Pennsylvania Hunting

Pennsylvania Hunting

Pennsylvania boasts a diverse and rich landscape that offers a haven for hunters of all kinds. From large game to small game, the state presents a plethora of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re planning a hunting expedition in Pennsylvania, it’s essential to be well-versed in the regulations, licenses, and seasons that govern this thrilling pastime.

In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of Pennsylvania hunting, covering regulations, licensing, hunting seasons, game species, and more. So grab your gear, and let’s embark on a journey through the exciting world of hunting in the Keystone State.

Understanding Pennsylvania Hunting Regulations

Hunting is a cherished tradition in Pennsylvania, but it comes with a responsibility to adhere to strict weapons laws, ensuring the conservation of wildlife and maintaining a safe environment. The Pennsylvania Game Commission oversees hunting activities and enforces these regulations. Here are some key rules every hunter should know.

General Hunting Regulations

  • Sunday Hunting: Generally, Sunday hunting is prohibited in Pennsylvania, except for specific circumstances such as commercial red fox shooting during fox season. Limited deer hunting on Sundays may also be allowed, so it’s best to confirm with the wildlife division.
  • Licensing Requirement: Hunters must possess a valid state license to hunt in Pennsylvania. Hunting without a proper license is prohibited.
  • Proximity to Occupied Buildings: Hunting within 100 yards of an occupied building is illegal unless you own the building or have obtained permission from the property owner. For bow and arrow deer hunting, the distance is reduced to 50 yards.
  • Firearm Discharge: It is unlawful to discharge a hunting firearm within 15 yards of public roads and across public roads.
  • Private Lands and Trespassing: Hunting on private lands without permission is prohibited. Even if the land is not posted, obtaining consent from the landowner is essential.
  • Wildlife Protection: Destroying lairs, dens, or nests of wildlife is strictly forbidden.

Firearms and Archery Regulations

  • Loaded Firearms in Vehicles: Firearms and cocked crossbows are not allowed in or on motor vehicles during hunting in Pennsylvania.
  • Muzzleloader Regulation: Transporting a muzzleloader firearm with a charged barrel is prohibited unless the primer or cap is removed or the firearm is enclosed.
  • Night Hunting: Night hunting is generally not allowed, but exceptions exist for hunting certain species like opossums, frigs, and raccoons with handheld lights.
  • Shotgun Restrictions: Using a shotgun with more than a 10-gauge or an automatic firearm that shoots multiple times with a single trigger pull is prohibited, except for specific cases like hunting predators.
  • Arrow Regulations: The use of poison-coated or explosive-tipped arrows for hunting is illegal.
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Furbearer Hunting Regulations

  • Bait and Trap Usage: Using bait, traps, chemicals, or other means for taking games is prohibited, with exceptions for certain species.
  • Muskrat Hunting: Hunting or taking muskrats with a dog is prohibited, except for trapping.

Pennsylvania Hunting License Permits and Tags

Obtaining the right hunting license is crucial for a successful and lawful hunting experience in Pennsylvania. The state offers a range of resident and non-resident licenses, each catering to different needs. Here’s an overview of some of the licenses available:

Resident Licenses

  1. Residents Adult Hunting License: For residents aged 16 to 64, allowing hunting of various game species. Cost: $39.5.
  2. Resident Junior Hunting License: Available to residents aged 13 to 15 for hunting. Cost: $5.
  3. Resident Guide Hunting License: Allows residents aged 18 and above to serve as hunting guides. Cost: $159.50.
  4. Resident Trapping License: For residents aged 13 to 64 who wish to trap games. Cost: $10.
  5. Residents Fur Dealer License: Required for commercial fur and pelt business, with exceptions. Cost: $50.

Non-Resident Licenses

  1. Non-Residents Adult Hunting License: For non-residents aged 16 and above. Cost: $199.5.
  2. Non-Residents Junior Hunting License: Available to non-residents aged 13 to 15. Cost: $50.
  3. Non-Resident Guide Hunting License: Allows non-residents aged 18 and above to act as guides. Cost: $475.
  4. Non-Resident Trapping License: For non-residents who wish to trap games. Cost: $75.
  5. Non-Resident Fur Dealer License: Required for commercial fur and pelt business. Cost: $475.

Pennsylvania Hunting Seasons

Pennsylvania’s hunting seasons offer a unique opportunity for hunters to pursue a variety of game species across different periods. Let’s explore some of the key hunting seasons:

Deer Hunting Season

  • Archery and Crossbow Hunting Season: September 19 – November 27 and December 26 – January 23.
  • Regular Firearm Hunting Season: November 28 – December 4 and December 5 – December 12.
  • Muzzleloading Firearm Season: October 17 – October 24.

Elk Hunting Season

  • Archery Hunting Season: September 12 – September 26, November 2 – November 7, and January 2 – January 9.

Black Bear Hunting Season

  • Archery Hunting Season: September 19 – November 27.
  • Regular Firearms Season: October 22 – October 24 and November 21 – November 24.
  • Muzzleloader Hunting Season: October 17 – October 24.
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Wild Turkey Hunting Season

  • General Fall Hunting Season: October 31 – November 27.
  • Spring Hunting Season: May 1 – May 31.

Small Game Hunting Season

  • Squirrel Hunting Season: September 12 – November 27, December 14 – December 24, and December 26 – December 27.
  • Rabbits Hunting Season: October 3 – October 17, December 14 – December 24, and December 26 – February 26.
  • Pheasant Hunting Season: October 10 – October 17, October 24 – November 17, and December 14 – December 24.
  • Bobwhite Quail Hunting Season: October 10 – October 17, December 14 – December 24, and December 26 – February 27.
  • Grouse Hunting Season: October 17 – November 27 and December 14 – December 24.
  • Groundhog Hunting Season: Open season except during normal firearm deer hunting seasons and Sundays.

Exploring Pennsylvania Wildlife Games and Fish

Pennsylvania’s diverse landscape supports a wide range of game species, offering hunters an array of options for their expeditions:

Pennsylvania Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is a beloved tradition in Pennsylvania, with abundant opportunities for success. Hunters can pursue white-tailed deer, and various hunting seasons cater to different preferences.

Pennsylvania Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is gaining popularity in Pennsylvania, with the chance to harvest wild turkeys during designated seasons.

Pennsylvania Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is available in specific wildlife management areas, offering an exciting opportunity to pursue these majestic creatures.

Pennsylvania Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl hunting is a favorite activity in Pennsylvania, with an abundance of ducks and geese to challenge hunters in various water bodies and agricultural lands.

Pennsylvania Fox Hunting

Red foxes are prevalent in Pennsylvania and offer a thrilling challenge for hunters using firearms, archery, or crossbows.

Pennsylvania Dove Hunting

Dove hunting is a popular sport, and doves are evenly dispersed throughout the state, providing ample opportunities for hunters.

Pennsylvania Black Bear Hunting

Black bears are present in almost every county in Pennsylvania, and hunting them takes place in densely forested regions.

Pennsylvania Rabbit Hunting

Rabbit hunting allows the use of shotguns and longbows, providing a thrilling experience for small game enthusiasts.

Pennsylvania Groundhog Hunting

Groundhogs can be hunted without a license, and hunters can use firearms and archery equipment to pursue them.

Pennsylvania Quail Hunting

Bobwhite quails are the primary species hunted in Pennsylvania, and the season permits the use of shotguns and longbows.

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Exploring Pennsylvania Shooting Ranges

Pennsylvania offers various shooting ranges that welcome the general public to practice their shooting skills in a safe and controlled environment. Some notable shooting ranges include:

  • Wicen’s Shooting Range
  • Western Pennsylvania Sportsmen’s Club
  • Black Ash Sportsmen
  • Blair County Game
  • Bradford Gun Club
  • Bull Creek Rod & Gun Club
  • Choosing Gun Club
  • West Branch Sportsman’s Association
  • Warrington Sporting Clays
  • Valley Gun and Country Club
  • St. Marys Sportsman Range
  • Tyrone Sportsmen’s Range

Pennsylvania Hunting Land for Sale and Lease

For hunters interested in having their hunting grounds, Pennsylvania offers various hunting lands for sale and lease. Here are some examples:

  • Morris, Pennsylvania (Tioga County) – 600 acres
  • Jamestown, Pennsylvania (Mercer County) – 48 acres
  • Meyersdale, Pennsylvania (Somerset County) – 86.96 acres
  • Greensburg, Pennsylvania (Westmoreland County) – 204 acres
  • Corry, Pennsylvania (Warren County) – 75.4 acres
  • Albion, Pennsylvania (Erie County) – 52 acres


Pennsylvania’s rich hunting heritage and diverse wildlife make it an excellent destination for hunters of all skill levels. However, before embarking on any hunting expedition, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the state’s hunting regulations, acquire the necessary licenses, and abide by ethical hunting practices. So, get ready to experience the thrill of the hunt amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Pennsylvania.


Q1. Is Sunday hunting allowed in Pennsylvania?

Sunday hunting is generally prohibited in Pennsylvania, except for specific circumstances and certain species during designated seasons.

Q2. What are the regulations for using firearms and archery equipment in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has strict regulations for the use of firearms and archery equipment during hunting, including distance restrictions, firearm types, and ammunition limits.

Q3. What are the popular game species for hunting in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania offers hunting opportunities for various game species, including deer, turkey, elk, black bear, waterfowl, foxes, doves, rabbits, and groundhogs.

Q4. Where can I find shooting ranges in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania boasts numerous shooting ranges open to the public, providing a safe environment for shooting practice and skill improvement.

Q5. Are there hunting lands available for sale or lease in Pennsylvania?

Yes, Pennsylvania offers hunting lands for sale and lease, providing hunters with the opportunity to have their dedicated hunting grounds.

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