Wyoming Hunting

Wyoming Hunting

Wyoming, known for its stunning landscapes and natural beauty, might not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about hunting. However, hidden beneath its picturesque scenery lies a state with exceptional hunting opportunities, particularly for big game enthusiasts. From antelopes to mountain lions, Wyoming boasts an array of game species that attract hunters from all over. In this article, we’ll delve into Wyoming’s hunting scene, exploring its abundant wildlife, regulations, licensing details, and much more.

Unveiling Wyoming’s Hunting Landscape

Wyoming is home to a diverse range of game species, making it a paradise for hunting enthusiasts. Among the game species found here are antelopes, turkeys, bears, elks, bison, mountain lions, and deer. With approximately 130 distinct hunting zones across the state, hunters are provided with a wide array of environments and habitats to explore.

Navigating Wyoming’s Hunting Regulations

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department sets forth crucial hunting laws and regulations that apply to both residents and non-residents. These regulations ensure ethical and sustainable hunting practices while safeguarding the state’s wildlife.

Wyoming General Hunting Laws and Regulations

Wyoming’s hunting regulations cover various aspects of hunting practices, including permissible and prohibited methods. Some key points to note include:

  1. Approved Hunting Weapons: Allowed hunting weapons include crossbows, longbows, shotguns up to 10 gauge, handguns, rifles, and air guns. Other firearms require special exemptions from the Department of Natural Resources.
  2. Electronic Callers: Electronic callers are permitted for most hunting activities, excluding turkeys and migratory birds. Crows can also be hunted using electronic calls.
  3. Spotlighting Prohibition: Spotting wildlife or game from vehicles and using vehicle headlights for hunting purposes is strictly prohibited.
  4. Night Hunting: When pursuing furbearers at night, an unceasing visible light is required, with exceptions for specific hunting situations.
  5. Aircraft and Drones: The use of aircraft and drones for hunting purposes is strictly prohibited.
  6. Arrows and Devices: Using arrows coated with poisons or explosives, as well as attaching illuminating devices to crossbows or longbows, is illegal.
  7. Highway Hunting: Discharging a firearm across a Wyoming highway or public road is prohibited.
  8. Hunting Gear and Safety Clothing: Hunter orange vests, overalls, or jackets are mandatory for hunting certain games during specific seasons.
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Concealed Handgun License and Firearm Suppressors

Hunters possessing a Wyoming concealed handgun license may carry a handgun while hunting, but using it to harm wildlife is strictly prohibited. If legally allowed, using firearm suppressors or silencers for hunting purposes requires a valid Wyoming license.

Gaining Permission for Private Land Hunting

Before hunting on private lands in Wyoming, hunters must obtain written permission from the landowner, except in cases where the landowner is hunting on their own property.

Possession of Games and Wildlife

Regulations regarding the possession of games and wildlife are stringent. Capturing or selling live furbearers, reptiles, birds, and amphibians is prohibited, with exceptions for permitted propagation. Rules regarding fur sales and possession of nongame birds are also in place.

Open Carry and Hunter Harassment

Open carry while hunting is allowed in Wyoming, except during bow hunting or archery seasons. Laws regarding the carrying of firearms during hunting, excluding bow hunting or archery seasons, are applicable. Hunter harassment laws prohibit activities that hinder lawful hunting practices or endanger wildlife.

Navigating Licensing and Permits

Hunting in Wyoming requires various licenses, permits, and stamps, which vary based on residency and age. These licenses include:

  • Residents Annual License: Available for Wyoming residents aged 18 to 65, valid for a year at $19.
  • Youth Annual License: For residents and non-residents under 17, priced at $10.
  • Non-residents Annual License: For non-residents aged 18 and older, valid for a year at $125.
  • Senior Licenses: Reduced cost and free licenses for senior residents.
  • Apprentice Licenses: For residents and non-residents undergoing hunter’s education.
  • Waterfowl Stamps: Required for waterfowl hunting.
  • Turkey Permits: Available for adults and youths.
  • Deer Permits: For residents and non-residents, with various options.
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Wyoming Hunting Seasons

Hunting seasons in Wyoming vary by species and zone. The 2020/21 seasons include:

  • Deer
  • Turkey
  • Antelope
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Bison
  • Black Bear
  • Mountain Lion
  • Small Games

Exploring Wyoming’s Wildlife

Wyoming offers a diverse range of wildlife for hunters to pursue:

  • Deer: Both whitetail and mule deer are found in different regions of the state.
  • Turkey: Turkey hunting is popular along rivers, particularly in the Weiser Payette and Snake Rivers.
  • Fox: Wyoming is home to various fox species, including red and gray foxes.
  • Quail: California quail can be found near water bodies.
  • Pheasants: Pheasants are found in clearwater areas.

Public Shooting Ranges and Hunting Lands

Public shooting ranges and hunting lands are available for hunters to practice their skills:

  • Douglas Trap Club
  • Cody Shooting Complex
  • Cheyenne Trap & Skeet Club
  • And more…

Private Hunting Lands for Sale and Lease

For those interested in private hunting lands, Wyoming offers properties for sale and lease:

  • Open Lock Ranch
  • Rawlins, Baggs, Kaycee, and more…

Wyoming’s Vibrant Hunting Community

Wyoming’s hunting scene is a hidden gem for game enthusiasts. With its diverse wildlife, robust regulations, and abundant hunting lands, the state offers a unique experience for hunters seeking both challenge and adventure.

Access Wyoming’s Hunting Paradise

Ready to explore Wyoming’s exceptional hunting opportunities? Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a novice looking for adventure, Wyoming’s landscapes and wildlife await.


In conclusion, Wyoming hunting transcends a mere recreational activity; it embodies a connection to nature, a commitment to conservation, and the preservation of traditions. The state’s remarkable landscapes and diverse wildlife provide a canvas for hunters to engage with the natural world and test their skills.

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As you explore Wyoming’s hunting opportunities, remember to uphold the values of ethical hunting, conservation, and respect for the land. By doing so, you contribute to the rich tapestry of Wyoming’s hunting legacy while ensuring its sustainability for generations to come.


Can non-residents hunt in Wyoming?

Yes, non-residents can hunt in Wyoming by obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits.

Are electronic callers allowed for all game species?

Electronic callers are generally allowed, but some exceptions apply, such as for turkeys and migratory birds.

What are the regulations for concealed handguns while hunting?

Concealed handguns can be carried while hunting, but using them to harm wildlife is prohibited.

Are there restrictions on hunting from vehicles?

Hunting from vehicles is prohibited, and the use of vehicle headlights for hunting purposes is also not allowed.

What should I do before hunting on private land?

Hunters must obtain written permission from the landowner before hunting on private lands, except for landowners hunting on their own property.

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