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Arizona Gun Laws

Arizona stands out for its permissive gun laws that operate on the state level. This article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of concealed carry reciprocity in Arizona, including important regulations and information about carrying firearms in various situations.

Constitutional Carry and Open Carry Permits

In Arizona, the age for constitutional carry is 18, allowing individuals to openly carry firearms without a permit. Those over 21 can also conceal carry without a permit, a policy commonly known as “Constitutional Carry.” Interestingly, Arizona followed Alaska in adopting this approach to gun laws.

Carrying Firearms in Different Settings

Carry In Vehicle

If you’re over 21, you can conceal carry a firearm in your vehicle. However, if you’re under 21, your firearm must be visible to anyone outside the vehicle.

Carry In State Parks

Concealed carry is allowed in state and national parks, but it’s important to note that carrying firearms into public state buildings within these parks is prohibited.

Carry In Restaurants

While there’s some ambiguity surrounding concealed carry in establishments serving alcohol, it’s advised to err on the side of caution and refrain from carrying firearms if there’s any chance of alcohol consumption.

No Weapon Sign Enforcement

Arizona holds that “No Weapons” signs carry the weight of law. Violating this signage can result in legal penalties, so it’s essential to respect these designations.

Must Notify Officer

While not explicitly mandated, if a law enforcement officer asks, you should honestly notify them about carrying a firearm.

Arizona Concealed Carry Reciprocity List

Arizona has reciprocity agreements with various states, allowing holders of Arizona concealed carry permits to carry concealed firearms in those states. These agreements often come with certain restrictions.

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How Reciprocity Works In Arizona

Reciprocity agreements mean that Arizona honors concealed carry permits issued by other states. However, there’s an exception with the Idaho permit. Generally, the minimum age for concealed carry in Arizona is 21.

Where Can You Carry in Arizona?

In Arizona, you can carry concealed firearms in state parks, national forests, roadside rest areas, and vehicles. However, certain places like school grounds, polling places on election day, and correctional facilities are off-limits.

Arizona Conceal Carry Laws

Open Carry

At 18, you can legally open carry firearms in Arizona.

Carry In Vehicle

Those over 21 can conceal carry in their vehicles, while those under 21 must keep their firearms visible.

Carry In State Parks

You’re allowed to carry concealed firearms in state parks, national forests, and wildlife management areas.

Carry In Restaurants

There’s conflicting guidance on carrying concealed firearms in establishments that serve alcohol. It’s recommended to prioritize caution in these situations.

Constitutional Carry

Arizona embraces Constitutional Carry, allowing individuals 21 and older to carry concealed firearms without a permit.

No Weapon Signs Enforced

“No Weapons” signs hold legal weight, leading to penalties if violated.

Must Notify Officer

While there’s no explicit requirement, honesty is advised if an officer asks about carrying a firearm.


In Arizona, the gun laws reflect a permissive attitude towards concealed carry. With Constitutional Carry and reciprocity agreements, individuals with concealed carry permits have various rights and responsibilities to consider. Being aware of the regulations and respecting the law is essential for responsible firearm ownership.

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1. Can I carry a concealed firearm in Arizona without a permit?

Yes, individuals over 21 can carry concealed firearms without a permit in Arizona.

2. Can I carry my firearm into a restaurant that serves alcohol?

There’s conflicting guidance, but it’s recommended to prioritize caution and refrain from carrying if alcohol might be consumed.

3. Which states honor Arizona concealed carry permits?

States like Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas, and others honor Arizona concealed carry permits.

4. What is Constitutional Carry?

Constitutional Carry allows individuals to carry concealed firearms without a permit if they meet certain age requirements.

5. Do “No Weapons” signs have legal weight in Arizona?

Yes, these signs are legally enforced, and violating them can lead to penalties.

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