Maine Hunting Scaled

Maine Hunting

Maine, located in the eastern part of the USA, boasts one of the best hunting scenes in the country. With a diverse array of game animals, including deer, bears, moose, and various small game species, hunters are drawn to the state’s abundant wildlife. Moreover, Maine offers numerous programs and regulations to support hunters and maintain a sustainable hunting environment.

Maine Outdoor Partner Programs: Access to Private Lands and Forests

The Maine Outdoor Partner Programs are vital for hunters seeking access to private lands and forests for hunting purposes. While some private lands may be open to public hunting, hunters must always obtain permission from landowners before hunting on their properties. These programs facilitate a positive relationship between landowners and hunters, ensuring responsible hunting practices while expanding hunting opportunities.

Maine hunting hours

Legal hunting hours are from 1/2 hour before sunrise until 1/2 hour after sunset. Exceptions include night coyote hunting and raccoon hunting at night under certain conditions. Shooting hours are set each day by the sunrise-sunset schedule.

Hunters for Hungry: Giving Back to Needy Families

The Hunters for Hungry program is a commendable initiative in Maine. Under this program, a portion of the game animals taken by hunters is donated to families in need. This philanthropic effort not only promotes ethical hunting but also addresses food insecurity in the state, making hunting a valuable contributor to the community.

Maine’s Hunting Regulations: Ensuring Responsible Hunting

Maine has stringent hunting laws, regulations, and requirements to protect wildlife and maintain ecological balance. Some key hunting requirements include:

Unlawful Hunting Conduct

Unlawful hunting conduct encompasses any taking, transportation, or possession of game animals or wildlife during non-specific seasons, except as permitted by Maine wildlife, fishing, and gun laws. Additionally, disturbing wild bird nests or eggs is strictly prohibited.

Prohibition on Selling Games

Certain game birds and animals are protected from commercial sale in Maine. Exceptions are made for the plumage of game birds lawfully taken and sold under the Maine Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Selling finished wildlife products is allowed, but wildlife under the protection of the Maine Department of Inland Fishery and Wildlife cannot be sold.

Selling Deer, Bear, and Moose

Maine allows the sale of specific body parts of legally taken deer, bear, and moose, provided hunters possess a valid Maine hunting license. Certain restrictions apply, such as not selling raw antlers and gallbladders of bears to unlicensed dealers.

Maine Hide License

Commercially buying, selling, or trading untanned hides of game animals or fur-bearing animals requires a Maine Hide License. Hunters must ensure that any wildlife or game animal parts bought or sold are legal for sale in Maine.

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Night Hunting Restrictions

Night hunting is generally prohibited in Maine except for raccoon night hunting during their open season. To engage in raccoon night hunting, hunters must comply with specific requirements, such as using a hunting dog and a hunting rifle or handgun with certain specifications.

Baiting Regulations for Maine Hunting

Baiting is the practice of using animal, plant, or body parts to attract game animals for hunting purposes. Maine has strict regulations regarding baiting, including obtaining landowner consent, proper labeling of bait, and prompt cleanup as per landowner requests. Some baiting prohibitions include hunting over another person’s baiter site without permission, using poison or chemicals to attract game, and feeding or baiting deer, turkeys, and moose during specific periods.

Shooting Distances and Open Carry in Maine

To ensure public safety and minimize disturbances, Maine prohibits shooting firearms, muzzleloaders, or archery devices within 100 yards of a residential building without the owner’s permission. Open carry while hunting is permissible in Maine, but hunters using bows must have a valid license for open carry.

Hunter Harassment Laws

Maine has laws in place to protect hunters from harassment. Deliberately disturbing legal hunting, fishing, trapping activities, or interfering with wild animals or aquatic bodies to disrupt hunting is against the law. These measures help preserve the integrity and tranquility of hunting activities.

Maine Hunting Licenses, Permits, and Tags

To participate in hunting in Maine, individuals need a combination of a valid state hunting license and a game permit. The state offers various licenses, permits, and tags based on age, residency, and the type of game animals hunted. Some important licenses include:

Apprentice Hunting License

This license is available to both resident and non-resident hunters aged 16 years and older who have never possessed an adult hunting license. Different types of apprentice hunting licenses are available for different game animals.

Other Resident Hunting Licenses

Maine residents can obtain licenses such as the Big Game Hunting License, Junior Hunting License, Small Game Hunting License, Hunting and Fishing License, and Fishing and Archery License.

Non-Resident Hunting Licenses

Non-resident hunters can obtain licenses such as the Big Game Hunting License, Hunting and Fishing License, Hunting License, 3 Days Small Game Hunting License, Junior Hunting License, Archery Hunting License, and 6 Days Archery License.

Maine Lifetime Hunting Licenses

Maine offers lifetime hunting licenses for different age groups, available only to residents. The costs vary based on the age of the individual.

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Maine Fishing Licenses, Permits, and Tags

For those interested in fishing in Maine, the state offers various fishing licenses, permits, and tags. Some important options include:

Season Fishing License

This license allows holders to harvest fish during specific seasons and is available to both residents and non-residents.

Hunting and Fishing Combination License

This license permits individuals to participate in both hunting and fishing seasons in Maine and is available to residents and non-residents.

Archery and Fishing Combination License

This license allows residents to engage in archery hunting and fishing in the state.

Maine Hunting License Online

Hunters can purchase Maine hunting licenses conveniently online through the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website /app. Licenses for deer, bear, turkey, migratory birds, and more can be obtained digitally 24/7.

Maine Hunting Seasons

Maine offers diverse hunting seasons for different game animals, and the type of hunting firearms allowed varies accordingly. Some of the prominent hunting seasons include:

Maine Deer Hunting Seasons

Deer hunting seasons in Maine include the Resident Only Hunting Season, Youth Hunting Season, Firearms Hunting Season, Archery Hunting Season, and Muzzleloader Hunting Season. Deer hunting dates may differ based on specific regions and hunting zones.

Maine Bear Hunting Season

Bear hunting in Maine is open during the General Hunting Season, Dogs Hunting Season, Bears Bait Hunting Season, and Youth Hunting Day/Season.

Maine Moose Hunting Season

Moose hunting in Maine occurs during the General Hunting Season and Resident Only Day/Season. Different hunting zones have varying moose hunting dates.

Maine Wild Turkey Season

Turkey hunting in Maine takes place during the Fall Hunting Season and Spring Hunting Season, with specific dates for different regions.

Maine Small Games Hunting Season

Small game hunting in Maine includes various species such as Gray Squirrel, Snowshoe Hare, Bobcat, Woodchuck, Coyote, Porcupine, Red Squirrel, and Ruffed Grouse, and Bobwhite Quail. Each has its designated open season and bag limits.

Maine Wildlife, Games, and Fishes

Maine offers an abundance of wildlife and game animals for hunting enthusiasts. Some of the most common game species include:

Maine Deer Hunting

White-tailed deer are prominent in Maine’s wetland habitats, forest lands, active farmlands, and deteriorating agricultural fields.

Maine Bear Hunting

Black bears are well-distributed across the state, with higher concentrations in the eastern and northern regions.

Maine Moose Hunting

Moose are widely dispersed in Maine, particularly in mountainous areas and lakes in the western part of the state.

Maine Turkey Hunting

Wild turkeys are well-established in Maine’s eastern part, including counties like Cumberland, Hancock, Penobscot, and others.

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Maine Grouse Hunting

Ruffed grouse are common in woodland areas, upland hardwoods, softwood areas, and orchards throughout Maine.

Maine Duck Hunting

Ducks are frequently found in wetland areas, particularly ponds and lakes, far from human settlements.

Maine Shooting Ranges

Maine provides numerous shooting ranges open to the public for practice and skill improvement. Some of the notable shooting ranges include the Arnold Trail Sportsman Association, Hermon Skeet Club, Pleasant River Fish & Game Conservation Association, and others.

Maine Hunting Lands for Sale and Lease

For hunters interested in owning or leasing hunting lands in Maine, various options are available. From large-acre properties to smaller tracts, individuals can find suitable hunting lands throughout the state.


Maine stands as a haven for hunting enthusiasts, offering diverse wildlife, plentiful game animals, and numerous hunting programs. The state’s dedication to responsible hunting regulations ensures a sustainable hunting environment for future generations. With its rich hunting culture and opportunities, Maine remains a top destination for outdoorsmen and nature lovers alike.


Q1: Is night hunting allowed in Maine?

Night hunting is generally prohibited in Maine, except for raccoon night hunting during their open season, which comes with specific requirements.

Q2: What are the hunting seasons for deer in Maine?

Maine offers various deer hunting seasons, including Resident Only Hunting Season, Youth Hunting Season, Firearms Hunting Season, Archery Hunting Season, and Muzzleloader Hunting Season.

Q3: What is the Maine Outdoor Partner Program?

The Maine Outdoor Partner Program provides access for hunters to private lands and forests for hunting, promoting a positive relationship between landowners and hunters.

Q4: Are there any special regulations for baiting in Maine?

Yes, Maine has specific regulations for baiting, including obtaining landowner consent, proper labeling of bait, and prompt cleanup upon landowner request.

Q5: Is Maine hunter-friendly?

Yes, Maine is considered a very hunter-friendly state. It has abundant wildlife, large tracts of public land open to hunting, reasonable license fees for residents, and relatively few restrictions on firearms and methods compared to other states.

Q6: Can you hunt in Maine without a license?

No, a license is required to hunt any species of game in Maine. Even Maine residents must purchase proper hunting licenses each year. Unlicensed hunting can result in fines and revocation of future license privileges.

Q7: Can non-resident hunters obtain Maine hunting licenses?

Yes, non-resident hunters can obtain various hunting licenses in Maine, such as the Big Game Hunting License, Hunting and Fishing License, Hunting License, and others.

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