Taurus T4 M Lok

Introducing the Taurus T4 M-Lok Semi-Automatic Rifle

The Taurus T4 M-Lok is an exciting new semi-automatic rifle platform that offers exceptional performance and adaptability for a variety of shooting applications. This innovative rifle was designed and manufactured by Taurus, the trusted Brazilian firearms manufacturer known for producing reliable and affordable handguns.

The T4 M-Lok breaks new ground in the modern sporting rifle (MSR) market, delivering modularity, accuracy, and reliability that competes with higher-priced alternatives. Its lightweight but durable polymer body houses a gas-operated rotating bolt system that enables rapid follow-up shots. The rifle also features user-friendly controls and accepts AR-15-style magazines.

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Key Features and Specifications

Here are some of the main features and specs to highlight on the Taurus T4 M-Lok:

  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO / .223 Remington
  • Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
  • Magazine: Accepts standard AR-15/M16 magazines
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
  • Barrel Length: 16 inches
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds unloaded
  • Length: 35.8 inches
  • Made in Brazil by Taurus

AR-Platform Compatibility

A major advantage of the T4 M-Lok is its compatibility with the widely popular AR-15 platform. It uses the same magazines and has similar controls, allowing AR users to quickly adapt to the T4. This includes:

  • Magazine release – Located along the right side of the magazine well for easy access with the shooter’s thumb.
  • Charging handle – The non-reciprocating charging handle is similar to an AR, located along the top of the receiver.
  • Safety selector – Ambidextrous safety above the pistol grip with settings for Safe, Semi-auto, and Fully automatic fire.
  • Bolt catch/release – Allows the bolt to lock open when the magazine is empty. Pressing it drops the bolt and chambers a new round.

This consistency with AR-style rifles makes the T4 highly intuitive for most shooters.

Lightweight Polymer Construction

The Taurus T4 uses a durable polymer for its upper and lower receivers, keeping it lightweight but rugged. The polymer material is impact-resistant and allows for a skeletonized design that reduces weight without sacrificing structural integrity.

Polymer has several advantages for modern sporting rifles:

  • Lighter than aluminum – Polymer weighs 50-75% less than aluminum receivers. This helps keep the T4’s overall weight under 7 pounds.
  • Temperature resistant – Withstands extreme cold and heat better than aluminum. Won’t become painfully hot or cold to the touch in extreme environments.
  • Corrosion resistant – Polymer shrugs off moisture and won’t rust like metal receivers. Ideal for wet climates or use in the field.
  • Abrasion resistant – Holds up well to scratches, scuffs, and normal wear and tear from use in rough conditions.

The polymer build makes the T4 well-suited as a lightweight patrol, backup, or survival rifle.

Enhanced M-Lok Handguard

The T4 comes standard with a free-floating M-Lok handguard that surrounds the 16-inch barrel. M-Lok (Modular Lock) is an attachment system that allows tactical accessories like sights, grips, and flashlights to be mounted anywhere along the handguard without rails.

Key advantages of the M-Lok handguard include:

  • Lightweight – With open slots instead of full rails, M-Lok trims weight over old quad rail handguards.
  • Modular – Accessories can be placed in any position for optimal user configuration. Easy to switch around as needs change.
  • Secure – M-Lok uses a “nut and bolt” system to keep accessories firmly attached even during heavy recoil.
  • Accuracy – Free-floating design improves accuracy by avoiding contact with the barrel.
  • Cooling – Open slots allow improved airflow over the barrel, reducing heat buildup during sustained fire.

M-Lok’s versatility allows the T4 to be set up for a variety of tactical roles. The included handguard positions the rifle well for today’s accessories and shooting styles.

Picatinny Accessory Rails

To provide even more mounting options, the T4’s handguard incorporates three Picatinny accessory rails – one at the top near the rear sight, and two 3-inch rails along the sides near the muzzle.

These Picatinny rails allow the use of accessories that require the older style mounting platform, while still taking advantage of M-Lok along most of the handguards. The top rail can accommodate sights, while the side rails work well for mounting bipods, lights, or laser aiming devices.

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Enhanced Bolt and Carrier

Driving the T4’s reliable cycling is an enhanced bolt and carrier assembly. It provides excellent durability and gas efficiency to reliably chamber the next round, even with rapid firing.


  • Full-auto-rated for sustained fire
  • 7 steel locking lugs provide secure lockup
  • O-ring preserves consistent bolt sealing


  • Chrome-lined interior reduces friction
  • Gas key securely staked in place
  • Properly balances gas pressures for reliability

The bolt and carrier have been tested extensively to deliver exceptional lifespans. These enhanced components are a big part of what makes the T4 suitable for shooters who need a hard-working, go-anywhere rifle.

Cold Hammer Forged Barrel

The 16-inch barrel comes cold hammer forged, an expensive process used to create precise, ultra-durable rifling. The barrel’s bore and exterior are also treated with a corrosion-resistant black nitride finish.

Benefits of the cold hammer forging process:

  • Increases barrel life span
  • Improves accuracy through greater bore consistency
  • Strengthens barrel resistance to erosion
  • Enables sustained fire without loss of precision

This exceptional barrel provides outstanding accuracy for everything from competitive shooting to long-range small-game hunting. The 5R rifling optimizes spin stabilization for both 55 and 62-grain projectiles.

Enhanced Trigger

Most out-of-the-box AR-style triggers leave a lot to be desired – heavy, creepy, inconsistent pulls that make precision shooting difficult.

The T4 brings a better approach with its enhanced trigger design:

  • Light pull – Breaks cleanly at 4-4.5 pounds for less disturbance.
  • Short travel – Takes up only .1″ of slack before breaking.
  • Positive reset – Short, tactile reset ready for immediate follow-up shots.
  • Nickel-Teflon coating – Creates an exceptionally smooth rolling action.

This trigger gives the T4 a huge advantage in precision and speed over most comparably priced rifles. The short reset also aids in faster follow-up shot placement.

Accuracy Enhancing Features

Several other features boost the T4’s capabilities for competitive and long-range shooting:

  • Free-float M-Lok handguard – Eliminates barrel contact for improved accuracy.
  • Full-length top rail – Provides a stable mounting surface for magnified optics.
  • 5R rifling – Reduces bullet deformation and dispersion for superior precision at distance.
  • Tunable gas block – Lets user fine-tune gas pressure for different bullet weights.
  • Threaded muzzle – Allows installation of precision muzzle devices like compensators.

While minute-of-angle accuracy requires matching quality ammunition and optics, the T4 provides the ideal foundation to build a tack-driving rifle.

Reliability Improvements

Dependability is crucial in any defensive, sporting, or duty rifle. The T4 incorporates design choices that improve reliability and reduce malfunctions:

  • Enlarged ejection port – Provides plenty of room for flawless ejection of spent casings, even when very dirty.
  • Oversized magazine well – Allows smooth insertion of magazines without binding.
  • Anti-tilt follower – Prevents ammunition feed errors caused by tilted magazines.
  • Low-mass operating system – Cycles rapidly to feed the next round without hesitation.
  • Dual recoil springs – Work together to smoothly absorb recoil while limiting vibration.
  • Captured firing pin – Won’t separate from the bolt and jam the action.

Tested to function in harsh conditions ranging from fine sand to heavy rainfall, the T4 runs when you need it.

Ergonomic Controls

The T4 is designed for comfortable and efficient manipulation, whether you’re right or left-handed. All controls are strategically placed within easy reach:

  • Ambidextrous safety – As discussed earlier, it can be operated from either side.
  • Extended charging handle – Located forward on the left making it easy to rack from various positions.
  • Oversize trigger guard – Fits a gloved trigger finger without pressing against the guard.
  • Textured pistol grip – Provides a secure grip minimizing hand fatigue.
  • M-Lok slots – Let you mount accessories like hand stops exactly where needed.
  • Slanted magazine release – Allows rapid magazine changes with the trigger finger.
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Good ergonomics prevent fumbling, allowing smoother operation when it matters. The T4 works with your body’s natural motions.

Upgrading and Customization

While a stock T4 offers tremendous performance, its modularity lends itself to extensive customization. Most AR-15 parts and accessories can be used to upgrade or specialize the rifle:

  • Change the handguard to add more rails or further reduce weight. Many M-Lok replacement handguards drop right in.
  • Install a match-grade barrel for even better precision. The threads allow easy swap.
  • Upgrade furniture like pistol grips, stocks, and foregrips tailored to your preferences.
  • Add sights including holographic, reflex, or magnified optics. The Picatinny rails offer solid mounting platforms.
  • Improve the trigger even further with a top-tier aftermarket drop-in unit.

As proficiency advances over time, the T4 can undergo enhancements through upgrades. Acquiring high-quality components gradually is frequently more cost-effective than investing in a bespoke rifle from the outset, especially when considering gun laws.

Available Accessory Packages

To make it easier to customize for specific needs, Taurus offers complete accessory packages for common configurations:

Patrol Package

Includes Aimpoint PRO red dot sight, backup iron sights, sling, and flashlight foregrip. Perfect for law enforcement and security applications.

Tactical Package

Provides an EOTech holographic sight, 3x magnifier, bipod, and tactical foregrip for more precise aiming at a distance. Ideal for a three-gun competition.

Predator Package

Contains a variable 6-24x optic, Harris bipod, and shotgun foregrip for superior long-range accuracy on varmint hunts.

Home Defense Package

Outfits the T4 with a Crimson Trace laser sight, flashlight foregrip, and entry stock for fluid CQB and home protection.

These preconfigured packages provide turnkey setups for popular uses, saving time and guesswork. Individual components can still be swapped later as needs evolve.

Covering All The Bases

After reviewing its full slate of features, it’s clear the Taurus T4 M-Lok provides tremendous versatility across many shooting disciplines:

  • Tactical – Reliable and adaptable enough for serious duty use.
  • Competition – Accurate and fast handling for winning matches.
  • Hunting – Capable for predator control and medium game.
  • Self-Defense – Provides home protection with accessory packages.
  • Training – Affordable to run high round counts and learn on.

Few rifles can excel across this wide range of uses straight from the box. The T4’s precision, ergonomics, and modularity come together to deliver flexibility few competitors can match near its price point.

The Value Proposition

The Taurus T4 M-Lok enters the market at a very competitive MSRP under $800 based on the model. When you consider its impressive slate of features and performance capabilities, this represents exceptional value:

  • Accuracy – Guaranteed 2 MOA or better from its precision barrel and trigger. Most competitors barely meet this mark.
  • Adaptability – M-Lok handguard and AR magazine compatibility support endless accessory and upgrade options.
  • Durability – Built to withstand rugged duty and high round counts thanks to its forged barrel, polymer body, and gas system enhancements.
  • Shootability – Ergonomic controls, light recoil impulse, and enhanced trigger provide performance exceeding its price tier.
  • Reliability – Both extensive testing and customer reviews confirm the T4 runs consistently and smoothly through thousands of rounds.
  • Warranty – Backed by Taurus’ strong one-year limited warranty.

Considering these advantages, the Taurus T4 M-Lok punches far above its weight class regarding features, performance, and long-term value.

Taurus – A Trusted Name in Firearms

Taurus, the manufacturer behind the T4 M-Lok, has been producing quality firearms since 1941 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. They are now one of the world’s largest small arms manufacturers.

Beyond handguns, Taurus has recently gained attention for importing affordable semi-auto rifles like the T4 that challenge expectations of what a budget-priced firearm can deliver.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

Despite its economy-tier pricing, Taurus has invested heavily in advanced CNC machinery, robotics, and quality control processes. Some of their innovative approaches include:

  • State-of-the-art assembly lines – Automate key steps for consistency.
  • Strategic outsourcing – Components like the T4’s German barrel maximize quality where it counts.
  • Lifetime repair policy – Fixes issues long after purchase on many guns.
  • Stringent testing – All models undergo drop tests, salt spray exposure, endurance firings, and other evaluations.
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Taurus seeks to push the envelope on performance and features while keeping costs manageable through engineering and production efficiencies.

Taurus T4 M-Lok permit requirements

Varies by state and locality. Some require no permit for rifle purchases. Others mandate purchasing licenses and permits, background checks, waiting periods, or registration.

Strong and Growing MSR Lineup

In recent years, Taurus has expanded beyond handguns to establish a diverse lineup of contemporary sporting rifles:

  • T4 models – Available in 5.56 and .300 Blackout calibers.
  • MT-40 – AR-platform model, offered in multiple barrel lengths.
  • Raging Hunter – Hard-hitting options in .450 Bushmaster and .350 Legend.
  • TX22 – Ultra-reliable .22 LR autoloader with Taurus quality.

New for 2023 is the Taurus TX-Ops, a duty-oriented AR with law enforcement in mind. More exciting releases are undoubtedly in development.

This growing MSR portfolio cements Taurus as a full-spectrum manufacturer. They are attracting new loyal customers to the Taurus brand through their rifles, not just handguns.

In Summary

The Taurus T4 M-Lok earns its place as a top contender among budget-friendly semi-auto rifles. It combines proven reliability, competitive accuracy, and AR platform compatibility into a lightweight and configurable package. For defensive, sporting, and target shooters seeking high value and well-rounded performance, the T4 is hard to beat. As part of Taurus’ expanding rifle lineup, it’s positioned as a reliable introduction to the Taurus brand. Given the response from reviewers and owners, the T4 hits the mark on delivering impressive performance and adaptability at a reasonable price point.


The Taurus T4 M-Lok is an exciting rifle that demonstrates how innovation and smart engineering can produce a low-cost firearm without sacrificing quality or performance. Its lightweight polymer body and enhanced bolt carrier enable fast shooting while the free-float M-Lok handguard boosts accuracy. Sharing AR-platform compatibility and upgrades keeps costs down while providing endless configuration options.

This adaptability allows the T4 to excel across tactical, competitive, hunting, and defensive roles – a versatility unmatched by other rifles near its price. Taurus deserves recognition for bringing such a well-designed and affordable rifle to market. The T4 M-Lok succeeds in offering tremendous value and reliability to shooters with diverse needs but limited budgets.


Q1: What type of polymer is used in the T4’s receivers?

Taurus doesn’t specify the exact polymer formula but states that it’s a fiberglass-reinforced nylon composite able to withstand heavy use and extreme conditions.

Q2: Does the T4 support left-handed shooting?

Yes, the T4 has ambidextrous safety selectors and magazine releases, allowing full left-handed operation. The brass ejects to the right side.

Q3: What length is the T4 with the stock fully extended?

Fully extending the adjustable stock adds about 4″ to the overall length, bringing it to around 39.5″ long. This accommodates taller shooters.

Q4: What muzzle devices or suppressors work with the T4?

The T4 is compatible with any 1/2 x 28 muzzle devices and quick-attach suppressors made for standard 5.56 AR barrels.

Q5: Does the T4 come with iron backup sights?

No, the T4 doesn’t include backup iron sights. However, the top Picatinny rail is ready for easy mounting of folding backups like Magpul MBUS

Q6: Is the Taurus T4 M-Lok used by the military?

Not to my knowledge. The T4 appears marketed as a civilian sporting rifle. Taurus does supply other firearms to military and law enforcement.

What is the barrel life of the Taurus T4?

Unsure of the exact round count. Quality barrels can often last 10,000+ rounds before degradation.

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