Maine Gun Permit

Maine Gun Permit: Laws, Cost, Restrictions, & FAQs

Maine is known for its constitutional carry policy, allowing individuals to possess firearms without a permit. However, the state still issues pistol permits for those interested in concealed carry. In this article, we will delve into the details of Maine’s gun laws, the requirements to obtain a pistol permit, and how to apply for one.

Maine Gun Permit Summary

Maine follows a shall-issue policy for firearms applications through the Department of Public Safety and the state police. While there is no permit required for open carry, concealed carry does necessitate a pistol permit. The state issues gun licenses to both residents and non-residents who are at least twenty-one years old.

How to Get a Gun Permit in Maine

To obtain a pistol permit in Maine, applicants must be at least twenty-one years old. It is essential to note that the permit is exclusively for concealed carry, as Maine is an open carry state where no license is required for open carry.

Maine Gun Permit Laws

Maine permits the possession of machine guns and semi-automatic firearms, but only if the individual is federally licensed and adheres to all regulations concerning such firearms. Law enforcement officers and military members are also authorized to use assault weapons.

However, it is crucial to remember that unauthorized possession of assault weapons is a Class D crime in Maine unless one holds a federal license.

Additionally, Maine prohibits the use of armor-piercing ammunition.

Maine Pistol Permit Requirements

Applicants seeking a pistol permit in Maine must meet several requirements set forth by state gun laws. These requirements include:

  1. Being at least eighteen years old.
  2. Having no state firearm restrictions.
  3. Demonstrating adequate training and knowledge of firearm safety.
  4. Having a record of ethical-moral conduct over the last five years.
  5. No conviction for possession of firearms under the influence of alcohol within the last five years.
  6. No guilty verdict for domestic abuse involving law enforcement investigations within the last five years.
  7. No involvement in any crime is punishable by a prison term of less than one year in the United States.
  8. No engagement in reckless or careless actions leading to investigations by law enforcement in the last five years.
  9. No history of narcotic use or engagement in illicit substances in the last four years.
  10. Meeting all federal requirements for a pistol permit application.
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Different Types of Gun Permits in Maine

Maine issues the following types of firearms permits:

  1. State permit to purchase long guns: No state permit is required.
  2. State permits to purchase handguns: No state permit is required.
  3. State permit to open carry: No license is needed as Maine is a permissive open carry state.
  4. State permits to conceal carry long guns: No state permit issued.
  5. State permits to conceal carry handguns: Maine issues a pistol permit for concealed carry of handguns.

Gun Permits Application and Renewal Law in Maine

The application process for a gun permit in Maine involves the following steps:

  1. Complete a firearm training course from a government-recognized instructor and obtain a training certificate.
  2. Download the application form from the local police website.
  3. Submit all necessary documents, including the completed application, release information forms, a photocopy of the birth certificate or INS document, colored passport photograph, training certificate, and required fees.
  4. Wait for approval or rejection mail after the waiting period.

The Maine pistol permit is valid for four years, and applicants can renew it by following these steps:

  1. Download the renewal application from the local police website.
  2. Submit the necessary documents, including the completed renewal application, release information forms, colored passport photograph, expired permit from any Maine municipality, proof of armed forces membership (if applicable), and the required fee.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Gun License in Maine?

The initial application for a Maine pistol permit costs thirty-five dollars, while renewal permits cost twenty dollars. Any replacements or changes in details (e.g., name and address) incur a two-dollar fee.

Gun Permit Reciprocity with Maine

Maine, being a constitutional carry state, recognizes firearm possession without a permit. However, it does have reciprocity agreements with some other states:

  1. States That Accept Maine Pistol Permits: Maine accepts pistol permits from any jurisdiction in the USA. However, it is important to reiterate that possessing firearms in Maine does not require a pistol permit.
  2. States That Recognize Maine Pistol Permits: Possessing firearms in these states is permissible with a Maine pistol permit, subject to compliance with their respective gun laws. Some of these states include Alabama, Delaware, Indiana, and North Dakota.
  3. States That Have Restricted Reciprocity with Maine: These states will accept a Maine gun license, but certain individual requirements must be met before possessing firearms within their territories. Some states in this category include Florida, Georgia, Iowa, and Virginia.
  4. States That Have Permitless Carry Policy: Like Maine, these states allow firearm possession without a permit. Some of these states include Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, and Kentucky.
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Relevant Gun Permit Laws and Legislature in Maine

Apart from concealed carry permits, Maine gun laws also cover other aspects of firearm possession:

  1. Possession of Firearms in Private Cars: Maine allows individuals to possess firearms in private cars without needing a pistol license.
  2. Possession of Firearms in Roadside Areas: Concealed carry is allowed in roadside areas of the state.
  3. Possession of Firearms in State Parks, Forests, and Wildlife Management Areas: Maine requires a gun license to possess firearms in state parks, forests, and wildlife management areas. However, concealed carry is not required in wildlife management areas.
  4. Possession of Firearms in Restaurants and Bar Areas: Possessing firearms in restaurants and bars is generally allowed, except in places where there are posted prohibitions or if individuals are under the influence of alcohol.
  5. Possession of Firearms in Hotels: Hotels and lodging establishments have the authority to refuse accommodation to anyone carrying firearms. It is advisable to visit the hotel’s website to familiarize yourself with their firearm policies.
  6. Possession of Firearms in Parking Lots of a Workplace: Maine law permits individuals to keep firearms in their vehicles on workplace premises as long as they are securely locked away and out of public view.


Maine’s gun laws strike a balance between constitutional carry for open carry and pistol permits for concealed carry. Aspiring gun owners must meet specific requirements and undergo training to obtain a pistol permit in the state. Additionally, it is crucial to understand reciprocity agreements with other states to ensure compliance with firearm laws while traveling.

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Q1. Do I need a permit to carry a firearm openly in Maine?

No, Maine is an open carry state, and no permit is required to openly carry a firearm.

Q2. Can I apply for a pistol permit if I am a non-resident of Maine?

Yes, Maine issues pistol permits to both residents and non-residents who meet the eligibility criteria.

Q3. What is the minimum age requirement to apply for a pistol permit in Maine? Applicants must be at least twenty-one years old to apply for a pistol permit in Maine.

Q4. Is the Maine pistol permit valid for both concealed and open carry?

No, the pistol permit issued in Maine is specifically for concealed carry purposes.

Q5. Is Maine a gun-friendly state?

Yes, Maine is considered a relatively gun-friendly state. It allows permitless concealed carry for residents over 21 without permits or licenses, has lenient open carry laws, imposes few restrictions on lawful ownership, has preemption laws limiting municipal firearm regulations, and overall has less restrictive policies compared to most other states in the northeast U.S.

Q6. Does Maine have strong gun laws?

No, Maine does not have very strong or restrictive gun control laws compared to many other states. Maine allows constitutional carry without permits required for concealed weapons for residents over 21 and open carry of firearms.

Q7. Can I possess assault weapons in Maine with a pistol permit?

No, possession of assault weapons requires federal licensing and compliance with all regulations.

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