Idaho Constitutional Carry

Idaho Constitutional Carry

Idaho, a state known for its picturesque landscapes and rugged outdoor adventures, has made significant strides in firearm legislation. In recent times, Idaho became one of the US states that legalized constitutional carry, allowing individuals to carry firearms without a specific permit. However, this doesn’t negate the presence of concealed carry licenses and regulations. Let’s delve into the details of Idaho’s firearm laws, from constitutional carry to the intricacies of obtaining a gun permit.


Idaho has embraced a unique approach to firearm regulations, offering both constitutional carry and concealed carry options. While the state supports the right to carry firearms, it also enforces restrictions to ensure safety and responsible usage.

Constitutional Carry: A New Era of Firearm Freedom

In 2020, Idaho took a significant step by legalizing constitutional carry. This means that individuals can carry firearms in public without the need for a specific permit. As long as you meet the firearm requirements, you are entitled to possess a gun. However, it’s important to note that there are still regulations in place, and certain locations remain off-limits for carrying firearms.

Idaho Constitutional Carry for Military

Active duty military members 18 or older can conceal carry without a permit in Idaho under constitutional carry laws.

Idaho Constitutional Carry Non-Resident

Non-residents can legally conceal carry without a permit in Idaho due to state constitutional carry laws.

Concealed Carry Permits: Navigating the Requirements

Although constitutional carry is permitted, Idaho still offers concealed carry licenses for those who wish to have an official permit. To buy a firearm from a federally licensed dealer, individuals need to undergo a statutory firearm background check. However, if you already possess a concealed carry license, this background check is not required.

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Possession of Firearms in Idaho

Open Carry and Age Requirements

Idaho allows open carry of firearms without the need for a permit. Individuals as young as eighteen can legally open carry, provided they adhere to restricted zones where open carry is prohibited.

Constitutional Carry: Concealed Possession

Constitutional carry extends to concealed possession as well. Residents and non-residents who meet the minimum age requirement of eighteen can carry concealed firearms. The state issues concealed weapon licenses to facilitate this practice.

Enhanced License for Out-of-State Travel

For those wishing to carry firearms beyond Idaho’s borders, an enhanced license is available. To obtain this license, you must complete firearm training approved by the state’s gun law legislature.

Where Firearms Are Prohibited

While Idaho embraces gun rights, there are specific areas where firearm possession is prohibited. These include universities, schools, school buses, buildings for child care, outdoor events for children, government veterans’ residences, prisons, and certain privately owned properties.

Application Process for Gun License

Applying for an Initial Gun License

Applying for an Idaho gun license involves submitting documents such as certificates of firearm training and photo identification to your local sheriff’s office. After completing the necessary paperwork, including fingerprint collection, you await mail approval.

Renewing Your Idaho Permit

Idaho concealed carry permits are valid for five years. Renewal can be initiated within ninety days prior to and after the permit’s expiration. The renewal process mirrors the initial application, requiring essential documents and photo identification.

Requirements for Obtaining an Idaho Gun License

To qualify for an Idaho gun license, applicants must meet several criteria, including age, citizenship, residency, mental capacity, and legal history. The state ensures that licenses are issued only to responsible individuals who meet these stringent requirements.

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Navigating Idaho’s Firearm Landscape

Idaho’s firearm laws strike a balance between individual rights and public safety. While constitutional carry empowers individuals to carry firearms without a permit, concealed carry licenses offer an additional option. It’s crucial to understand these laws and abide by restrictions to ensure a safe and responsible firearm culture.


Idaho’s approach to firearm legislation reflects the state’s commitment to individual freedoms while prioritizing safety. Whether embracing constitutional carry or obtaining a concealed carry permit, responsible firearm ownership remains paramount. Understanding the nuances of Idaho’s firearm laws empowers citizens to exercise their rights within the boundaries of the law.


Q1. Is Idaho a constitutional carry state?

Yes, Idaho legalized constitutional carry in 2020, allowing individuals to carry firearms in public without a specific permit.

Q2. Can I still obtain a concealed carry permit in Idaho?

Yes, Idaho offers concealed carry permits for those who wish to have an official permit, especially for purchasing firearms from federally licensed dealers.

Q3. Where are firearms prohibited in Idaho?

Firearms are prohibited in locations such as universities, schools, school buses, childcare buildings, government veterans’ residences, and certain privately owned properties.

Q4. What is the process for renewing an Idaho concealed carry permit?

Idaho concealed carry permits can be renewed within ninety days prior to and after the permit’s expiration. The renewal process involves submitting essential documents and photo identification.

Q5. Who is eligible for an Idaho gun license?

Eligibility for an Idaho gun license includes meeting criteria related to age, citizenship, residency, mental capacity, and legal history, among other requirements.

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Q6. Does Idaho constitutional carry apply to non-residents?

Yes, Idaho’s permitless carry laws extend to non-residents allowing concealed carry without a permit.

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