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Georgia Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW): Gun Laws, Application, Requirements & Online Training

If you reside in Georgia and wish to carry a concealed weapon, you may be wondering about the process and requirements. Georgia issues concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits at the county level, and it is essential to understand the rules and regulations before obtaining one. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of Georgia’s CCW permits, the state’s gun laws, and important information you need to know.

Georgia Gun Law

Georgia has lenient laws regarding the possession and carrying of firearms and other weapons. To apply for a Georgia CCW permit, you must be at least twenty-one years old, and members of the United States Armed Forces can apply if they are at least eighteen years old. Interestingly, to carry concealed in your home, you do not need a Georgia CCW or any other permit.

Minimum Age Requirements

The minimum age to apply for a Georgia CCW permit is twenty-one years old. However, members of the military can apply at the age of eighteen.

Conceal Carry at Home and Specific Locations

In Georgia, there are specific places where you can conceal carry without a permit, which include:

  • Within your vehicle
  • Your place of work
  • For hunting purposes
  • If the gun is in an unloaded case

Georgia stands apart from other states by not requiring a concealed carry class before applying for a CCW.

Training Requirements

Unlike many other states, Georgia does not mandate specific training for obtaining a CCW permit. While it is advisable to undergo firearm safety training, it is not a requirement in Georgia.

Georgia Law Reciprocity

Georgia has reciprocity agreements with several states regarding concealed carry permits. This means that Georgia recognizes CCW permits from these states, and they, in turn, recognize Georgia’s CCW permits. The reciprocity agreements fall into four categories:

States that Georgia Honors

There are thirty-two states where Georgia’s CCW permits are honored. If you have a Georgia CCW, you can legally carry concealed in these states.

States that Honor Georgia’s CCW Permits

There are fourteen states that will accept a Georgia CCW permit. If you plan to travel to these states, your Georgia CCW will be recognized.

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States with Restricted Reciprocity

Five states will only accept a Georgia CCW if it states “Residents Only.” Non-resident permits from Georgia will not be valid in these states.

States with Permitless Carry

Fourteen states have permitless carry laws, meaning you can carry a gun without a permit as long as you meet the legal age requirements. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with each state’s gun laws before carrying a weapon there.

Conceal Carry Location Restrictions in Georgia

While having a Georgia CCW permit allows you to carry concealed in many places, there are restrictions for safety reasons. It is vital to be aware of these restrictions to avoid legal consequences. You cannot carry concealed in the following locations:

  • Within the premises of any private or public school, university, college, etc., except for certain exceptions.
  • In school buses or vehicles transporting school students.
  • In any gathering or event organized by a school.
  • In a school hostel or building rented for school purposes.
  • In a stadium or during a professional sporting event.
  • In or within the premises of a courthouse.
  • In restricted areas of an airport.
  • In any government-owned building or property.
  • In places of worship, except where permitted by those in charge.
  • In a prison or any building used for criminal detention.
  • In a mental institution.
  • In a building used for the storage of nuclear power.
  • Within one hundred and fifty feet of a polling center.
  • In any place prohibited by federal laws.

Places Where You Can Conceal Carry in Georgia

Fortunately, there are numerous places where you can legally conceal carry in Georgia:

  • Restaurants and bars that sell alcohol.
  • Within a vehicle, with or without a Georgia CCW permit.
  • Along roadsides and rest areas.
  • In public transport.
  • In-state and federal parks within the country.

Conceal Carry for Law Enforcement Officers in Georgia

Federal laws permit law enforcement officers to carry concealed weapons without restrictions or permits in any state. In Georgia, law enforcement officers are required to undergo specific training overseen by a certified instructor. Once they pass the training and maintain yearly firearm qualification, they can carry concealed without restrictions.

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Dealing With Guns in Georgia

Georgia does not have strict sales and purchase laws for firearms. You do not need a permit for selling, buying, transferring, or transporting a gun. Background checks are not mandatory for private sales. If you have a Georgia CCW permit, you may be exempted from a background check.

Age Requirement for Dealing With Guns in Georgia

The minimum age to possess and move around with a gun in Georgia is eighteen years old.

Georgia CCW Permit Requirements

Before applying for a Georgia CCW permit, it is crucial to meet all the requirements to avoid rejection. The requirements include:

  • Being at least twenty-one years old (eighteen for military members).
  • Residing in the county where you are applying for the CCW permit.
  • Being a legal citizen of the United States.
  • No convictions related to illicit substances or felony crimes.
  • No restraining order or misdemeanor charges related to drug use in the last five years.
  • Not being diagnosed as mentally unfit or hospitalized in a mental institution in the last five years.
  • Not being a fugitive or having an arrest warrant.
  • No firearm permit revocation in the past three years.
  • Meeting other federal law requirements for a CCW permit.

How to Apply for a Georgia CCW Permit

The process of obtaining a Georgia CCW permit is straightforward. Here are the steps to apply:

Getting Your Application

Go online and complete the application or visit your county’s probate court to get the application form.

Submit Your Documents

Along with the completed application form, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • A copy of your birth certificate or US passport card.
  • Georgia’s driver’s license or identification card.
  • Application fee.

Your CCW permit approval will be mailed to you.

How to Renew Your Georgia CCW Permit Application

Your Georgia CCW permit is valid for five years, after which you must renew it to continue carrying concealed. You can start the renewal process ninety days before the expiration date and have a grace period of thirty days after the expiration.

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If you exceed this grace period, you will have to start the application process from scratch.

Renewal Law Due to COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the time limits for renewing a CCW permit have been suspended. All Georgia CCW permits with expiry dates during the pandemic period are valid for thirty days after the thirteenth of March.

Castle Doctrine in Georgia

Georgia has a castle doctrine statute that allows individuals to stand their ground and use force to protect themselves against a threat. This law applies when facing an unlawful force that could cause harm or death.

Hunter and Wildlife Harassment Law in Georgia

Georgia has a hunter harassment law that makes it illegal to interfere with the legal activity of capturing wildlife. This includes disturbing wildlife with the intent of preventing legal hunting.


Georgia has a shall-issue policy for CCW permits, making it relatively easy for eligible residents to obtain a license. While there are restrictions on where you can carry concealed, understanding Georgia’s gun laws and reciprocity agreements with other states is essential for responsible and legal concealed carry. Always prioritize safety, stay informed, and ensure compliance with the laws of the state you are in.


Q1- Do I Need a Firearm Training Certificate to Apply for a Georgia CCW Permit?

No, although it is recommended to undergo a concealed carry class, it is not a requirement in Georgia.

Q2- How Much is the Application Fee for a Georgia CCW Permit?

The application fee for a Georgia CCW permit is seventy-five dollars, and the renewal fee is thirty-five dollars.

Q3- How Long Will It Take Me to Get a Georgia CCW Permit?

The waiting period for a Georgia CCW permit is sixty days.

Q4- Can I Get a Georgia Non-resident Conceal Carry Permit?

Georgia issues non-resident CCW permits only to members of the military permanently stationed in the state.

Q5- What Should I Do If I Lost My Permit?

If your CCW permit is lost or stolen, report it to your county’s probate court within forty-eight hours of discovering the loss. The judge will cancel your CCW permit, and a replacement will be issued for a fee.

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