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Nevada Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW): Gun Laws, Application, Requirements & Online Training

In the United States, the right to bear arms is a fundamental aspect of individual freedoms. Each state has its own set of laws and regulations surrounding the possession and carrying of firearms. Nevada, known for its diverse landscapes and bustling cities, has a shall-issue policy for Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permits at the state-county level. This policy grants citizens the opportunity to obtain a CCW permit, provided they meet specific requirements outlined by the state’s gun laws.

Understanding Nevada’s CCW Shall-Issue Policy

Nevada’s shall-issue policy for CCW permits and Weapons laws ensures that the process of obtaining a concealed carry license is straightforward, provided applicants meet the necessary criteria. The sheriff’s office at the county level is responsible for processing applications and ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Nevada Gun Laws: Who is Eligible for a CCW Permit?

To be eligible for a CCW permit in Nevada, applicants must meet certain requirements:

  • Age: Civilian applicants must be at least 21 years old. However, members of the military can apply at the age of 18.
  • Residency: Applicants must be legal residents of the United States.
  • Mental Health: Applicants must not have a history of mental illness or be currently residing in a mental institution.
  • Criminal Record: Applicants must not have any felony convictions, restraining orders for violence protection, or convictions related to domestic violence.
  • Training: Completion of a state-certified Nevada concealed carry permit course is required.

Reciprocity: Carrying Across State Lines

Nevada has reciprocity agreements with several states, allowing individuals with CCW permits from those states to carry concealed weapons in Nevada. It’s important to be aware of which states have reciprocity with Nevada and the specific conditions for carrying across state lines.

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Location Restriction: Where You Cannot Conceal Carry

While possessing a CCW permit grants you the right to carry a concealed firearm, there are certain locations where concealed carry is prohibited. These include:

  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Government buildings
  • Airports and restricted areas
  • Law enforcement facilities
  • Detention facilities
  • Courtrooms and courthouses
  • Certain private properties with no-carry signs

Places Where Conceal Carry is Permitted

Concealed carry is generally permitted in places such as restaurants and bars (with exceptions), private vehicles, roadside areas, parks, forests, and places of worship (subject to restrictions).

CCW for Law Enforcement Officers

Active law enforcement officers are generally allowed to carry concealed firearms across jurisdictions, and they are not bound by state or local gun laws. Retired officers can also carry concealed firearms after meeting certain requirements and undergoing certified training.

Buying and Selling Firearms in Nevada: Regulations and Procedures

Purchasing firearms in Nevada requires a background check, and only federally licensed dealers can sell firearms. There is no waiting period, and private handgun sales must also undergo background checks.

Castle Doctrine in Nevada: Understanding Self-Defense Laws

Nevada’s Castle Doctrine promotes self-defense and no-duty-to-retreat policies. This means that individuals have the right to use force, including deadly force, to protect themselves against threats of serious bodily harm or death.

Nevada CCW Permit Requirements: What You Need to Qualify

Meeting the requirements for a Nevada CCW permit is crucial for a successful application. These requirements include age, residency, mental health, criminal record, and completion of a state-certified training course.

Applying for a CCW Permit: Step-by-Step Guide

Applying for a CCW permit involves completing a firearm training course, submitting the necessary documents, and undergoing fingerprinting. The process typically includes the following steps:

  1. Complete a state-certified firearm training course.
  2. Download or pick up a CCW permit application.
  3. Gather required documents, including training certificates, proof of residence, citizenship, and fee payment.
  4. Submit the completed application and documents to your local law enforcement agency.
  5. Await approval and notification.
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Nevada Firearm Training Requirements: Ensuring Safety and Competence

Nevada’s concealed carry training requirements ensure that permit holders are knowledgeable and responsible firearm owners. The training must be conducted by a state-certified instructor and cover relevant aspects of firearm use and state gun laws.


Nevada’s shall-issue policy for CCW permits ensures that eligible individuals can exercise their right to carry concealed firearms responsibly and legally. Understanding the state’s gun laws, reciprocity agreements, and location restrictions is essential for anyone considering obtaining a CCW permit. By adhering to the established regulations and requirements, individuals can enhance their personal safety while respecting the rights and regulations that govern concealed carry in Nevada.


Q1. How long is a Nevada CCW permit valid?

A Nevada CCW permit is valid for five years.

Q2. What is the cost of a Nevada CCW permit?

The cost of an initial permit is $96, while renewal permits cost $63.

Q3. How long does it take to process a Nevada CCW application?

The processing period for a Nevada CCW application is approximately four months.

Q4. Can non-residents apply for a CCW permit in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada issues both resident and non-resident CCW permits as long as applicants meet the requirements.

Q5. Can I get a Nevada CCW online?

Nevada CCW permits cannot be obtained fully online – applicants must fingerprinted in-person and complete a firearms safety course. However, the application process can be started online before completing the in-person requirements for obtaining an NV CCW permit.

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