Illinois Gun Permit

Illinois Gun Permit: Laws, Cost, Restrictions, & FAQs


Concealed carry is a hotly debated topic across the United States, and Illinois is no exception. The state has strict regulations when it comes to owning and carrying firearms. In this article, we’ll delve into the process of obtaining a pistol permit in Illinois, according to the state’s gun laws, and the requirements applicants must meet. Let’s get started!

Illinois Gun Permit Summary

Before diving into the details, let’s understand the basics of obtaining a gun permit in Illinois. The state follows a shall-issue policy for firearms applications, meaning that once you meet the requirements, the local law enforcement agency must issue you a permit. Additionally, Illinois issues a firearm identification card, which serves as a purchase permit to buy firearms.

How to Get a Gun Permit in Illinois

To be eligible for a gun permit in Illinois, you must be at least twenty-one years old, without any prohibition of firearm possession. The permit is strictly for concealed carry within the state. Open carry of firearms is entirely prohibited, and possession, manufacturing, and sales of machine guns or other assault weapons are banned.

Illinois Pistol Permit Requirements

Obtaining a gun license in Illinois requires meeting several stringent requirements set by state and federal laws. These include:

  1. Residency: You must be a resident of Illinois. Non-residents can only apply if they are law enforcement officers or members of the US armed forces.
  2. Application Process: Complete the Illinois permit application on the online portal.
  3. Age: You must be at least twenty-one years old, or eighteen with written consent from a parent or guardian.
  4. No Felony Convictions: You must not have any felony convictions under state or federal laws.
  5. Mental Fitness: You must not be mentally impaired or have been a patient in any mental facility in the last five years.
  6. Intellectual and Developmental Fitness: You must be intellectually and developmentally fit.
  7. No Substance Abuse: You must not be addicted to narcotics or any controlled substances.
  8. No Court Orders: You must not have any court order of protection in your name.
  9. No Recent Firearm-related Charges: You must not have been convicted of violence, assault, or violation of a protection order or any other firearm-related charge within the last five years.
  10. No Domestic Crimes: You must not have been convicted of any domestic crime or similar offenses.
  11. Legal Presence: You must be lawfully present in the United States.
  12. Medical Test: You must not have failed any medical test for drugs not prescribed to you by a doctor in the past year.
  13. No Student or Non-immigrant Visa: You must not be in the United States under a student or non-immigrant visa.
  14. Legal Citizenship: You must be a legal citizen of the country.
  15. Honorable Discharge: You must not be a dishonorably discharged member of the military due to indiscriminate behaviors.
  16. No Search Warrants or Fugitive Status: You must not have a search warrant in your name or be a fugitive.
  17. Meet All Requirements: You must meet all the requirements listed by the state of Illinois and the federal government for firearm possession.
  18. No Recent Misdemeanors: You must not have any misdemeanors involving threats or violence within the past five years.
  19. No DUI Violations: You must not violate any Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws in the state within the past five years.
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Different Types of Gun Permits in Illinois

Illinois issues various types of firearm permits for different purposes:

  1. State Permit to Purchase Long Guns: This permit allows the purchase of long guns.
  2. State Permit to Purchase Handguns: This permit allows the purchase of handguns.
  3. State Permit to Open Carry: Illinois does not issue a permit for open carry.
  4. State Permit to Conceal Carry Long Guns: Illinois does not issue a permit to conceal carry long guns.
  5. State Permit to Conceal Carry Handguns: This permit allows the concealed carry of handguns in the state.

Cost of Getting a Gun License in Illinois

The cost for an initial Illinois permit application is $150 for residents and $300 for non-residents. The same fees apply for permit renewal.

Gun Permits Application and Renewal Process in Illinois

The process for permit renewal in Illinois involves:

  1. Complete the Training: Complete the required firearm training course under the supervision of an approved state instructor.
  2. Provide Your Details: Visit the state police website and provide the necessary documents for the application, including state identification, training certificate, and residency proof.
  3. Waiting Period: The application process takes between 90 to 120 days without fingerprinting and 90 days with fingerprinting.
  4. Approval Mail: After review, you’ll receive a notification via mail indicating the status of your application.

Gun Permit Reciprocity with Illinois

Illinois does not accept permits from other states. However, some states recognize and allow Illinois pistol permit holders to possess firearms legally. These states include Alabama, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico.

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Obtaining a pistol permit in Illinois is a rigorous process that involves meeting numerous requirements and undergoing training. The state places great emphasis on responsible gun ownership and concealed carry. Understanding the laws and requirements is essential for anyone seeking to exercise their Second Amendment rights in Illinois.


Q1. Do I Need an Illinois Pistol Permit to Conceal Carry in the State?

Yes, concealed carry in Illinois is only valid with a gun license.

Q2. How Long is the Validity Period for an Illinois Pistol Permit?

The permit is valid for five years, after which you must apply for a renewal.

Q3. Can Non-Residents Apply for Illinois Pistol Permits?

Yes, but Illinois only issues pistol permits to non-residents from states with gun laws similar to Illinois.

Q4. How Can I Change the Name and Address on My Illinois Pistol Permit?

Notify the issuing department within thirty days of changing residence or effecting the name change, pay the required fee, and receive a new license with the updated information.

Q5. What Can I Do if I Lost My Illinois Permit or It Gets Stolen?

Report the loss or theft at least ten days before realizing it and provide a written statement and a police report. A fee is required for replacement permits.

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