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Indiana Gun Permit: Laws, Cost, Restrictions, & FAQs

When it comes to firearm ownership, understanding the legal requirements is paramount. If you’re a resident of Indiana or a non-resident employed within the state, and you’re considering obtaining a pistol permit, it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with Indiana’s pistol permit law requirements before you proceed. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of the Indiana pistol permit application process, eligibility criteria, types of permits, reciprocity agreements, and relevant gun laws.

Indiana Gun Permit Summary

Indiana operates under a “shall-issue” policy for gun permits, meaning that once an individual meets the specified criteria, they are entitled to receive a permit. The application process is overseen by the police department, ensuring a standardized procedure.

How To Get A Gun Permit In Indiana

To acquire a gun permit in Indiana, you must be a resident of the state and at least eighteen years old. Additionally, non-residents employed within Indiana can also apply. The state also allows open carry, meaning you can openly carry a firearm, as long as you have the necessary permit.

Indiana Gun Permit Laws

Indiana issues pistol permits for both open and concealed carry, provided the applicant is at least eighteen years old and is not prohibited from using firearms. However, the state imposes restrictions on machine guns and automatic weapons, limiting their use to specific categories of individuals:

  • Members of the United States Armed Forces
  • Government-approved officers or law enforcement officers while on duty
  • Individuals possessing machine guns for display in museums or aesthetics
  • Federally licensed firearm possessors
  • Individuals with a business involving machine guns
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It’s important to note that Indiana also prohibits the use of armor-piercing ammunition.

Indiana Gun Laws for Felons

In Indiana, it is illegal for convicted felons to possess any firearms, ammunition, or magazines.

Indiana Gun Laws for Church

Indiana allows permitted concealed carry of firearms in churches and places of worship, but churches may prohibit firearms on their property if properly posted.

Indiana Pistol Permit Requirements

Before applying for an Indiana gun license, you need to satisfy a range of requirements, including:

  • Being at least eighteen years old
  • Stating a genuine reason for firearm possession, such as self-defense
  • Possessing good character and reputation
  • Being a legal U.S. citizen or having permission to possess firearms as a non-citizen
  • No recent convictions for certain crimes
  • No history of alcohol or drug abuse
  • No history of violent tendencies or emotional instability

This list is not exhaustive; you must adhere to all federal and state law requirements.

Different Types Of Gun Permits In Indiana

Indiana offers various types of gun permits, including permits for open carry, concealed carry, and hunting purposes. It’s important to understand the distinctions between these permits and their respective regulations.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Gun License In Indiana?

The application fee for a five-year permit in Indiana is waived, making firearm ownership accessible to eligible individuals. However, if you’re applying for a lifetime permit for the first time, there’s a fifty-dollar fee. Renewal of a lifetime permit also incurs a fifty-dollar fee.

Gun Permits Application And Renewal Laws In Indiana

The application process for an Indiana gun permit involves completing an online application, scheduling an appointment for fingerprinting, visiting a local law enforcement agency, and obtaining approval from the state police department. The renewal process follows a similar pattern, ensuring that permit holders maintain compliance.

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Gun Permit Reciprocity With Indiana

Indiana honors gun permits from all other U.S. states, ensuring that you can legally possess firearms within its borders if you possess a valid out-of-state permit. Some states also recognize Indiana pistol licenses, while others have restricted reciprocity agreements.

Relevant Gun Laws, Permits, And Legislature In Indiana

Understanding Indiana’s gun laws is essential to responsible firearm ownership. You can legally possess firearms in private vehicles with a permit, and carry them in certain roadside areas, state forests, parks, and wildlife management areas. However, it’s important to be aware of specific regulations and prohibitions that apply in certain locations, such as restaurants, bars, and hotels.


Owning a firearm in Indiana comes with both rights and responsibilities. To ensure that you are fully compliant with the law and can exercise your Second Amendment rights responsibly, it’s imperative to understand and meet all Indiana pistol permit law requirements. By adhering to these regulations, you can enjoy the privilege of firearm ownership while contributing to public safety.


Q1. Can non-residents apply for an Indiana pistol permit?

Yes, non-residents employed within the state of Indiana are eligible to apply for a pistol permit.

Q2. What is the minimum age to apply for an Indiana gun permit?

The minimum age to apply for an Indiana gun permit is eighteen years old.

Q3. Can I carry a firearm in my vehicle without a permit?

Individuals with an Indiana pistol permit can carry firearms in personally owned vehicles or vehicles with the owner’s consent. Without a permit, firearms must be unloaded and securely stored.

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Q4. Are there any restrictions on firearm possession in hotels?

While Indiana law does not prohibit firearm possession in hotels, hotel management may establish their own policies. It’s advisable to inquire with the hotel before carrying firearms on their premises.

Q5. Do Indiana gun permits have reciprocity with other states?

Yes, Indiana honors gun permits from all U.S. states, and many states recognize Indiana pistol permits as well. However, some states may have specific requirements or restrictions for reciprocity.

Q6. What kind of gun can a felon own in Indiana?

Felons in Indiana are prohibited from owning or possessing any type of gun, firearm, ammunition, or magazine.

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