Colorado Hunting

Colorado Hunting

Colorado offers hunters a diverse and picturesque landscape with plentiful opportunities to pursue big and small game. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to the vast plains, the state boasts a rich wildlife population, making it a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

In this article, we will delve into the various hunting regulations, licenses, seasons, and wildlife found in Colorado, providing hunters with all the essential information to have a successful and enjoyable hunting experience.

Colorado Hunting Regulations

Before embarking on a hunting adventure in Colorado, it is crucial to understand and abide by the state’s hunting laws and regulations. Here are some key points every hunter should know:

The Colorado Hunter Education Certificate

To hunt legally in Colorado, you must possess a Hunter Education Certificate, which demonstrates that you have the necessary knowledge and skills for hunting games and wildlife in the state. The certificate is mandatory for anyone born on or after 1949, with no age restriction for obtaining it.

Hunting Licenses Regulation

A valid Colorado hunting license, including Firearm restrictions, is a prerequisite for hunting games and wildlife in the state. The types of licenses vary based on factors like the type of game, hunter’s age, and residency status.

Game Tagging in Colorado

Colorado’s hunting regulations require hunters to tag specific game animals after hunting them. This tagging system helps manage the state’s wildlife populations and prevent over-hunting. The tags must be affixed to the animal carcass following specific guidelines to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Hunter Dressing in Colorado

For certain game seasons in Colorado, hunters are required to wear at least 500 square inches of either pink or orange hunting clothing. The clothing should be worn above the waist level and must include a head cover of the same color. Exceptions are made for archery hunters on privately owned lands, but adherence to this rule is still recommended.

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Colorado Bag Limit

To preserve wildlife populations, Colorado has bag limit regulations that restrict the number of games a hunter can take during specific hunting seasons. Bag limits may vary based on the type of game and the hunting season, so hunters must be aware of these limitations to avoid violations.

Private Land Hunting

While much of the land in Colorado is privately owned, hunters can still access and hunt on private lands with the landowner’s permission. However, it is essential to respect landowners’ regulations and rights.

Public Land Hunting

Colorado boasts over 23 million acres of public lands, offering hunters ample opportunities to pursue their passion. These lands are managed by the state park and wildlife departments, and each area may have its specific regulations and requirements for hunting.

Hunting in Wildlife Areas

Colorado has more than 300 wildlife areas, providing vast opportunities for hunting and outdoor recreational activities. Each wildlife area may have additional restrictions on hunting, including firearm types, use of dogs, access to vehicles, and more. Hunters should familiarize themselves with the regulations specific to the area they intend to hunt.

Colorado Hunting License Permits and Tags

To participate in hunting, obtaining the appropriate hunting licenses, permits, and tags is essential. Here are some of the licenses available in Colorado:

Big Game Licenses

Colorado offers various types of big game licenses, depending on the species to be hunted and the hunter’s residency status. Licenses are available for species such as bears, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, moose, mountain goats, mountain lions, and pronghorn.

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Small Game Licenses

For hunters interested in smaller game species, Colorado offers small game licenses, including those for furbearers, turkeys, migratory birds, and more.

Fishing License Permits and Tags

Anglers can also find a variety of fishing licenses, including annual fishing licenses, senior fishing licenses, and permits for specific species.

Colorado Hunting Season 2023/2024

Hunting seasons are subject to change annually, so it’s crucial to stay updated on the specific dates for each game. Here are the expected hunting seasons for some of the popular wildlife in Colorado:

Colorado Wildlife Games and Fish

Colorado is home to a diverse range of wildlife, attracting hunters from across the country. Some of the most common game species found in the state include elk, moose, deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, pronghorn, black bear, turkey, coyote, fox, and more.

Colorado Shooting Ranges

Hunters looking to practice their shooting skills can visit various shooting ranges throughout Colorado. Some notable shooting ranges include Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex, Magnum Shooting Center, Pikes Peak Gun Club, and Whistling Pines Gun Club.

Colorado Hunting Lands for Sale and Lease

For those interested in owning or leasing hunting lands in Colorado, there are several options available. Some of the available lands include properties in Montrose, Trinchera, Cripple Creek, and Wellington.


Colorado’s diverse landscape and abundant wildlife provide hunters with an exceptional hunting experience. However, it is crucial to follow the state’s hunting regulations, obtain the necessary licenses, and respect private and public landowners’ rights. By adhering to these guidelines, hunters can enjoy a safe and successful hunting expedition in the beautiful state of Colorado.

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Q1: Is a Hunter Education Certificate mandatory in Colorado?

Yes, anyone born on or after 1949 must obtain a Hunter Education Certificate before hunting in the state.

Q2: Are there bag limits for hunting in Colorado?

Yes, Colorado has bag limit regulations to restrict the number of games a hunter can take during specific hunting seasons.

Q3: Can hunters access privately owned lands in Colorado?

Yes, with the landowner’s permission, hunters can access and hunt on privately owned lands.

Q4: What types of licenses are available for hunting big game in Colorado?

Colorado offers various licenses for big game, including elk, moose, deer, bighorn sheep, and more.

Q5: Is Colorado a hunting state?

Yes, Colorado has excellent big-game hunting opportunities. Many hunters come to Colorado in search of elk, mule deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, black bear, and mountain lion. Upland bird and waterfowl hunting is also popular.

Q6: What is the definition of hunting in Colorado?

Colorado law defines hunting as pursuing, attracting, tracking, lying in wait, or any other activity where the purpose is to take or attempt to take wildlife. Lawful hunting requires appropriate licenses, stamps, permits, seasons, and methods.

Q7: What are some popular wildlife species in Colorado?

Some popular wildlife species in Colorado include elk, deer, moose, bighorn sheep, and pronghorn.

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