Vermont Gun Laws

Vermont Gun Laws

In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Vermont’s concealed carry reciprocity laws. With a population of 628,000, Vermont boasts unique gun laws that emphasize personal freedom and responsibility. From Constitutional Carry to reciprocity agreements, we’ll cover all the essential details you need to know.

Constitutional Carry in Vermont

Vermont stands out as a beacon of Constitutional Carry, granting individuals the right to carry concealed firearms without requiring a permit. This means that any resident or non-resident above the age of 16 who is legally eligible to possess a firearm can conceal or openly carry without obtaining a permit.

The Flexibility of Vermont Gun Laws

Open Carry Permitted

In Vermont, open carry is permitted for individuals aged 18 and older who are legally allowed to own a firearm. No permit is necessary for open carry, giving individuals the freedom to visibly carry their firearms.

Carry Within a Vehicle

Vermont extends its leniency to carrying within a vehicle as well. Individuals can carry a firearm in their vehicle without needing a permit, providing a convenient and accessible way to transport their firearms.

Carrying in State and National Parks

Vermonters and visitors alike can enjoy the natural beauty of state and national parks while carrying their firearms. The state allows both concealed and open carry within these parks without the requirement of a permit.

Dine with Care

While Vermont doesn’t explicitly prohibit concealed or open carry in restaurants or bars, there’s a catch. Carriers are not allowed to consume any alcohol whatsoever while carrying a firearm, ensuring a responsible approach to firearm possession.

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No Weapons Sign Enforcement

Vermont empowers “no weapons” signs with legal significance. If a building is posted with such a sign, firearm carriers are prohibited from entering. This approach helps maintain safety and control in certain establishments.

Duty to Inform

Unlike some states, Vermont doesn’t impose a duty to inform law enforcement officers about carrying a firearm. While responsible behavior is encouraged, individuals are not legally required to disclose this information.

Vermont’s CCW Reciprocity List

Vermont’s unique approach to gun laws extends to its reciprocity agreements. As Vermont does not issue permits, other state’s concealed carry permits are not honored within its borders. However, Vermonters can carry their firearms in a multitude of states that recognize out-of-state permits.

Understanding Reciprocity

Individuals possessing a valid concealed carry permit from another reciprocal U.S. state can legally carry a firearm in Vermont. While in Vermont, they must adhere to the state’s laws and regulations governing firearm possession.

Vermont Gun Laws

Where Can You Carry in Vermont?

Permissible Areas

Vermont’s liberal stance on concealed carry covers various places, including state parks, national forests, roadside rest areas, and vehicles. This broad allowance lets individuals exercise their right to carry in numerous public spaces.

Restricted Zones

Certain locations remain off-limits for concealed carry. These include school buildings and properties, school buses, courthouses, state institutions, buildings with controlled access points and metal screening devices, and places prohibited by federal law.

Navigating Vermont’s Concealed Carry Laws

Open Carry

Individuals aged 18 and above can legally carry handguns without a permit, fostering a culture of self-reliance and personal security.

Carry-In Vehicles

Vermont law permits the concealed carry of firearms in vehicles for individuals who are legally eligible to own firearms, ensuring firearm accessibility during travel.

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Carry-In State Parks

Carrying concealed firearms in state parks, state forests, Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), and roadside rest areas is permitted, offering individuals the ability to enjoy Vermont’s natural beauty while remaining armed.

Carry-In Restaurants

Vermont’s approach to carrying in restaurants is nuanced. While there are no specific restrictions, carriers should avoid alcohol consumption while carrying a firearm.

Constitutional Carry Acknowledged

Vermont’s recognition as a constitutional carry state underscores its commitment to individual rights and self-defense.

No Weapon Signs Matter

The enforcement of “No Weapons” signs underscores the importance of respecting private property and businesses’ rules and regulations.

Interactions with Law Enforcement

Vermont gun laws do not mandate the disclosure of firearm possession to law enforcement officers during routine interactions.


Vermont’s concealed carry reciprocity laws reflect its dedication to personal liberty and responsible firearm ownership. From Constitutional Carry to reciprocity agreements, the state embraces a unique approach that values individual rights and public safety.


Is a permit required for concealed carry in Vermont?

No, Vermont practices Constitutional Carry, allowing individuals to carry concealed without a permit.

Can I carry my firearm in Vermont state parks?

Yes, Vermont permits concealed and open carry in state parks, providing a secure outdoor experience.

Does Vermont honor out-of-state concealed carry permits?

No, Vermont doesn’t honor out-of-state permits, but carriers from reciprocal states can legally carry in Vermont.

Can I carry a firearm in Vermont restaurants that serve alcohol?

While there’s no strict prohibition, alcohol consumption is not allowed while carrying a firearm.

Do I need to inform law enforcement about my firearm in Vermont?

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Vermont law does not mandate the disclosure of firearm possession during interactions with law enforcement.

Does Vermont have strict gun laws?

No, Vermont has some of the most permissive gun laws in the United States and does not have strict gun legislation.

What are the gun laws in Vermont?

Vermont gun laws allow for the concealed and open carry of handguns without any required permits for purchasing or carrying firearms. There are almost no restrictions on gun purchases or ownership for lawful purposes in Vermont.

How strict are Vermont gun laws?

Vermont has very relaxed gun laws compared to most other states. There are no permits or licenses required for handgun purchases, ownership, or concealed/open carry. Their gun laws are considered extremely lenient overall. Vermont has few restrictions around purchasing, owning, and carrying firearms.

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