Maryland Hunting

Maryland Hunting

Maryland, nestled in the Northeast of the United States, is a dream destination for hunting enthusiasts. The state boasts a diverse landscape, offering a wide range of game animals for hunters to pursue. From deer and black bears to turkeys, waterfowl, and small game animals, Maryland provides ample opportunities for an unforgettable hunting experience.

Maryland Hunting Regulations

Before embarking on a hunting adventure in Maryland, it is crucial to be well-versed in the state’s hunting laws and regulations. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources sets forth the guidelines that hunters must adhere to. Some of the essential hunting regulations in Maryland include:

General Hunting Laws and Prohibition

  • Hunters must carry a valid photo identification card, such as a driver’s license while hunting in Maryland.
  • Possession of a state-issued hunting license is mandatory for all hunters.
  • Adherence to the orange dressing requirement during appropriate seasons is compulsory.
  • Hunting under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating substance is strictly prohibited.
  • Harvesting of game animals other than deer on the starting day of the deer firearm season is forbidden, except for sea ducks in the designated zone.

Use of Artificial Lights from Vehicles

  • Hunting laws in Maryland prohibit the use of artificial lights from vehicles for hunting purposes, especially near residential areas, farms, and woods.

Maryland Safety Hunting Zones

To ensure the safety of both hunters and residents, Maryland has established safety hunting zones:

  • Firearms, traps, and wildlife cannot be within 150 yards of a residential building or camp without the occupant’s permission.
  • Archery hunting requires a safety distance of 100 yards in Anne Arundel County and 50 yards in certain other counties.
  • In some counties, hunters using archery devices are required to hunt from tree stands within 50 to 100 yards of occupied structures.

Liabilities for Hunting on Private Lands in Maryland

Hunters planning to hunt on private lands in Maryland must obtain written permission from the landowner. Hunters are solely responsible for any damages caused while hunting on private properties. The landowner cannot be held liable for any injuries or damages incurred by the hunters.

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Maryland Hunting Licenses, Permits, and Tags

Maryland issues various hunting licenses, permits, and tags based on residency and age. Some of the permits and licenses available in Maryland include:

Residents Licenses

  • Residents Apprentice Hunting License: Available for residents of any age who have never possessed a valid hunting license. Priced at $10.
  • Residents Regular Hunting License: For residents aged 16 to 64, allowing participation in specific game seasons with additional permits. Priced at $24.5.
  • Residents Junior Hunting License: For junior residents under 16 years old with written permission from parents or guardians. Priced at $10.5.
  • Senior Residents Hunting License: Available for residents aged 65 and above. Priced at $5.

Non-Residents Licenses

  • Non-Residents Apprentice Hunting License: Available for non-residents of any age who have never held a valid hunting license. Priced at $20.
  • Non-Residents Hunting License: For non-residents aged 16 to 64, allowing participation in specific game seasons with additional permits. Priced at $130.
  • Non-Residents Junior Hunting License: For non-residents under 16 years old with written permission. Priced at $32.5.
  • Non-Residents Senior Hunting License: Available for non-residents aged 65 and above. Priced at $65.
  • Non-Residents Three Days Waterfowl and Small Game License: For hunting all games in Maryland for three consecutive days, except deer, turkeys, and bears. Priced at $45.
  • Non-Residents Trapping License: For trapping furbearers in Maryland. Requires a furbearer permit and non-resident hunting license. Priced at $25.5.

Other Licenses

  • Regulated Shooting Area License: Required to take bird games raised in captivity. Priced at $6.

Maryland Hunting Seasons

Maryland offers a variety of hunting seasons for different wildlife and games:

  • Maryland Deer Hunting Season (White-tailed and Sika Deer):
    • Archery Hunting Season: September 11 – October 21 and October 25 – November 27
    • Firearms Hunting Season: November 28 – December 12 and January 8 – January 10
    • Muzzleloader Hunting Season:
    • October 22 – October 24 and December 19 – January 2
  • Maryland Turkey Hunting Season:
    • Fall General Hunting Season: October 31 – November 8
    • Winter General Hunting Season: January 21 – January 23
    • Spring General Season: April 19 – May 24
  • Maryland Black Bear Hunting Season:
    • General Hunting Season: October 26 – October 30
  • Maryland Small Games Hunting Season:
    • Rabbit Hunting Season: November 7 – February 27
    • Squirrel Hunting Season: September 5 – January 30
    • Quail Hunting Season: November 7 – February 15
    • Ruffed Grouse Hunting Season: October 3 – February 28
    • Pheasant Hunting Season: November 7 – February 28
    • Crow Hunting Season: August 15 – March 15
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Maryland Hunting Wildlife, Games, and Fishes

Maryland offers a diverse range of wildlife, games, and fish for hunting enthusiasts:

  • Maryland Deer Hunting: White-tailed and sika deer are abundant in the state, especially in the eastern part of Mississippi.
  • Maryland Bear Hunting: Black bear hunting is limited to specific counties and requires a special permit.
  • Maryland Turkey Hunting: Turkey hunting is popular in the western part of the state, particularly in Dan’s Mountain WMA.
  • Maryland Duck Hunting: Duck hunting takes place in several wildlife management areas, with Millington WMA being a popular location.
  • Maryland Goose Hunting: Canadian geese are the most common species of geese in Maryland, and they can be hunted on the eastern shore.
  • Maryland Pheasant Hunting: Maryland’s public hunting lands boast a healthy population of pheasants, making it a favorable location for pheasant hunting.
  • Maryland Quail Hunting: Bobwhite quail is the most common species in Maryland, mainly found in the southern part and eastern shore.

Maryland Shooting Ranges

Maryland provides several shooting ranges open to the public, offering a safe and controlled environment for shooting practice, training, and adherence to weapons laws.

Maryland Hunting Lands for Lease and Sale

For those interested in hunting on private lands, Maryland offers both leasing and sale options. Hunters can explore various properties throughout the state that cater to their hunting preferences.


Maryland’s rich wildlife diversity, well-regulated hunting laws, and scenic landscapes make it a top choice for hunting enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a beginner, Maryland has something to offer for everyone seeking an exciting and rewarding hunting experience.

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Q1. Do I need a hunting license in Maryland?

Yes, hunters must possess a valid hunting license issued by the state of Maryland.

Q2. Can non-residents hunt in Maryland?

Yes, non-residents can hunt in Maryland but need to obtain a non-resident hunting license.

Q3. What game animals can I hunt in Maryland?

Maryland offers various game animals for hunting, including deer, turkeys, black bears, waterfowl, and small game animals.

Q4. What are the safety regulations for hunting in Maryland?

Maryland has specific safety zones, distance requirements, and prohibitions to ensure safe hunting practices.

Q5. Are there public shooting ranges in Maryland?

Yes, Maryland has several public shooting ranges where hunters can practice and improve their shooting skills.

Q6. What is required to hunt in Maryland?

A hunting license or appropriate stamps are required to hunt in Maryland, along with following seasons, limits, and other regulations.

Q7. What region is Maryland for hunting?

Maryland is located in the Atlantic Flyway region known for hunting migratory birds like ducks, geese, doves, and the eastern wild turkey.

Q8. Is there public hunting land in Maryland?

Yes, Maryland has over 130 state-managed Wildlife Management Areas open to public hunting.

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