West Virginia Hunting

West Virginia Hunting

Hunting has long been an integral part of West Virginia’s culture and economy. Despite being one of the smallest states in the USA, West Virginia boasts a strong hunting community, with over 300,000 people participating in the annual hunting season. This article delves into the essential aspects of hunting in West Virginia, exploring the regulations, licensing requirements, dress codes, bag limits, open carry laws, and the rich diversity of game animals found in the state.

West Virginia Hunting Regulations

Like any other state, West Virginia enforces strict hunting regulations to ensure the conservation of wildlife and the safety of both hunters and the public. These regulations cover various aspects of hunting, from acquiring a hunting license to the proper tagging and validation of game animals.

Hunting License in West Virginia

Before engaging in any hunting activities, every hunter must obtain a state hunting license. The state offers different types of licenses for residents and non-residents, and it is illegal to hunt without a valid hunting license.

Tagging Requirements in West Virginia

Certain game animals, such as deer and turkeys, require proper tagging after being hunted. Hunters must follow specific guidelines for tagging their game animals, which include attaching the tag immediately after the kill and marking it with essential information like the date and hunting zone.

Checking and Validating Tags

Hunters must validate their game tags within 72 hours of taking the game. Validation can be done through the West Virginia game check system, calls, or the West Virginia Department for Fishery and Wildlife website. Some Wildlife Management Areas have check stations for validating deer tags.

Hunter Dressing Requirements in West Virginia

The state mandates hunters to wear specific colors, typically orange and pink while hunting certain game animals like white-tailed deer. The amount of color required varies based on the hunting type and whether the hunter is on public or private lands.

Hunting Bag Limits in West Virginia

Bag limits are crucial to ensure sustainable hunting practices. Hunters must adhere to the bag limits set by the West Virginia Department of Wildlife and Fishery, which restrict the number of game animals that can be taken during a hunting season. Violating bag limits can result in penalties such as fines or license revocation.

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Open Carry While Hunting in West Virginia

West Virginia allows open carry during hunting, and bow hunters have the freedom to use any caliber of firearm for hunting purposes.

West Virginia Hunter Harassment Law

To protect lawful hunting activities, West Virginia has stringent hunter harassment laws. It is illegal to disturb or interfere with hunting or fishing activities, trespass on wildlife or private waters, and discourage others from participating in hunting or fishing.

West Hog Hunting Licenses, Permits, and Tags

West Virginia offers a variety of hunting licenses, permits, and tags, each designed for specific hunting activities. Here are some of the key licenses and permits available in the state:

  • Basic Season License
  • Big Game License
  • Bow Hunting License
  • Primitive Firearm Hunting License
  • LA Duck License
  • Federal Electronic Duck Stamp
  • Wild West Virginia Stamp
  • One Day Wild West Virginia Stamp
  • Senior Hunting and Fishing License
  • WMA Hunting Permit
  • Small Game and Migratory Bird Permit
  • Deer Hunting Permit
  • Turkey Hunting Permit
  • Hunting Preserve Permit
  • 5 Days Native Basic Trip Permit
  • 5 Days Native Big Game Trip Permit
  • 5 Days Native Bow Trip
  • 5 Days Native Primitive Firearm Trip
  • 5 Days Native Turkey Trip
  • 5 Days Native Duck Trip

West Virginia Fishing Licenses, Permits, and Tags

For fishing enthusiasts, West Virginia also offers various licenses, permits, and tags for different fishing activities. Some of these include:

  • Hook and Line Fishing License
  • Basic Fishing License
  • Saltwater Fishing License
  • One-Day Basic Trip License
  • One-Day Basic Saltwater License
  • Cans and Buckets Fishing License
  • Crab Trapping Permit
  • Crawfish Trap Permit
  • Slat Trapping Permits

West Virginia Hunting Season

The hunting season in West Virginia varies based on the game animals and hunting weapons used. For instance:

  • West Virginia Deer Hunting Season includes Archery Hunting Season, Muzzleloader Hunting Season, and Firearms Hunting Season with No Dogs.
  • West Virginia Wild Turkey Hunting Season consists of General Hunting Season and Youth and Disables Hunting Season.
  • West Virginia Small Game Hunting Season includes various hunting periods for animals such as raccoons, opossums, bobcats, squirrels, rabbits, and quails.
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West Virginia Wildlife Games and Fishes

West Virginia is home to diverse wildlife, providing a rich hunting experience for enthusiasts. Some of the notable game animals found in the state include:

  • White-tailed Deer
  • Wild Turkeys
  • Ducks
  • Mourning Doves
  • Bobcats
  • Raccoons

West Virginia Shooting Ranges

For those looking to improve their shooting skills, West Virginia offers public shooting ranges open to all. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Putnam County Gun Club
  • Sleepy Creek Sports
  • Savannah Lane Shooting Association
  • Wadcutters
  • White Horse Firearms and Outdoor Education Center
  • Sportsman’s Gun Club
  • Oak Flat Sport Ranges

West Virginia Hunting Land for Sale and Lease

For hunters seeking exclusive hunting opportunities, West Virginia has various hunting lands available for sale and lease. Some of the offerings include:

  • 213.44 acres for hunting located approximately 25 minutes from Leon, Mason County.
  • 42 acres in Albright, West Virginia (Preston County).
  • 116 acres located approximately 45 minutes from Huntington and a little over an hour from Charleston, Branchland Lincoln County.
  • 76.5 acres in Tunnelton, West Virginia (Preston County).
  • 8.1 acres in Milam, West Virginia (Hardy County).
  • 21 acres in Augusta, West Virginia (Hampshire County).
  • 237 acres in Proctor, West Virginia (Marshall County).

West Virginia Public Hunting Lands

For those who prefer public hunting lands, West Virginia has numerous options available. Some of the public hunting areas include:

  • 6000 Acres in Lincoln County for hunting Turkey, Predator, and Exotics.
  • 388 Acres in Webster County for hunting Duck and Exotics.
  • 3061 Acres in Fayette County for hunting Turkey, Dove, Duck, and Predators.
  • 85 Acres in McDowell County for hunting Whitetail Deer, Turkey, and Exotics.
  • 7531 Acres in Wayne County for hunting Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Dove, Duck, Predator, and Exotics.


Hunting in West Virginia is not just a recreational activity but a significant contributor to the state’s economy. The well-regulated hunting seasons and diverse wildlife make it a popular destination for hunters of all levels. As you embark on your hunting adventure in West Virginia, remember to follow the hunting regulations, acquire the necessary licenses and permits, and cherish the experience of connecting with nature.

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How do I obtain a West Virginia hunting license?

You can obtain a West Virginia hunting license by applying through the state’s Department of Natural Resources or an authorized agent.

What is the bag limit for deer hunting in West Virginia?

The bag limit for deer hunting in West Virginia varies based on the hunting zone and the type of deer.

Can I open carry while bow hunting in West Virginia?

Yes, West Virginia allows open carry while hunting, including during bow hunting.

Are there any hunter harassment laws in West Virginia?

Yes, West Virginia has strict hunter harassment laws to protect lawful hunting activities.

Where can I find public hunting lands in West Virginia?

West Virginia offers several public hunting areas, and you can find more information on the Department of Natural Resources website.

Can you hunt on Sunday in West Virginia?

Yes, Sunday hunting is legal in West Virginia. The state lifted its ban on Sunday hunting in 2020. Hunting game animals like deer, turkey, and bear is now permitted on Sundays on private and public lands across the state.

Can you hunt with an AR-15 in West Virginia?

Yes, West Virginia allows the use of AR-15-style rifles for hunting purposes if the magazine capacity is limited to no more than 15 rounds. The AR-15 is legal for hunting small and big game like coyotes, deer, and elk when using proper ammunition.

How much is a hunting license in West Virginia?

A basic Class AH resident hunting license in West Virginia costs $25 annually. Additional stamps and permits are required for deer, turkey, and bear, ranging from $10-$40. Lifetime hunting licenses are available to residents for costs from $300-$800 depending on age.

When is hunting season in West Virginia?

Major hunting seasons in West Virginia include deer archery from September to December, deer firearms in November, turkey season in late April, and bear season from October through December. Season dates vary for small game like rabbit, grouse, and squirrel.

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