Walther Ppk S 22Lr Review

WALTHER PPK/S 22lr Review

The Walther PPK/S 22lr is a classic small-frame semi-automatic handgun chambered in 22 long rifle. As a reduced-power training version of the venerable centerfire PPK/S pistol made famous by James Bond, the 22lr variant combines the iconic styling and handling with low cost, high fun plinking and target shooting. Let’s take a closer look at what this fascinating rimfire handgun has to offer.

Specs and Features

Weighing in at 1.3 pounds unloaded, the PPK/S 22 measures 6.1 inches long with a 3.3 inch barrel. The sleek all-steel construction makes it feel solid and substantial in the hand. The single action/double action trigger provides a nice smooth light pull for the first shot, while follow up shots require a longer heavier squeeze. Sights consist of a fixed front ramp and windage adjustable rear notch, excellent for aiming precisely. With a 10 round magazine capacity and included extended floor plate that allows 12 rounds to be loaded, there is lots of rimfire popping power on tap before needing to reload.

Walther Ppk S 22Lr Review

Build Quality and Design

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The level of fit, finish, and refinement lives up to Walther’s reputation for fine German engineering. All parts including the slide, barrel, and frame are manufactured from high quality carbon steel with excellent rust resistance. This is not some cheap pot metal plinker, but a precision-machined work of art crafted to stand the test of time.

From the iconic styling with finely checkered grip panels to the crisp engraving and stamp marks, no aesthetic detail has been spared. Operation is buttery smooth right out of the box with very little recoil or muzzle flip. Reloading is quick and easy with the extended ambidextrous mag release and no need to ever rack the slide. The manual safety lever and magazine disconnect provide peace of mind during handling and storage.

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Trigger and Firing Performance

The light, crisp single action trigger pull on the PPK/S 22lr makes it blistering fast and surgically precise to fire. While the double action is heavier at around 12 pounds, it is still smooth and consistent allowing accurate rapid fire shots if needed. Reset between shots is extremely short contributing to impressive speed. The long smooth takeup in double action prevents any accidental discharge risk.

During testing, the PPK/S 22 functioned nearly perfectly, only failing to eject a few times out of hundreds of rounds fired when limp wristing. It proved very forgiving, cycling reliably even with some bargain bulk ammo. Groups at 10 yards frequently measured under 1 inch using [insert quality ammo recommendations here].

Accuracy and Range

The inherent mechanical accuracy of the PPK/S 22lr platform is phenomenal, rivaling most target pistols. The solid all-steel construction provides sustained precision shot after shot, aiding tremendously in hitting small plinking targets far beyond typical pistol ranges. While effective range stretches out over 100 yards in the right hands, this pistol shines brightest 25 yards and under when fired by average and novice shooters. With some patience, practice, and perfect ammo it is a real tack driver!

Disassembly and Maintenance

Field stripping the pistol for cleaning is accomplished by the simple removal of the slide catch lever, allowing the slide to come off the frame. Reassembly is just as straightforward by lining the slide rails up and replacing the slide catch to lock it back into position. Walther recommends cleaning every 1,000 rounds fired but no further maintenance should be needed for reliable function over tens of thousands of shots.

Reliability is enhanced by good cleaning habits after range sessions involving decent round counts. Also inspecting and replacing worn parts during disassembly will keep the handgun shooting like new over decades of faithful service.

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Accessories and Customization

The aftermarket support and options for the PPK/S 22lr may not match higher caliber pistols but is still decent for a 22 rimfire handgun. Various grip extensions, sight upgrades, magazines, holsters, and graphic decals allow some mild customization and personalization to match particular needs and tastes. It is still limited versus centerfire guns though when it comes to competitive action style shooting. Keeping the PPK/S close to stock form maintains the heritage and spirit of its iconic lineage.

Walther Ppk S 22Lr Magzine

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely accurate, high quality precision build
  • Lightweight, easy to carry concealed
  • Great trigger in single action
  • Reliable and durable all steel construction
  • Low recoil perfect for new shooters
  • Iconic Bond styling and smooth action


  • More expensive than typical 22 pistols
  • Double action trigger pull is quite heavy
  • Limited sight radius given short barrel
  • Not easily customizable like modern polymer guns
  • Larger grip not ideal for smaller hands

Comparable 22lr Handguns

The Walther PPK/S 22lr compares well against competitors like the Sig Sauer Mosquito, Beretta Neos, and the Smith & Wesson Victory. While more expensive than most, the Walther delivers markedly higher quality in terms of fit, finish, reliability, and prestige. Alternatives from Ruger and Browning lack the iconic cache while being less refined though usually cheaper in cost. For the ultimate 22 rimfire target pistol the S&W Model 41 sets the bar for precision but runs over double the price.

Walther Ppk S 22Lr Sidelook

Final Verdict

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The Walther PPK/S 22lr earns an enthusiastic recommendation for anyone seeking an elite precise plinking pistol merging iconic styling with rimfire shooting fun. While premium in price compared to typical 22 handguns, the exceptional accuracy, smooth cycling reliability, prestige of ownership, and proven longevity justify the higher cost for serious enthusiasts. Both novices getting started and experts practicing fundamentals will cherish adding this refined masterpiece of German craftsmanship to their collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Walther PPK/S in 22 cheaper to shoot than centerfire?

A: With 22 LR ammo costing only around $.05 per round compared to $.50+ for centerfire cartridges like 9mm, the PPK/S rimfire model offers an 80% cost savings making practice shooting drastically more affordable.

Q: How difficult is it to change the grip panels?

A: The checkered grip panels are held in place by two small hex screws on both sides of the frame, easily removable using an Allen wrench set allowing the grips to slide right off. Replacement grips snap right into position and get locked down tight when the hex screws are reinstalled and tightened.

Q: Are aftermarket magazines as good as the factory ones?

A: While cheaper in price, most aftermarket magazines suffer issues with feeding reliability or durability compared to the original Walther factory magazines. For flawless function it is wise to stick with genuine equipment, considering the magazines are a critical component.

Q: What holster works best for concealed carry?

A: With its ultra slim profile, the DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster allows the PPK/S 22 to virtually disappear into a front pants pocket while still allowing very rapid deployment. Bulkier IWB holsters also work well for hiding under light cover garments.

Q: How does it compare for plinking fun against the Glock 44?

A: The Glock 44 brings boring polymer utilitarianism with few refinements while the PPK/S delivers elite all-steel German engineering pedigree and timeless iconic styling that raises the experience far beyond just punching paper. Ultimate cool factor and smile factor goes to the Walther while the Glock brings reliability and parts commonality.

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