How To Get A Concealed Carry Weapon Ccw Permit

New Mexico Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW): Gun Laws, Application, Requirements & Online Training

If you’re a firearm owner or someone interested in concealed carry, understanding the rules and regulations in your state is essential. In New Mexico, concealed carry permits are issued by the state Department of Public Safety (DPS) under a Shall-issue policy. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of the process and requirements for obtaining a concealed carry permit in New Mexico.

New Mexico Gun Laws

To conceal carry in New Mexico, individuals must apply for a Concealed Handgun License (CHL), which serves as the CCW permit. New Mexico does not issue permits to non-residents, except for members of the military posted in the state and their spouses. The CCW permit specifies the category of firearm allowed, and individuals must state this clearly in their permit.

Applicants must be at least twenty-one years old and complete the required New Mexico concealed carry permit course before applying for the CHL.

New Mexico CCW Reciprocity

New Mexico has reciprocity agreements with several other states. The CCW reciprocity can be categorized as follows:

  1. States that Honor New Mexico CCW Permits: These states allow concealed carry within their territory if you have a CCW permit from New Mexico. There are twenty-three such states.
  2. States that Accept New Mexico CCW Permits: These states recognize New Mexico-issued CCW permits, allowing concealed carry within their territory. There are twelve such states.
  3. States with Restricted Reciprocity: In these states, you can only conceal carry with your New Mexico resident permit. Non-resident permits issued to military members are not allowed. There are nine such states.
  4. Permit-less Policy States: In fourteen states, you do not need a CCW permit to conceal carry. However, specific limitations and age requirements apply.
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It’s crucial to understand the reciprocity agreements between states before concealed carrying outside New Mexico.

Familiarizing with Other States’ Gun Laws

It’s common for people to assume that gun laws are the same across states. However, this can lead to legal trouble. Before concealed carrying in any state, whether it has reciprocity with New Mexico or not, it’s essential to be familiar with its specific gun laws.

New Mexico CCW Location Restrictions

New Mexico gun laws restrict the possession of firearms in certain places. Even with a New Mexico CCW permit, concealed carry is not allowed in places such as public and private schools, universities, establishments dealing in alcohol, court premises, tribal lands, and more. Complying with these restrictions is crucial to avoid legal complications.

Concealed Carry for Law Enforcement Officers

Federal laws permit active, out-of-service, and retired law enforcement officers to conceal carry nationwide, regardless of state or local laws. In New Mexico, retired officers can get LEOSA permits if they meet specific requirements.

Buying and Selling Firearms in New Mexico

In New Mexico, you don’t need a purchase permit or firearm registration to buy a gun. Only federally licensed dealers can sell firearms, and a background check is required except for transfers between immediate family members. There is no waiting period for gun purchases, and individuals must be at least eighteen years old to possess or transport firearms.

CCW New Mexico Permit Requirements

Before applying for a CCW permit in New Mexico, you must meet certain requirements, including age, citizenship, training completion, and good conduct. Ensuring that you fulfill these requirements is essential for a successful application.

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How to Apply for a CCW Permit in New Mexico

The application process involves completing a firearm training course, providing fingerprints, and submitting required documents to the Department of Public Safety. The processing time for a CCW permit is approximately thirty days.

New Mexico Firearm Training Requirements

New Mexico requires specific topics to be covered in the concealed carry training course, including safe handling, storage, and federal, state, and local firearm laws. A refresher training is required every two years for permit renewal.


Obtaining a concealed carry permit in New Mexico requires meeting specific requirements and undergoing proper training. Complying with state and federal laws is crucial when carrying a concealed firearm, both within New Mexico and when traveling to other states.


Q1. How Long Is a CCW Permit Valid in New Mexico?

Resident permits are valid for four years, while military and law enforcement permits are valid for five years.

Q2. How Much Is CCW Permit Application in New Mexico?

The fees vary for initial and renewal applications and depend on whether you are a military member or a resident.

Q3. How Long Will It Take to Get My New Mexico CCW Permit?

The processing time for CCW permits in New Mexico is approximately thirty days.

Q4. Do you need a CCW to carry in New Mexico?

No, New Mexico allows concealed carry without a permit under constitutional carry laws enacted in 2021.

Q5. How much does a CCW cost in New Mexico?

A New Mexico concealed handgun license costs $56 for the initial 5-year license, even though a license is not required for concealed carry.

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Q6. Can I carry a pistol in New Mexico?

Yes, you can legally carry a pistol either openly or concealed in New Mexico without any required permit or license.

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