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Indiana Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW): Gun Laws, Application, Requirements & Online Training

Living in Indiana, like any other place, comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One significant advantage is the ease of owning a gun in the state. Indiana boasts one of the most relaxed gun laws in the United States.

However, this freedom also comes with responsibilities and regulations that must be adhered to. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of Indiana gun laws, concealed carry permits, reciprocity, and the requirements for obtaining a permit. Let’s dive in!

Indiana Gun Laws: A Brief Overview

Indiana stands out as a state with relatively lax gun laws, making it convenient for its residents to own firearms legally. Unlike some states, Indiana does not require a license to own a gun. Instead, individuals who wish to carry a handgun in public need to obtain an Indiana concealed carry permit.

Obtaining an Indiana Concealed Carry Permit

To qualify for an Indiana concealed carry permit, an individual must meet several requirements:

  1. Age: The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Criminal Record: The applicant must not have any felony convictions or be deemed a delinquent child for offenses that would be felonies if committed by an adult.
  3. Citizenship: The applicant must be a U.S. citizen.
  4. Mental Competency: The applicant must be mentally competent and not have a history of drug abuse or alcoholism.
  5. Court Orders: The applicant must not be under any court order prohibiting firearm possession.

Indiana CCW Reciprocity

Indiana operates as a “shall issue” state, which means it issues permits to both residents and non-residents who meet the necessary requirements. The state’s reciprocity policy is generally accommodating, recognizing, and honoring concealed carry permits from all other states. In return, 32 states reciprocate the recognition of Indiana’s concealed carry permits.

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However, not every state extends this courtesy to Indiana permit holders. It’s essential for individuals with an Indiana CCW to know which states recognize their permits and which ones don’t before traveling.

Places Off-Limits for Concealed Carry in Indiana

While Indiana’s gun laws are lenient, there are specific locations where carrying a concealed handgun is strictly prohibited. These include:

  1. Guns are not allowed on school premises, but they can be kept locked inside a vehicle on school grounds.
  2. School Buses
  3. Controlled-Access Areas of Airports
  4. Commercial or Charter Planes
  5. Indiana Port Commission-Controlled Shipping Ports
  6. Riverboat Casinos
  7. Places Prohibited by Federal Law

Places Permitted for Concealed Carry in Indiana

On the flip side, Indiana’s concealed carry permit holders are allowed to carry their handguns to various public places, including:

  1. Roadside Rest Areas
  2. State Parks
  3. State and National Forests
  4. In a Vehicle

Applying for an Indiana Concealed Carry Permit

The process of obtaining an Indiana concealed carry permit is relatively straightforward but involves several steps:

  1. Meet the Requirements: Ensure you meet all the necessary criteria for obtaining a permit.
  2. Familiarize with the Laws: Gain a solid understanding of the laws governing concealed carry in Indiana.
  3. Take an Online Course: While not mandatory, enrolling in an Indiana concealed carry class can be beneficial for gun safety knowledge.
  4. Complete the Application: Fill out the online application and provide the reasons for carrying a concealed handgun.
  5. Schedule Fingerprinting: Arrange for electronic fingerprinting.
  6. Pay the Fee: Visit your local law enforcement to pay the required fee.
  7. Await Approval: Your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified of the outcome.
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Owning a gun in Indiana is relatively easy due to the state’s lenient gun laws. However, carrying a concealed handgun in public requires obtaining an Indiana concealed carry permit. It is essential to understand the laws, meet the requirements, and undergo the application process to ensure lawful and responsible gun ownership.

Always stay informed about reciprocity agreements when traveling with a concealed handgun to other states. Remember, with the freedom to own a gun comes the responsibility to follow the laws and regulations in place for the safety of everyone.


Q1. How Long Is The Indiana CCW Permit Valid For?

Indiana issues a lifetime CCW permit to residents, while non-residents receive a permit valid for four years.

Q2. What Is The Processing Time For An Indiana CCW Permit?

The state takes approximately 60 days to process a new Indiana concealed carry permit.

Q3. Is There A Non-resident Concealed Carry Permit?

Indiana is a “shall issue” state, providing permits to both residents and non-residents who meet the requirements. Non-residents receive a four-year permit.

Q4. Can I Change My Name or Address on the Permit?

To update your name or address on your Indiana CCW permit, complete the appropriate section of the online application form and submit it with the new details.

Q5. What Should I Do If My Permit Is Stolen?

Report the theft to the authorities immediately.

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