Canik Sub Mete

Canik Sub Mete Pistol: A Reliable and Affordable 9mm Handgun

The Canik Sub Mete has quickly become one of the most popular 9mm pistols on the market since its release in 2021. This Turkish-made striker-fired semi-automatic handgun offers exceptional quality and reliability at a budget-friendly price point, making it an ideal choice for personal defense, home protection, target shooting, and concealed carry.

An Overview of the Canik Sub Mete

The Canik Sub Mete stands out for its combination of useful features not typically found on guns in its low price range. Some key specs and characteristics include:

  • Caliber: 9x19mm (9mm Luger)
  • Action: Striker-fired semi-automatic
  • Magazine Capacity: Comes with two 15-round magazines
  • Optics Ready: Cut slide accepts miniature red dot sights
  • Made in Turkey: By Canik Firearms, part of Century Arms

This polymer-framed pistol weighs in at around 25 ounces unloaded and has an overall length of 7.2 inches. It uses a striker firing mechanism with a short recoil operation. The trigger has a light takeup with a crisp break at 4 to 4.5 pounds.

The Sub Mete also comes optics ready with a slide cut for easy mounting of a micro red dot sight. This gives the flexibility of adding a reflex sight for faster target acquisition and enhanced accuracy at longer distances.

Ergonomic Design Optimized for Comfort and Control

The Canik Sub Mete features ergonomic enhancements that make it easy and intuitive to handle. The grip has a slight contour with palm swells and ample texture to promote a solid non-slip hold.

The controls are fully ambidextrous. There are bilateral slide releases and a reversible magazine release that can be easily switched based on shooter handedness. The takedown lever is also reversible.

The grip angle helps point the muzzle naturally. The short, crisp trigger pull allows for accurate shots with a lighter touch. There is an undercut beneath the trigger guard for higher hand placement.

These design elements come together to provide a very shootable platform that allows the user to wield the Sub Mete quickly and effectively even under pressure.

Durable Construction and Reliable Function

The Canik Sub Mete utilizes quality materials and components to ensure lasting performance. The black nitride-coated steel slide and alloy steel barrel provide smooth cycling and corrosion resistance.

The frame is made from polymer reinforced with fiberglass, making it rigid and able to stand up to heavy use. The 1913 Picatinny rail allows for adding a tactical light or laser.

Internally, the Sub Mete uses combat-grade parts. The hardened steel extractor and loaded chamber indicator provide reliable function. The white dot front sight and black serrated rear sight aid in quick target acquisition.

Multiple safety features help prevent negligent discharges. There is a blade safety, internal firing pin block, and striker safety. The trigger has a short takeup with a crisp break between 4 and 4.5 pounds.

Rigorous testing shows that the Canik Sub Mete can reliably fire thousands of rounds without issues. The pistol comes with a limited lifetime warranty protecting against defects in materials or workmanship.

Canik safety button

Most Canik pistols use an ambidextrous thumb safety located at the rear of the frame. It provides an additional layer of safety alongside the firing pin and trigger safeties.

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Canik Sub Mete pistol 9mm reliability

The Canik Subcompact Elite Mete series features their new Mete line of pistols optimized for concealed carry. Early reviews indicate a very reliable function in the 9mm Mete SFX and other Mete models. They are built on Canik’s proven TP9 platform.

Good Value with Useful Extras Included

The Canik Sub Mete delivers exceptional quality and features at an MSRP of around $400. This makes it one of the best values on the market in terms of price-to-performance ratio.

The package includes several bonuses adding to the overall value. It comes with two 15-round magazines, a polymer holster, a magazine loader, and a cleaning kit. The interchangeable backstraps allow customizing the grip size.

Considering the reliable performance, useful accessories, and lifetime warranty, the Canik Sub Mete offers capabilities comparable to pistols costing hundreds more. This combination of affordability and reliability makes it a top choice as a duty, home defense, or carry gun.

Designed for Versatile Use

The Canik Sub Mete provides versatile functionality making it suitable for:

  • Concealed Carry – Compact size, optimal ergonomics, and 9mm chambering make it a great choice for concealed carry. Easy to hide under light clothing.
  • Home/Self Defense – Large magazine capacity, manageable recoil, and optics mounting option ideal for home protection.
  • Target Shooting – Accurate performance and good ergonomics. Easy to control during rapid fire and suitable for competitive target shooting.
  • Nightstand Gun – Accessory rail and optics cut allow adding lights and lasers. Reliable and safe with ambidextrous controls.
  • Truck/Backpack Gun – Durable polymer construction withstands drops, dings, and moisture. Compact profile good for storage/transport.

The Canik Sub Mete excels in all of these roles due to its well-rounded capabilities. It provides ample firepower in a compact and efficient package.

Shooting Performance and Handling

The Canik Sub Mete provides very smooth and controllable shooting dynamics right out of the box. The short recoil operation and quality barrel produce soft felt recoil that stays manageable even during rapid strings of fire.

Moderately aggressive stippling on the grip and mild contouring allow it to sit securely in the hand. The ergonomic grip promotes an intuitive hands-on feel. The short trigger pull with a clean break aids accurate shot placement.

The Sub Mete points naturally and transitions between targets with ease. The white dot front sight stands out clearly for fast acquisition. Accuracy from 25 yards is more than sufficient for self-defense applications.

This pistol runs cleanly right from the first rounds without a break-in period. The magazines are inserted smoothly and drop-free when released. The embedded steel rails in the polymer frame promote smooth cycling.

Overall, the Sub Mete provides excellent handling characteristics and lends itself to accurate shooting. The ergonomics, recoil control, and sight visibility allow the user to shoot rapidly and stay on target.

Reliability and Durability

The Canik Sub Mete lives up to expectations in terms of reliability. The precise machining of components allows them to fit tightly with very little wiggle. This enhances smooth function and reduces malfunctions.

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During testing, the Sub Mete has digested thousands of rounds of ammunition without any cleaning or lubrication needed. It continues to feed, fire, extract, and eject successfully across a wide variety of bullet profiles and loads.

The matte black nitride finish provides excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. It holds up well to moisture, sweat, and holster wear. The fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame can handle rough use and absorb impacts without damage.

By using high-carbon steel for the slide and barrel, Canik produced a pistol built for the long haul. The pistons, extractor, firing pin, and other internals use hardened metals to prevent breakage.

The quality components and materials come together to provide a handgun that will serve reliably for thousands of rounds. The lifetime warranty provides further peace of mind.

Customization and Accessory Options

One advantage of the Canik platform is the wide variety of accessories and customization options available. Here are some popular ways to tailor the Sub Mete:

  • Optics – Mini red dots like the Hex Dragonfly or Shield RMSc. Co-witness with suppressor height sights.
  • Lights – Streamlight TLR-7A, Surefire XC1, or Olight PL Mini2 valve rail light.
  • Magazines – Extra factory 15 or 18-round mags. Promag 32-round extendos available.
  • Sights – Night sights or fiber optics from Ameriglo, Trijicon, and Truglo. Suppressor models for optics.
  • Triggers – Aftermarket trigger shoes from Apex and others shorten/lighten pull.
  • Grips – Rubber wraparounds, grip sleeves, or talon grips add texture.
  • Holsters – IWB and OWB rigs from Blackhawk, Vedder, Bravo Concealment, etc.
  • Mag Carriers – Single and double magazine pouches to carry extra ammo.

The Sub Mete lends itself well to customization due to the optics cut slide, rail, and removable backstraps. Shooters can tailor it to suit their needs.

Suitability for Concealed Carry

The Canik Sub Mete has many attributes making it a top choice as a concealed carry pistol. The 9mm chambering provides sufficient stopping power with easily managed recoil.

The shortened grip fits close to the body for easy concealment under loose clothing. The smooth contours avoid bulky protrusions that print through a cover garment.

Comfortable carry is facilitated by the lightweight 25-ounce unloaded weight. The mild texturing helps provide a secure grip without abrading the skin.

The Sub Mete comes with an ambidextrous holster accommodating left- and right-handed users. Quality Kydex holsters like those from Vedder Holsters and Blackhawk provide secure retention and easy on/off without compromising draw speed.

For deep concealment, smaller single stack 9mms like the Springfield Hellcat may have a slight edge. However, the Canik offers greater magazine capacity and optics mounting options in a reasonably compact package.

Considering its combination of firepower, ergonomics, and cost, the Sub Mete is tough to beat as an everyday carry self-defense pistol.

An Ideal Home Defense Pistol

The Canik Sub Mete’s large magazine capacity, rail for lights/lasers, and ability to accept optics make it well-suited for home protection duties.

The 15+1 capacity means there are plenty of rounds on tap to deal with multiple attackers. The red dot sight gives a distinct advantage in low light conditions over typical iron sights.

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The rail beneath the barrel accommodates weapon-mounted lights like the Surefire XC1 or Streamlight TLR-7A. This allows for identifying threats and illuminating dark corners when investigating suspicious noises at night.

The ergonomic grip promotes weapon retention and allows the user to wield the Sub Mete effectively even when half asleep. The light, crisp trigger allows for rapid follow-up shots.

Finally, the Sub Mete has an ambidextrous manual safety lever for added security. This provides peace of mind against accidental discharge if there are children in the home.

Considering its combination of high capacity, sighting options, safety features, and cost, the Canik Sub Mete deserves a top spot as a home defense pistol.


The Canik Sub Mete pistol represents an outstanding value proposition for shooters looking for a reliable and versatile 9mm. It brings impressive capabilities and features at a very affordable price point.

The Sub Mete provides extras not normally found on guns costing hundreds more, including an optics-ready slide, multiple magazines, accessories, and a lifetime warranty.

This Turkish-made handgun delivers on all fronts:

  • Proven durability and reliability
  • Exceptional shooting characteristics
  • Useful extras included
  • Extensive accessory and customization options
  • Suitable for defensive, tactical, and recreational use

For a budget-priced 9mm suitable for concealed carry, home defense, recreation or anything in between, the Canik Sub Mete is an option worth considering.


Q1: How does the Canik Sub Mete compare to Glocks and Sigs?

The Canik Sub Mete competes very favorably with pistols from Glock and Sig Sauer while costing significantly less. It offers comparable reliability and accuracy in a more ergonomic and feature-rich package. The optics-ready slide and included accessories give it an edge.

Q2: Is the Canik Sub Mete reliable enough for self-defense?

Yes, the Sub Mete has proven itself in extensive testing to provide consistent functioning required for self-defense. Its combat-grade internal parts allow it to run thousands of rounds without cleaning or malfunctions.

Q3: Does the Sub Mete have a Picatinny rail for lights?

The Sub Mete has a noticeably short, light takeup with a crisp break. It resets quickly for faster follow-up shots. The trigger is superior to Glock and on par with top options from HK and Walther.

Q4: Does the Sub Mete have a Picatinny rail for lights?

Yes, it has a full-length Picatinny rail beneath the barrel for mounting weapon lights, lasers, or other accessories. This adds to the pistol’s versatility.

Q5: What optics can I mount on the Sub Mete?

The optics-ready slide accepts mini red dots like the Hex Wasp, Shield RMSc, Swampfox Sentinel, and Holosun 507k. Co-witness suppressor height iron sights are recommended.

Q6: How much does a 9mm Canik cost?

Canik 9mm pistols typically cost between $300-$600 for most models on the civilian market. More premium offerings like the Canik TP9 Elite series run around $800-$900. Street prices fluctuate a bit based on demand.

Q7: Does any military use Canik?

Yes, the Turkish military and police forces use Canik sidearms. The Canik TP9 series handguns were designed specifically to meet Turkish military pistol trial requirements.

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