Agaoglu Ahss Kor Fx 9 Rs 9Mm Side View


The AGAOGLU AHSS KOR FX-9 RS is a 9mm pistol-caliber carbine (PCC) offered by Turkish firearms manufacturer AGAOGLU. It features a blowback-operated semi-automatic action fed from Glock-style double-stack magazines. The RS variant comes with a number of upgrades over the standard FX-9 model, including an M-LOK handguard, ambidextrous controls, and threaded 16” barrel.

Agaoglu Ahss Kor Fx 9 Rs 9Mm Side View

Features and Specs

Some key features and specifications of the AGAOGLU AHSS KOR FX-9 RS include:

  • Caliber: 9x19mm
  • Operation: Blowback, semi-auto
  • 16” threaded barrel
  • 1:10 twist rate
  • Ambidextrous charging handle and selector
  • M-LOK free-float handguard
  • 30+1 round capacity with supplied magazine
  • Polymer frame, aluminum upper receiver
  • weighs 7.7 lbs unloaded

The FX-9 RS comes well-equipped out of the box, with ambidextrous controls being particularly nice at this price point in the PCC market. The threaded 16” barrel also makes adding muzzle devices like brakes and suppressors quite straightforward.

Ergonomics and Shooting

Agaoglu Ahss Kor Fx 9 Rs 9Mm Sight Lock

Despite its nearly 8-pound weight, the AGAOGLU FX-9 RS handles and balances well. The pistol grip angle and M-LOK handguard offer plenty of control, allowing rapid shots on target. While heavier than some other PCCs, the extra mass helps mitigate felt recoil, making the FX-9 RS very quick for follow-up shots.

The ambidextrous charging handle and selector provide plenty of flexibility. Shooters can readily charge the weapon and manipulate the safety from either shoulder. The controls are also easy to reach without requiring the shooter to break their firing grip.




Agaoglu Ahss Kor Fx 9 Rs 9Mm Upper View

Accuracy is one area where the AGAOGLU FX-9 RS really shines, especially given its price point. Shooting offhand at 50 yards, groups of 2” or less were obtainable with some quality 9mm loads. The 1:10 twist 16” barrel provides stability for heavier projectiles, which can provide extra precision at longer ranges.

The crisp single-stage trigger is another asset when it comes to squeezing out accuracy. While not a match-grade trigger, it has a reasonably short reset and breaks cleanly around 4-4.5 lbs. For a self-defense oriented PCC, that’s more than adequate for precision shooting.

Recoil Management

Thanks to its all-steel blowback assembly and 7.7-pound weight, the FX-9 RS has very little felt recoil with standard 9mm loads. Even hot +P self-defense rounds are very controllable, allowing quick follow up shots on target. While the weight makes it a bit heavier than some rival PCCs, it offers a great shooting experience and helps keep the muzzle flat during rapid strings of fire.

Agaoglu Ahss Kor Fx 9 Rs 9Mm Magzine

For someone looking for a smooth-shooting 9mm carbine, the FX-9 RS definitely fits the bill. The minimal recoil encourages building proficiency via extended range sessions.

Pros and Cons


  • Great accuracy – Capable of MOA or better groups at 50 yards
  • Low recoil – Very little muzzle rise due to blowback action and weight
  • Ambidextrous controls – Easy to manipulate from either shoulder


  • Slightly heavy – Not as maneuverable as some lighter PCCs
  • Limited aftermarket accessories currently – Being a newer PCC, add-ons are still catching up

Ideal Uses


The AGAOGLU FX-9 RS provides an affordable training platform for honing pistol skills. Drawing from a holster and transitioning between targets is much the same, and reloading skills translate over as well. For pilots, law enforcement, or responsibly armed citizens, it makes a perfect low-recoil trainer.


The accuracy, ergonomics and mild recoil of the FX-9 RS make it well suited for competitive shooting events. PCC matches are rising in popularity, and the FX-9 RS has the features and performance to be competitive. The reliability and magazine compatibility are also a plus for matches requiring rapid fire and smooth reloads.

Final Thoughts

An Accurate and Soft-Shooting PCC

The AGAOGLU FX-9 RS brings a lot to the table in terms of accuracy and shootability. The low bore axis helps keep recoil minimal, inspiring confidence for new shooters. Yet it still offers plenty of accuracy for intermediate and expert shooters looking to reach out farther. Well-suited as a home defense, sporting, or training rifle.

Worth Considering for 9mm Enthusiasts

For its price tag, the quality and features offered by the FX-9 RS make it really stand out. Ambidextrous controls, a 16” threaded barrel, and enhanced accuracy bring real value. So far reliability and fit/finish are well above expectations. 9mm fans shopping for a PCC would do well to have the AGAOGLU FX-9 RS on their short list.


Q: What type of magazines does the FX-9 RS use?

A: It comes with a 30-round polymer magazine, but works with any standard Glock pistol magazines in 9mm caliber. This makes finding spare mags easy and affordable.

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Q: Does the FX-9 RS work well suppressed?

A: Yes, the 16” threaded barrel model is ideal for adding a suppressor. It maintains reliability and subs are exceptionally quiet with minimal added blowback.

Q: What optics mounting options does this PCC offer?

A: The top Picatinny rail offers plenty of room for optics, while M-LOK slots allow adding accessories. It’s ready to mount anything from red dots to LPVO rifle scopes.

Q: How easy is the FX-9 RS to clean and maintain?

A: Field stripping the FX-9 RS is quick thanks to the simple blowback design. This allows easy cleaning and maintenance without any special tools required.

Q: What is the warranty period for the FX-9 RS?

A: AGAOGLU provides a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects, a great policy for peace of mind.

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