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Washington DC Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW): Gun Laws, Application, Requirements & Online Training

Concealed carry laws vary significantly from state to state in the United States. In this article, we will delve into the concealed carry regulations in Washington DC, the nation’s capital. Washington DC is a shall-issue state for CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permits, which means that individuals who meet specific criteria have the right to obtain a concealed pistol license. Non-residents can also apply for a CCW permit, but they must register the license in Washington DC.

Meeting the Requirements

Before applying for a concealed carry permit in Washington DC, individuals must meet certain prerequisites. The requirements include:

  1. Age: Applicants must be at least twenty-one years old.
  2. No Felony Convictions: Individuals with felony convictions are not eligible for a CCW permit.
  3. No Pending Indictments: Those with pending indictments are not eligible to apply.
  4. No Mental Impairment: Applicants must not be mentally impaired or have a history of recurring mental illness.
  5. No Drug Abuse: Individuals involved in drug abuse or the handling of controlled substances are not eligible.
  6. No Restraining Orders: Anyone with a court protection order relating to firearm possession is not eligible.
  7. Federal Law Requirements: Applicants must meet all federal law requirements for a CCW permit.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Washington DC has specific requirements for recognizing permits issued in other states. To have their concealed carry permits accepted in Washington DC, non-residents must ensure that their state permits meet the following criteria:

  1. Reciprocity: The state must have reciprocity and honor Washington DC concealed pistol licenses.
  2. Age Requirement: The state must issue CCW permits only to individuals aged twenty-one and above.
  3. Background Checks: The state must conduct criminal record background checks before issuing a permit.
  4. Fingerprint and Mental Health Checks: Fingerprinting and mental health checks should be part of the permit application process.
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Location Restrictions for CCW in Washington DC

While Washington DC allows concealed carry with a permit, there are restrictions in certain areas where carrying firearms is prohibited. These locations include:

  1. Schools: Concealed carry is not allowed in primary, secondary, and elementary schools, with some exceptions for permit holders dropping off their children in their vehicles.
  2. Prisons and Correctional Facilities: Carrying firearms is prohibited in prisons and correctional facilities.
  3. Law Enforcement Buildings: Firearms are not allowed in buildings used by law enforcement agencies.
  4. Court Proceedings: Concealed carry is not permitted in courtrooms, chambers, jury rooms, and other court-related areas.
  5. Hospitals and Mental Health Homes: Firearms are not allowed in safety areas of hospitals and mental health facilities.
  6. State Institutions for Mental Health: Carrying firearms is prohibited in state institutions for mental health.
  7. Areas Off Limits to Under 21: Concealed carry is not allowed in areas that restrict firearm possession to those under twenty-one.
  8. Safety Areas of an Airport: Firearms are prohibited in safety areas of an airport.

Places Where Concealed Carry is Permitted

Despite the restrictions, there are places where individuals can legally carry concealed firearms in Washington DC. These places include:

  1. Restaurants and Bars: Concealed carry is allowed in the eatery area but not in bars or places restricted to individuals under twenty-one.
  2. Personal Car: Concealed carry is permitted in personal vehicles, but if no CCW permit is held, the firearm must be kept out of public view.
  3. Roadsides and Recreational Areas: Concealed carry is allowed in roadsides and recreational areas.
  4. State/National Forests and Parks: Concealed carry is permitted in state parks, forests, and wildlife management areas.
  5. Public Transport: Individuals with a Washington DC concealed pistol license can carry concealed firearms while using public transportation.
  6. Airplane: Concealed carry is allowed in unrestricted areas of airplanes, except where prohibited by signage.
  7. Places of Worship: While there are no specific laws prohibiting firearms in places of worship, private properties can post signage prohibiting their possession.
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The Castle Doctrine in Washington DC

Washington DC does not have a specific castle doctrine law, but the state’s supreme court has ruled that individuals have the right to self-defense and protection of property in places where they have a legal right to be. This means that individuals are immune from civil liability when acting in self-defense or protecting others from imminent danger or harm.

How to Apply for a CCW Permit in Washington DC

To apply for a concealed carry permit in Washington DC, follow these steps:

  1. Complete Your Application: Obtain the application from your local county sheriff’s office or download it from the official web portal.
  2. Submit Necessary Documents: Submit your application along with proof of Washington DC residency (at least ninety days of residency required).
  3. Receive Mail Notification: You will receive mail notification regarding the approval or denial of your CCW application.

Firearms Purchase and Ownership

There are no purchase permits required for buying firearms in Washington DC. However, purchasing high-end ammunition may require a firearm training certificate. All firearm sales must include a background check, which is not required for transfers between immediate family members or transfers to prevent imminent danger. The possession and transportation of firearms are restricted to individuals aged twenty-one and above.


Washington DC has a shall-issue policy for concealed carry permits, allowing eligible individuals to carry concealed firearms. However, there are location restrictions and specific requirements for reciprocity with other states. It’s essential to understand the laws and regulations regarding concealed carry in Washington DC and ensure compliance to exercise your rights responsibly and legally.

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Q1. For How Long Is My Washington DC CCW Permit Valid?

The Washington DC CCW permit is valid for two years. After this period, you will need to apply for a renewal.

Q2. How Much Is the Washington DC CCW Permit Application?

The initial Washington DC CCW permit application and renewal cost $75, with additional charges for fingerprints.

Q3. How Long Will It Take to Get My Washington DC CCW Permit Application Approved?

The processing period for CCW permits is ninety days.

Q4. When Can I Apply for a CCW Renewal Permit in Washington DC?

You can apply for a CCW renewal permit ninety days before your current permit expires and up to ninety days after the expiry date.

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