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Mississippi Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW): Gun Laws, Application, Requirements & Online Training

Mississippi is known for its shall-issue policy for gun laws, making it relatively straightforward for residents and non-residents to obtain a concealed carry permit. All permits are issued by the Department of Public Safety. In this article, we will delve into the details of Mississippi’s gun laws, the types of concealed carry permits available, location restrictions, reciprocity agreements, and the process of obtaining a CCW permit.

Mississippi Gun Laws

Types of CCW Permits

Mississippi offers two types of concealed carry permits: the standard firearm permit and the enhanced firearm permit. The enhanced permit has fewer restrictions compared to the standard permit. To apply for a Mississippi CCW permit, you must be a resident and at least twenty-one years old, while military members who are eighteen years old or older can also apply.

Mississippi CCW Permit Reciprocity

Mississippi has a permitless policy, allowing residents and non-residents to carry concealed without a permit as long as the firearm is in a holster. However, there are certain areas restricted by gun laws where you cannot possess a firearm.

Regarding reciprocity, Mississippi honors valid CCW permits from all other states, allowing non-residents to carry concealed without a license. Additionally, seventeen states will honor a Mississippi CCW permit, and six states will honor only the residents-only permit or the enhanced firearm permit. Moreover, thirteen states have permitless policies, like Mississippi, for concealed carry, but other restrictions may apply.

It is important to be cautious while carrying in other states, as you need to comply with their specific gun laws and concealed carry policies.

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Mississippi Location Restrictions

Standard CCW Permit Location Restrictions

With the standard CCW permit, you are not allowed to conceal carry in several places, including school premises, professional sporting events, courthouses, police stations, prisons, polling units, government officials’ meetings, places of worship (unless permitted by security), buildings with no-firearm signs, recreational areas, and more.

Enhanced CCW Permit Location Restrictions

The enhanced CCW permit has fewer location restrictions. With this permit, you can carry on educational campuses, police stations (with local sheriff’s office permission), courthouses (with permission from the chief judge), and secured areas of an airport.

Places Where You Can Conceal Carry In Mississippi

Places Where Concealed Carry Is Allowed

Mississippi gun laws permit concealed carry in certain places, such as restaurants (unless restricted), private vehicles (without a CCW permit), roadsides, national parks, wildlife management areas, and places of worship (with permission from the security team).

Conceal Carry for Law Enforcement Officers in Mississippi

The Federal Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act allows active, out-of-service, and retired officers to carry concealed without location restrictions or limitations due to state or municipality laws. Retired officers must obtain certification from the Mississippi Association of Police Chiefs before carrying concealed.

Buying and Selling Firearms in Mississippi

Purchasing Permits and Regulations

Mississippi does not require a purchasing permit or handgun registration to buy firearms. However, it is essential to keep the sales receipt after purchase to prove ownership when needed.

Criminal Background Check

Mississippi does not require a background check for firearm purchases. However, other state and federal requirements, such as age restrictions and identification, apply.

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Waiting Period

There is no waiting period for completing firearms purchases in Mississippi.

Age Requirement

You must be at least eighteen years old to sell, buy, possess, or transfer a firearm in the state. For a Mississippi CCW permit, you must be at least twenty-one years old.

Possession of Firearms on Private Properties

You do not need a permit to possess firearms in your residence, any private property or building you own, or in a personal vehicle.

Mississippi Castle Doctrine

Mississippi has a stand-your-ground castle doctrine law, which allows individuals acting in self-defense, without being the initial aggressor, to use force against an attacker without retreating. This law applies not only to homes but also to other locations where the individual has a right to be.

Mississippi CCW Permit Requirements

To apply for a Mississippi CCW permit, you must meet certain conditions, including being of the minimum age, living in Mississippi for more than a year (for residents permit), not having a felony conviction, not having physical disabilities hindering firearm handling, not having a recent misdemeanor conviction for violence, and meeting all federal laws concerning concealed carry permit application.

How to Apply for a Mississippi CCW Permit

The process of applying for a Mississippi CCW permit involves completing firearm training (for enhanced permits), filling out the application form, submitting necessary documents, and paying the required fee. The application also requires fingerprinting at the Department of Public Safety.

How to Renew a Mississippi CCW Permit

To renew a Mississippi CCW permit, you need to receive a package from the Department of Public Safety ninety days before the expiry date. Fill out the renewal application, submit the necessary documents, and receive notification of approval.

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Mississippi Firearm Training Requirement

While you do not need firearm training for a standard permit, an enhanced permit requires an eight-hour firearm safety class overseen by a certified instructor.


Understanding Mississippi’s gun laws and concealed carry permits is crucial for responsible gun ownership and safe concealed carrying. Before carrying in other states, make sure to familiarize yourself with their specific laws to avoid legal complications.


How Long Is My Mississippi CCW Permit Valid?

After the initial application, a CCW permit is valid for five years, while the renewal application is valid for four years.

How Much Will the Mississippi CCW Application Cost?

The costs for a CCW permit application are $112 for the initial permit and $72 for normal renewal (or $52 for applicants aged sixty-five or older).

How Long Will It Take to Get My Mississippi Permit?

The processing period for a Mississippi CCW permit is forty days.

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