Oklahoma Hunting

Oklahoma Hunting

Oklahoma, with its diverse landscape and rich wildlife, stands as one of the best states for hunting big game and enjoying an array of outdoor experiences. From antelopes and elks to deer and bears, the state offers a wide range of opportunities for hunting enthusiasts. Additionally, the woods of Oklahoma are home to abundant small game, making it an ideal destination for all kinds of hunters.

However, before embarking on your hunting adventure, it is crucial to understand the state’s hunting regulations, licenses, permits, and seasons to ensure a safe and legal experience. In this article, we will explore the exciting world of hunting in Oklahoma, covering its regulations, licenses, seasons, popular game species, and even available hunting lands for sale or lease.

Oklahoma Hunting Regulations

Hunting in Oklahoma is subject to strict gun laws, regulations, and requirements that all hunters must adhere to. These measures aim to maintain the balance of wildlife populations and ensure sustainable hunting practices. Please write in the English language.


Hunting on private lands without obtaining permission from the landowner is strictly prohibited. Even when hunting from public roads adjacent to private lands, hunters must seek permission from the landowner beforehand.

Oklahoma Hunting Outfitters

Many guided hunting outfitters operate in Oklahoma offering packages for deer, turkey, quail, duck, antelope, and more. Outfitters provide access to private land, guides, accommodations, and equipment for a fee.

Collecting and Giving Games

Hunters who gift or transfer game to others must provide essential details, including their name, permit number, license details, address, the date of the gift, and their signature.

Selling Games

Selling game carcasses or meat taken in Oklahoma is illegal, as is selling games at charitable events.

Wasting Games

Hunters are responsible for retrieving any game they injure, cripple, or kill. The retrieved game must be utilized by consuming, processing, or taking it home.

Prohibited Activities While Hunting in Oklahoma

Several activities are prohibited during hunting in Oklahoma to ensure fair and ethical practices:

  • Using drugs, coated arrows, chemicals, or substances that incapacitate game animals is prohibited.
  • Hunting, pursuing, or shooting game animals with vehicles (exceptions are allowed for certain situations).
  • Using two-way communication devices or mobile phones to aid in hunting or locating game animals is prohibited.
  • Using live decoys or drawing game animals out with electronic calls is not allowed.

Use of Non-Toxic Shots

For certain game species like geese, coots, ducks, and rails, non-toxic shots are approved and required for shotgun hunting in specific wildlife refuges.

Use of Tags

For big game animals or turkeys found dead in Oklahoma, possession is allowed only after tagging them with the state’s KDWPT salvage tag. Cutting off antlers or possessing skulls without the salvage tag is prohibited.

Checking Hunters

Law enforcement officers have the right to check hunting licenses and bag limits. Hunters must carry their hunting licenses at all times and cooperate with officers during checks and inspections.

Open Carry While Hunting in Oklahoma

While open carry is lawful during hunting, concealed carry holders must inform law enforcement officers or game wardens about their possession of firearms.

Hunter Harassment Laws

Oklahoma has hunter harassment laws in place to protect hunting activities in the state. Interfering with hunting, fishing, or trapping is strictly prohibited.

Oklahoma Hunting Licenses, Permits, and Tags

To legally hunt in Oklahoma, hunters must obtain the appropriate licenses, permits, and tags based on their age, residency, and specific hunting needs.

Residents Annual Hunting License

This license is available for Oklahoma residents and is valid for one year, costing $27.5.

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Residents Hunting and Fishing Combination License

For residents who wish to both hunt and fish in Oklahoma, this combination license is valid for one year and costs $47.5.

Residents 5 Years Hunting License

Oklahoma residents can opt for this five-year hunting license, valid for hunting within the specified period. It costs $102.5 and expires after 1825 days.

Residents 5 Years Hunting and Fishing License

Similar to the previous license, this five-year option allows residents to hunt and fish within the period, costing $182.5 and expiring after 1825 days.

Non-Residents Hunting License

Non-residents can obtain this license for hunting in Oklahoma, which is valid for one year and costs $97.5.

Non-Residents Hunting and Fishing Combination License

Non-residents interested in both hunting and fishing in Oklahoma can purchase this combination license, valid for one year, for $137.5.

Non-Residents Youth Hunting License

Designed for non-residents who are youths aged 15 and below, this license costs $42.5.

Residents Multi-Year Youth Hunting License

Available for Oklahoma residents aged between 16 and 21, this license is valid until the holder reaches 21 years old, and costs $72.5.

Senior Hunting Annual License

For senior residents aged between 65 and 74, this one-year license costs $15.

Senior Hunting and Fishing Combination License

Senior residents aged between 65 and 74 can opt for this one-year combination license, enabling both hunting and fishing at $25.

Lifetime Residents Licenses

Lifetime hunting licenses are available for residents, granting them the privilege to hunt, fish, or harvest fur for a lifetime. There are different types of lifetime licenses:

Hunting, Fur Harvesting, and Fishing License

This license covers hunting, fur harvesting, and fishing activities and costs $502.5, with an additional $50 quarterly fee.

Hunting and Fishing Lifetime Licenses

Costing $962.5, this license allows residents to hunt and fish in Kansas for life, with an additional $89.5 paid quarterly.

Senior Hunting and Fishing Combination Lifetime License

Designed for senior residents aged between 65 and 74, this license costs $42.5 and permits both hunting and fishing in the state.

Oklahoma Fishing Licenses, Permits, and Tags

Fishing enthusiasts can also enjoy various licenses, permits, and tags in Oklahoma to pursue their passion legally.

Senior Residents Fishing License

Available for senior residents aged between 65 and 74, this one-year fishing license costs $15.

Residents ONE-Day Fishing License

For residents who wish to fish for only one day, this license is available at $8.5.

Resident’s Annual Fishing License

This license is for residents wishing to fish in the state and is valid for one year, costing $27.5.

Residents 5 Years Fishing License

Similar to the hunting license, this five-year fishing license costs $102.5 and is valid for 1825 days.

Residents Lifetime Fishing License

Residents can obtain a lifetime fishing license for $502.5, allowing them to fish throughout their lives.

Hunting and Fishing Lifetime Combination License

For $962.5, residents can opt for this combination license, permitting both hunting and fishing in Oklahoma for life.

Non-Residents Annual Fishing License

Non-residents interested in fishing in Oklahoma can obtain this one-year license, costing $52.5.

Non-Residents Five Days Fishing License

For non-residents who want to fish in the state for five days, this license costs $27.5.

Non-Residents One Day Fishing License

Non-residents can also purchase a one-day fishing license for $14.5.

Oklahoma Hunting Season

Hunting seasons in Oklahoma vary according to game species and specific methods of taking them. Hunters need to be aware of the starting and ending dates for the particular game they intend to pursue.

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Oklahoma Deer Hunting Seasons

  • Archery Hunting Season: 14th of September to 31st of December
  • General Youth and Disabled Hunting Season: 9th of September to 15th of September
  • Muzzleloader Hunting Season: 14th of September to 27th of September
  • Pre-Rut Antlerless Deer Hunting Season: 10th of October to 12th of October
  • General Firearm Hunting Season: 2nd of December to 13th of December

The season length for whitetail deer hunting in Oklahoma may vary based on hunting units and military member seasons. Hunters can find more information about special deer hunting seasons on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism website.

Oklahoma Elk Hunting Season

  • General Hunting Season: 1st of September to 15th of March
  • Extended Hunting Season (based on permits): 1st of October to 31st of December

Elk hunting in Oklahoma is subject to variations across different zones. Hunters must possess a valid Oklahoma elk license to participate in the season.

Oklahoma Bear Hunting Season

  • Archery Hunting Season: 1st of October to 18th of October
  • Muzzleloader Hunting Season: 24th of October to 1st of November

Oklahoma Antelope Hunting Seasons

  • Archery Hunting Seasons: 19th of September to 27th of September and 10th of October to 31st of October
  • Firearms Hunting Seasons: 25th of October
  • Muzzleloader Hunting Season: 28th of September to 5th of October

Oklahoma Turkey Hunting Seasons

  • Fall Hunting Season: 1st of October to 10th of November

Oklahoma Small Games Hunting Seasons

  • Bullfrog Hunting Season: 1st of July to 31st of October
  • Crow Hunting Season: 10th of November to 10th of March
  • Rabbit Hunting Season: Open Season
  • Squirrel Hunting Season: 1st of June to 28th of February

It is essential to note that regulations, special seasons, and bag limits for hunting in Oklahoma may vary for specific games in different parts of the state. Hunters are advised to obtain all necessary information before venturing out to hunt.

Hunting Wildlife, Games, and Fishes

Oklahoma offers a plethora of game species for hunting enthusiasts. Some of the most popular games to hunt in the state include:

Oklahoma Deer Hunting

Both white-tailed and mule deer are native to Oklahoma, with mule deer more commonly found in the western part of the state, particularly in regions like red hills, smoky hills, and high plains. As you move further east, white-tailed deer become more abundant, making them popular game species for hunters.

Oklahoma Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting in Oklahoma is one of the most sought-after experiences for hunters. The state offers great turkey hunting opportunities, particularly in public hunting lands and wildlife areas.

Oklahoma Antelope Hunting

Antelope hunting is also popular in Oklahoma, with approximately 3,000 antelope found in various parks and wildlife areas, especially in the western part of the state.

Oklahoma Bear Hunting

Bear hunting in Oklahoma was previously restricted to certain southeast counties. However, with specific permits, hunters can now participate in black bear hunting, primarily during archery and firearm seasons in the southern region.

Oklahoma Elk Hunting

Elk hunting in Oklahoma mainly takes place in specified Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs). However, individual elk hunting or hunting small elk herds may be allowed in different locations across the state, provided hunters possess a valid elk license.

Oklahoma Rabbit Hunting

Oklahoma offers opportunities for rabbit hunting, with two popular species being the swamp rabbit and the cottontail rabbit. Swamp rabbits are mostly found in the southeastern region, inhabiting swampy areas and river edges. Cottontail rabbits, on the other hand, are well dispersed throughout the state, particularly in urban and suburban areas.

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Oklahoma Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is common in the wetland regions of Oklahoma, with ducks preferring areas away from human habitation. Shallow water bodies such as lakes and ponds are popular spots for duck hunting.

Oklahoma Crow Hunting

Crow hunting is prevalent in woodland areas along rivers, streams, farmland, and suburban areas of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Public Shooting Ranges

For enthusiasts looking to sharpen their shooting skills, Oklahoma offers public shooting ranges that are open to all:

  1. ADA Skeet & Trap Club
  2. Silverleaf Shotgun Sports
  3. Shawnee Twin Lakes Trap Club
  4. Red Rock Firearms
  5. Oklahoma Trap Association
  6. Nowata Firearms
  7. Happy Hollow Gun Club
  8. Grand National Gun Club
  9. Dough Creek Shooting Club

Oklahoma Hunting Lands for Sale and Lease

For those seeking hunting lands in Oklahoma, there are several options available for purchase or lease:

  1. Nowata, Oklahoma (Nowata County) – 540 acres
  2. Depew, Oklahoma (Creek County) – 1,278 acres
  3. Wewoka, Oklahoma (Seminole County) – 120 acres
  4. Turnkey Recreational property less than 5 miles from the Bixby City Limits, Bixby, Oklahoma (Tulsa County) – 79.19 acres
  5. Rosston, Oklahoma (Harper County) – 9,738 acres
  6. Thanksgiving Hill, located approximately four miles northeast of Konawa, Oklahoma (Seminole County) – 30 acres
  7. Elk and whitetail deer in a convenient setting loaded with property improvements and first-class amenities, Bartlesville, Oklahoma (Osage County) – 2,032 acres
  8. Premier Hunting Ground NW Oklahoma (5.5 hours from DFW, 2 hours from OKC) Wood County – 2,200 acres


Oklahoma stands as a paradise for hunters, offering diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and a range of hunting opportunities. From big games to small games and waterfowl, hunters of all kinds can find their perfect adventure in the state. However, it is essential to understand and follow Oklahoma’s hunting regulations, obtain the appropriate licenses and permits, and respect private property boundaries to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. So gear up, embrace the thrill of the hunt, and make the most of the hunting seasons that Oklahoma has to offer!


Q1: Can non-residents hunt in Oklahoma?

Yes, non-residents can hunt in Oklahoma by obtaining the required hunting licenses and permits.

Q2: Are there special hunting seasons for military members in Oklahoma?

Yes, there are special hunting seasons for military members in Oklahoma. Hunters should check with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism for specific information.

Q3: What are the popular game species to hunt in Oklahoma?

Popular game species to hunt in Oklahoma include deer, turkey, antelope, bear, elk, rabbit, duck, and crow.

Q4: Is Oklahoma good for hunting?

Yes, Oklahoma is considered an excellent state for hunting with abundant whitetail deer, turkey, waterfowl, and other game species. The landscape diversity also allows for plains game, forest hunting, and marsh/wetlands opportunities.

Q5: How many bucks can you shoot a year in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma deer regulations allow hunters to harvest up to six deer statewide per season, no more than two of which can be antlered bucks. Limits differ slightly by season and management zone but the maximum is typically two bucks per hunter annually.

Q6: Are there public shooting ranges in Oklahoma?

Yes, Oklahoma has several public shooting ranges where enthusiasts can practice and hone their shooting skills.

Q7: Can hunters purchase hunting lands in Oklahoma?

Yes, there are hunting lands available for purchase or lease in Oklahoma, providing hunters with their private hunting grounds.

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