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Arizona Open Carry: Laws, Requirements, Application & Online Training

If you love guns and are all for the freedom of citizens to carry firearms, you will love Arizona’s Gun Laws. Unlike other states in the U.S., the state of Arizona’s laws on guns are very tolerant. In 2010, Arizona implemented a law allowing the defensive display of firearms in certain situations.

Who Can Open Carry in Arizona?

Age Restriction for Open Carry Law in Arizona

According to state laws, anyone who is 18 years old and above is allowed to open carry in the state of Arizona. However, there are certain restrictions:

  1. Individuals under 18: It is illegal for anyone below the age of 18 to possess or carry firearms, except for specific circumstances:
    • Transportation of firearms for lawful hunting
    • Hunting, marksmanship practice, and other shooting events within specified shooting ranges or areas where firearm discharge is not illegal
    • Transportation of a firearm between 5:00 am – 10:00 pm going to a marksmanship practice or other shooting events within specified shooting ranges or areas where firearm discharge is not illegal
    • Engaging in activities related to producing crops, poultry, livestock, farm products, ratites, and agriculture-related items and products.

Who Can Have Guns in Arizona?

Based on Federal law, certain individuals are not allowed to purchase or own firearms, and the state of Arizona has additional prohibitions:

  1. Felons and Domestic Abusers: People who are felons and domestic abusers are prohibited from possessing firearms.
  2. Under Correctional Supervision: Individuals detained in a correctional facility, imprisoned in other places of incarceration, or under probation due to community supervision, parole, house arrest, work furlough, or conviction for a felony or domestic abuse offense cannot carry firearms.
  3. Undocumented Aliens and Nonimmigrant Travelers: Foreigners who are nonimmigrants and are traveling for pleasure, business, or education without proper documentation are not allowed to possess firearms.
  4. Mentally Incapacitated Individuals: Those found by a court to be a danger to themselves, acutely disabled, or gravely disabled are prohibited from possessing firearms.
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Arizona Open Carry Law on Purchase and Possession of Guns

Unlike in other states, Arizona does not require a background check for private sales of guns. As long as the purchaser is 18 years old and above, any store or individual may sell firearms to them. However, if an individual is planning to purchase from a federally licensed gun store, they need to be at least 21 years old, following Federal law.

There are no permits or documentation needed for purchasing firearms in Arizona. One may also take the purchased firearm home after the sale since there is no waiting period in the state. Handgun registration is also not a requirement when buying firearms.

Keeping Records of Gun Sales in Arizona

Unlike some states, Arizona does not require gun store owners to keep a list of individuals who bought firearms from them. However, pawnshops are required to keep a list of all transactions and pawn slips for at least two years, including firearm and ammunition transactions.

Last 2013, Arizona disallowed the keeping of records of gun owners by political subdivisions. However, during a course of a law enforcement investigation, these prohibitions may be lifted.

Where Is It Legal to Open Carry in Arizona?

Carrying firearms inside establishments that allow alcohol consumption is legal in Arizona as long as the individual has the proper permits. However, one may not consume alcohol inside the establishment while carrying a gun.

The state of Arizona also prohibits carrying guns in the following places:

  1. Voting Polls: During any election day
  2. Hydroelectric or Nuclear Generating Stations: Especially if it is on their person or easily accessible from their position
  3. Correctional Facilities: Including jails, prisons, and other correctional facilities
  4. Public Events: Any public location while attending a public event, including buildings and vehicles that are open to the public, after being requested not to bring any firearms and to place it in the safekeeping of the host
  5. Kindergartens and High Schools: Except for an approved event or activity by the school board, concealed carry may be allowed if they have the necessary permits
  6. TSA Checkpoints: Beyond TSA checkpoints in local airports
  7. Indian Reservations: Any Indian Reservation area managed by an Indian Tribe recognized by the U.S. Bureau Of Indian Affairs
  8. Federal Buildings: Any building, structure, land, vehicles, or property owned or leased by the Federal Government.
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Other Gun-Carrying Laws in Arizona

Unlike other states, Arizona does not require individuals carrying a firearm to notify local law enforcement that they are bringing one, even if it’s concealed. However, if an officer asks, one is required to inform the questioning officer.

The state of Arizona does not impose restrictions on firearm ammunition types and has no limits on the magazine capacity of handguns.

Immunity of the Gun Industry in Arizona

The state of Arizona provides immunity to sellers of non-defective gun-related items, such as firearms, ammunition, and gun components, in case a third party who purchased from them is involved in criminal or unlawful activity.

Arizona also gives affirmative defense to any liability due to noise pollution caused by a nearby outdoor gun range as long as it is licensed and complies with state laws.

Is Arizona a “Stand Your Ground State”?

Yes, Arizona honors the “stand your ground” rule. Individuals may defend themselves and use reasonable and proportional force against any imminent threat to their lives. They are not required to retreat first before defending themselves as long as they are not engaging in any illegal activity and are legally allowed to carry firearms.


Arizona is an open-carry state with relatively lenient gun laws. However, it’s essential for individuals to be aware of the restrictions and regulations surrounding firearm ownership and possession to ensure compliance with the law and promote responsible gun ownership.


Q1. Can anyone open carry in Arizona?

Yes, any adult above the age of 18 can open carry in Arizona, but there are specific restrictions.

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Q2. Are there any age restrictions for open carry in Arizona?

Yes, individuals under 18 are not allowed to open carry, except in certain circumstances.

Q3. Are there any restrictions on who can possess firearms in Arizona?

Yes, felons, domestic abusers, mentally incapacitated individuals, and undocumented aliens are prohibited from possessing firearms.

Q4. Is a background check required for private gun sales in Arizona?

No, Arizona does not require a background check for private gun sales.

Q5. Are there places where open carry is not allowed in Arizona?

Yes, open carry is prohibited in places like voting polls, correctional facilities, and federal buildings.

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