Kentucky Constitutional Carry

Kentucky Constitutional Carry

Kentucky is known for its lenient gun laws, allowing residents to carry firearms without a permit. This constitutional carry state grants individuals the right to possess and carry guns openly or concealed under certain conditions. In this article, we will explore Kentucky’s gun laws, the process of obtaining a concealed carry license, and the restrictions on carrying firearms within the state.

Kentucky’s Constitutional Carry

Kentucky is a constitutional carry state, which means individuals can carry firearms without a permit. This right extends to both open carry and concealed carry, provided certain conditions are met. However, certain places remain restricted from carrying firearms, regardless of constitutional carry laws.

Purchasing Firearms in Kentucky

In Kentucky, buying firearms from private gun dealers and gun shows does not require a license or permit. Private sales and purchases do not involve firearm registration, NICS background checks, or a waiting period. However, purchasing from a licensed dealer necessitates adherence to due protocols.

Possession of Firearms in Kentucky

  1. Open Carry: Individuals aged 18 or older can open carry firearms without a state license, subject to specific restrictions on carrying in certain places.
  2. Concealed Carry: Residents aged 21 or older can conceal carry without a gun license within Kentucky. However, those who wish to conceal carry in other states must apply for a concealed carry license.

Concealed Carry of Deadly Weapon License

Concealed carry licenses in Kentucky, known as Concealed Carry of Deadly Weapon License, cover not only firearms but also other dangerous weapons like knives and brass knuckles. To apply for this license, candidates must complete a recognized and approved firearm training course as per state law.

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Application for Weapon License in Kentucky

The application for a weapon license is processed by the state police department. Applicants must submit the necessary documents, including a colored passport photo and a certificate of completed firearm training. The application fee is $60, and the license is valid for five years.

Firearm Training Requirements

The firearm training course must include the following:

  • A minimum of eight hours of training
  • Usage and handling of firearms, firearm safety, cleaning, and other basics
  • A live-fire session in a shooting range
  • Tutorial on possession and concealed carrying of firearms as per state gun laws and self-defense regulations
  • Understanding of the required use of force according to the Department of Criminal Justice Training handout

Places Where You Cannot Possess Firearms in Kentucky

While constitutional carry allows carrying firearms in most places within Kentucky, there are specific locations where carrying firearms is prohibited, including:

  • Facilities for children’s care or infant daycare centers
  • School buses or vehicles for student transportation
  • Police stations or sheriff’s offices
  • Courthouses or during court hearings
  • Meetings of district, municipality, or local county
  • Bars and places with primary alcohol sales exceeding 50% of total revenue
  • Restricted areas in airports, universities, colleges, and technical institutions
  • Places prohibited by federal or local government laws

Requirements for License Application in Kentucky

To be eligible for a gun license in Kentucky, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be a legal resident of Kentucky
  • Have lived in the state for a minimum of six years before applying
  • Undergo and pass a licensed Kentucky concealed carry class
  • Have a clean record without any drug-related or violent crime convictions
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Constitutional Carry Preemption Gun Law in Kentucky

Kentucky’s constitutional carry laws prevent local municipalities or political subdivisions from enacting or reenacting gun regulations. However, local ordinances may regulate firearm use for safety reasons, but permitless carry remains legal throughout the state.


Kentucky’s constitutional carry laws provide residents with the freedom to possess and carry firearms without a permit. However, individuals must adhere to specific regulations and restrictions to ensure safe and responsible firearm ownership. Understanding the application process and requirements for a concealed carry license is crucial for those wishing to carry firearms outside of Kentucky.


Q1. Who can apply for a concealed carry license in Kentucky?

Residents of Kentucky or military members stationed in the state can apply for a concealed carry license. Kentucky does not issue licenses to non-residents but accepts gun licenses from other states.

Q2. What is the validity period of a Kentucky weapon license?

A Kentucky weapon license is valid for five years, after which applicants need to apply for a renewal.

Q3. Is firearm training mandatory for military personnel and law enforcement officers?

No, military personnel and law enforcement officers are exempt from completing firearm training for a concealed carry license.

Q4. Can residents apply for a license renewal after the stipulated period?

Yes, residents can apply for a license renewal, but they may have to pay a penalty for late application.

Q5. Can local municipalities regulate firearms in Kentucky?

No, Kentucky’s constitutional carry preemption gun law prohibits local municipalities from enacting or reenacting firearm regulations.

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