across its picturesque landscapes. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of big game hunting or the excitement of pursuing small game, Arizona has something to offer for every hunter. This article delves into the captivating world of hunting in the state, highlighting its unique wildlife, hunting regulations, and the various game seasons that attract outdoor enthusiasts from far and wide.

Arizona Hunting Regulations: Preserving a Thriving Hunting Culture

Hunting regulations in Arizona play a vital role in maintaining a healthy hunting culture while safeguarding the state’s wildlife for generations to come. These regulations are designed to ensure ethical hunting practices, prevent overhunting, and protect sensitive ecosystems. The Arizona Fish and Game Commission oversees these regulations and encourages both hunters and residents to report any violations, demonstrating a commitment to responsible hunting.

Navigating Hunting Regulations

Hunters in Arizona must be well-informed about the state’s hunting regulations, which encompass a variety of aspects, including wildlife attractions, licensing, possession of game, bag limits, and more. Some notable regulations include:

Wildlife Attractions and Luring

Hunting regulations strictly prohibit the use of attractants, scents, or deer urine to lure wildlife. Additionally, hunting big game with edible products is forbidden, except for specific exceptions such as salt, water, or salt mixed with trace minerals designed for livestock.

Hunting Licenses and Tags

To hunt games and wildlife in Arizona, a valid hunting or fishing license is mandatory. The license and any required tags must be carried at all times while hunting. Licenses and tags must also be signed before engaging in any hunting activities.

Wildlife Possession and Bag Limits

The Arizona Game and Fish Commission sets possession restrictions and bag limits for different species. Hunters must adhere to these limits to ensure sustainable hunting practices.

Big Game Tagging

All captured big game animals in Arizona must be tagged according to specific instructions provided by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission.

Hunting Seasons and Legal Hours

Hunting seasons in Arizona are carefully regulated by the commission. Hunters must abide by prescribed hunting periods, and hunting outside these periods is strictly prohibited.

Hunting with Devices

Hunting games and wildlife is allowed only with devices approved by the Arizona Fish and Game Commission.

Discharging Firearms Near Residential Buildings

Discharging firearms near residential buildings, including cabins, huts, barns, and sheds, requires permission from occupants. This regulation extends to the use of bows and inflated weapons.

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Clean Up After Hunting

Hunters are responsible for maintaining a clean environment by removing litter and debris from their hunting areas, including the proper disposal of carcasses.

Shooting Across a Road

Hunters are prohibited from discharging firearms across roads or railways while attempting to take wildlife.

Arizona Hunting License Options

Arizona offers various hunting license options to cater to different needs and preferences. Some of the notable license categories include:

  • Resident Hunting License: Available for Arizona residents who have lived in the state for at least six months.
  • Complimentary License: Issued under specific criteria, allowing free fishing and hunting within the state.
  • Pioneer Hunting License: Reserved for residents aged 70 and above who have been Arizona residents for at least 25 years.
  • Disabled Veteran Hunting License: Available for veterans with disabilities, accompanied by proof from the state Veteran administration.
  • Apprentice Hunting License: Designed to encourage new hunters, this free license enables licensed hunters to take beginners on hunting trips.
  • High Achievement License for Boy Scouts and Girl Guides: Awarded to individuals who attain the highest levels in these organizations.
  • Lifetime License: Available for residents at varying costs depending on the applicant’s age.
  • Non-Resident Hunting License: Designed for non-residents who wish to hunt in Arizona, with specific procedures for obtaining licenses and tags.

Exploring Arizona’s Wildlife

Arizona boasts a rich diversity of wildlife, offering a plethora of hunting opportunities. From elusive pronghorns to majestic elk, the state provides a range of big game and small game species for hunters to pursue. Some of the notable wildlife available for hunting in Arizona include:


Pronghorns inhabit the northern plains and high elevations of Arizona, offering a unique big-game hunting experience.

Black Bear

Widely dispersed in North America, black bears can be found in oak woodlands, chaparral, and coniferous forests in Arizona.

Bighorn Sheep

Arizona is home to both the Rocky Mountains and desert bighorn sheep, providing a challenging and rewarding hunting experience.


Although their numbers have decreased over time, Arizona still offers opportunities to hunt elk, with careful regulations in place.


Arizona’s turkey hunting is highly regulated, offering a chance to hunt three different species: Rio Grande, Merriam, and Gould.

Mountain Lion

Mountain lions can be found across various regions of Arizona, presenting a thrilling hunting challenge.

Small Game and Upland Birds

Arizona also offers diverse opportunities for hunting small game, including rabbits, squirrels, quails, and doves.

Arizona Hunting Seasons: A Time for Exploration

Hunting seasons in Arizona are carefully scheduled to ensure sustainable hunting practices and optimal wildlife management. These seasons provide opportunities for hunters to engage in their favorite activities while respecting wildlife populations. Some of the notable hunting seasons in Arizona include:

  • Deer Hunting Season: Offering various hunting periods for both general and youth-only hunting, as well as specialized seasons like muzzleloader and archery.
  • Bighorn Sheep Hunting Season: With specific time frames for general and limited opportunity hunts.
  • Bison Hunting Season: Including general, limited opportunity, muzzleloader, and archery seasons.
  • Turkey Hunting Season: Featuring general and youth hunt seasons, as well as archery hunting.
  • Javelina Hunting Seasons: Encompassing archery and youth hunting periods, with permits obtained through a lottery system.
  • Black Bear Hunting Season: Providing a general season for black bear hunting.
  • Mountain Lion Hunting Season: Offering daylight shooting periods, archery, and pursuit seasons.
  • Small Game Hunting Seasons: Covering various species such as chukar partridge, grouse, rabbit, pheasant, quail, and more.
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Exploring Arizona’s Shooting Ranges

For hunters looking to hone their skills, Arizona offers a range of approved shooting ranges. These ranges provide safe and controlled environments for practice and training. Some of the state’s recognized shooting ranges include:

  • Three Points Shooting Range
  • Seven Mile Hill Shooting Range
  • Silver Creek Archery Range
  • Sierra Vista Shooting Range
  • St. John’s Shooting Range
  • Usery Mountain Shooting Range
  • Northern Arizona Shooting Range
  • Second Knoll Shooting Range

Unveiling Arizona’s Hunting Lands

For those interested in owning or leasing hunting lands in Arizona, several options are available. These lands provide opportunities for various hunting experiences, from large-scale hunting adventures to smaller, more intimate outings. Some of the available hunting lands include:

  • Reidhead Ave Holbrook, AZ 86025: Offering an expansive area of 9582 acres.
  • Westwood Ranch Seligman, AZ 8633: Featuring 40 acres of hunting opportunities.

As you embark on your hunting journey in Arizona, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the state’s diverse wildlife, regulations, and hunting seasons. By adhering to ethical hunting practices and respecting the environment, you can make your hunting experience in Arizona both thrilling and memorable.


Arizona stands as a beacon of hunting excellence, drawing enthusiasts from all over the nation. With its vast wildlife, carefully managed hunting seasons, and diverse hunting license options, the state offers something for hunters of all skill levels and interests. As you venture into the breathtaking landscapes of Arizona, remember to embrace the values of responsible hunting, ensuring a sustainable future for both hunters and wildlife.


Can I hunt in Arizona without a valid license?

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No, a valid hunting or fishing license is compulsory for all hunting activities in Arizona.

Are there age restrictions for hunting in Arizona?

Yes, the age requirement for hunting licenses in Arizona is 10 years old for both residents and non-residents. However, children under 10 can hunt non-big game species under adult supervision.

What is the purpose of apprentice hunting licenses in Arizona?

Apprentice hunting licenses aim to encourage more people to take up hunting. Licensed hunters can mentor beginners without the need for the latter to purchase regular licenses.

Are there bag limits for hunting in Arizona?

Yes, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission set possession restrictions and bag limits for different species to ensure sustainable hunting practices.

How can I obtain a hunting license as a non-resident of Arizona?

Non-residents can purchase hunting licenses, stamps, and tags by mail, following specific procedures outlined by the Arizona Fish and Game Department.

What can you hunt in Arizona?

Common game species to hunt in Arizona include javelina, deer, elk, bear, bighorn sheep, mountain lion, waterfowl, quail, and rabbit. A valid hunting license and tags/permits specific to each animal are required.

Is it illegal to hunt whales in Arizona?

Yes, it is illegal to hunt whales in Arizona. The state is landlocked and whales are federally protected marine mammals, so whale hunting is prohibited and not feasible in Arizona.

What can you hunt in Arizona without a license?

Small game species like cottontail rabbits, tree squirrels, and upland game birds like quail can be hunted in Arizona without a license if the hunter is a resident and hunting on private land owned by an immediate family member. Other hunting requires applicable licenses.

Can you hunt Arizona state trust land?

Yes, much of the state trust land in Arizona is open to public hunting with the required valid hunting license and permit tags for the species being hunted. Special restrictions may apply for certain areas.

Can you hunt javelinas in Arizona?

Yes, javelina are common game species in Arizona that can be hunted with a valid hunting license, javelina hunt permit tag, and during the designated javelina hunting seasons. No more than 2 javelinas are allowed per calendar year.

How to become a bounty hunter in Arizona:

There are no state licensing requirements to become a bounty hunter in Arizona. Individuals should obtain education/training and ensure compliance with all applicable laws regarding the seizure of fugitives and the use of force when apprehending criminal suspects.

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